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Leukocyte-subset counts in idiopathic parkinsonism provide clues to a pathogenic pathway involving small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. A surveillance study

Author(s): Dobbs R | Charlett André | Dobbs Sylvia M | Weller Clive | A Ibrahim Mohammad A | Iguodala Owens | Smee Cori | Plant J | Lawson Andrew J | Taylor David | Bjarnason Ingvar
The interpretation of low mood and worry by high users of secondary care with medically unexplained symptoms

Author(s): Burton Christopher | McGorm Kelly | Weller David | Sharpe Michael
Evolution of AANAT: expansion of the gene family in the cephalochordate amphioxus

Author(s): Pavlicek Jiri | Sauzet Sandrine | Besseau Laurence | Coon Steven | Weller Joan | Boeuf Gilles | Gaildrat Pascaline | Omelchenko Marina | Koonin Eugene | Falcón Jack | Klein David
An Overview of Global Observing Systems Relevant to GODAE

Author(s): Candyce Clark | D.E .Harrison | Mike Johnson | Graeme Ball | Gustavo Goni | Maria Hood | Michael McPhaden | David Meldrum | Mark Merrifield | Dean Roemmich | Chris Sabine | Uwe Send | Robert Weller | Stan Wilson | Jerome Benveniste | Hans Bonekamp | Craig Donlon | Mark Drinkwater | Jean-Louis Fellous | B.S. Gohil | Gregg Jacobs | Pierre-Yves Le Traon | Eric Lindstrom | Lin Mingsen | Keizo Nakagawa | François Parisot
Urological complications of renal transplantation: Reducing the risk

Author(s): Akoh Jacob | Opaluwa Abdu | Weller David
An outreach intervention to implement evidence based practice in residential care: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN67855475]

Author(s): Crotty Maria | Whitehead Craig | Rowett Debra | Halbert Julie | Weller David | Finucane Paul | Esterman Adrian
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