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Effect of exogenous surfactants on viability and DNA synthesis in A549, immortalized mouse type II and isolated rat alveolar type II cells

Author(s): Wemhöner Andreas | Jennings Paul | Haller Thomas | Rüdiger Mario | Simbruner Georg
Effects of Perfluorocarbons on surfactant exocytosis and membrane properties in isolated alveolar type II cells

Author(s): Wemhöner Andreas | Hackspiel Irmgard | Hobi Nina | Ravasio Andrea | Haller Thomas | Rüdiger Mario
Tolerability of inhaled N-chlorotaurine in the pig model

Author(s): Geiger Ralf | Treml Benedikt | Pinna Anna | Barnickel Linn | Prossliner Harald | Reinstadler Hannes | Pilch Michael | Hauer Maria | Walther Christoph | Steiner Hans-Jörg | Giese Thomas | Wemhöner Andreas | Scholl-Bürgi Sabine | Gottardi Waldemar | Arnitz Roland | Sergi Consolato | Nagl Markus | Löckinger Alexander
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