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Primary care and avoidable hospitalisation for diabetes

Author(s): Tessa van Loenen | Michael J. van den Berg | Gert P. Westert
Evaluation of an adverse outcome index for the quality of obstetric care delivered by multidisciplinary care chains

Author(s): Paulien Brunings | Lissy van de Laar | Onno van der Galien | Heleen Kool | Gouke Bonsel | Gert Westert | Theo Hiemstra | Arie Franx
Measuring chronic care management experience of patients with diabetes: PACIC and PACIC+ validation

Author(s): Hanneke Drewes | Janneke van Til-de Jong | Jeroen Struijs | Caroline Baan | Fetene Tekle | Bert Meijboom | Gert Westert
Legal rights of client councils and their role in policy of long-term care organisations in the Netherlands

Author(s): Zuidgeest Marloes | Luijkx Katrien | Westert Gert | Delnoij Diana
Perceived barriers to guideline adherence: A survey among general practitioners

Author(s): Lugtenberg Marjolein | Burgers Jako | Besters Casper | Han Dolly | Westert Gert
QUALICOPC, a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary care

Author(s): Schäfer Willemijn | Boerma Wienke | Kringos Dionne | De Maeseneer Jan | Greß Stefan | Heinemann Stephanie | Rotar-Pavlic Danica | Seghieri Chiara | Švab Igor | Van den Berg Michael | Vainieri Milena | Westert Gert | Willems Sara | Groenewegen Peter
Evaluating the effectiveness of a tailored multifaceted performance feedback intervention to improve the quality of care: protocol for a cluster randomized trial in intensive care

Author(s): van der Veer Sabine | de Vos Maartje | Jager Kitty | van der Voort Peter | Peek Niels | Westert Gert | Graafmans Wilco | de Keizer Nicolette
Reducing potentially preventable complications at the multi hospital level

Author(s): Lagoe Ronald | Westert Gert | Czyz Anne | Johnson Pamela
Decomposing cross-country differences in quality adjusted life expectancy: the impact of value sets

Author(s): Heijink Richard | van Baal Pieter | Oppe Mark | Koolman Xander | Westert Gert
Guidelines on uncomplicated urinary tract infections are difficult to follow: perceived barriers and suggested interventions

Author(s): Lugtenberg Marjolein | Burgers Jako | Zegers-van Schaick Judith | Westert Gert
Implementing quality indicators in intensive care units: exploring barriers to and facilitators of behaviour change

Author(s): de Vos Maartje | van der Veer Sabine | Graafmans Wilco | de Keizer Nicolette | Jager Kitty | Westert Gert | van der Voort Peter
Labour intensity of guidelines may have a greater effect on adherence than GPs' workload

Author(s): van den Berg Michael | de Bakker Dinny | Spreeuwenberg Peter | Westert Gert | Braspenning Jozé | van der Zee Jouke | Groenewegen Peter
Why don't physicians adhere to guideline recommendations in practice? An analysis of barriers among Dutch general practitioners

Author(s): Lugtenberg Marjolein | Zegers-van Schaick Judith | Westert Gert | Burgers Jako
Do decision support systems influence variation in prescription?

Author(s): de Jong Judith | Groenewegen Peter | Spreeuwenberg Peter | Westert Gert | de Bakker Dinny
Do list size and remuneration affect GPs' decisions about how they provide consultations?

Author(s): van den Berg Michael | de Bakker Dinny | Westert Gert | van der Zee Jouke | Groenewegen Peter
Benchmarking and reducing length of stay in Dutch hospitals

Author(s): Borghans Ine | Heijink Richard | Kool Tijn | Lagoe Ronald | Westert Gert
Measuring and explaining mortality in Dutch hospitals; The Hospital Standardized Mortality Rate between 2003 and 2005

Author(s): Heijink Richard | Koolman Xander | Pieter Daniel | van der Veen André | Jarman Brian | Westert Gert
Health disparities by occupation, modified by education: a cross-sectional population study

Author(s): Volkers Anita | Westert Gert | Schellevis Francois
Comorbidity in patients with diabetes mellitus: impact on medical health care utilization

Author(s): Struijs Jeroen | Baan Caroline | Schellevis Francois | Westert Gert | van den Bos Geertrudis
Disability weights for comorbidity and their influence on Health-adjusted Life Expectancy

Author(s): van Baal Pieter | Hoeymans Nancy | Hoogenveen Rudolf | de Wit G Ardine | Westert Gert
Measuring mental health of the Dutch population: a comparison of the GHQ-12 and the MHI-5

Author(s): Hoeymans Nancy | Garssen Anna | Westert Gert | Verhaak Peter
Does managed care make a difference? Physicians' length of stay decisions under managed and non-managed care

Author(s): de Jong Judith | Westert Gert | Noetscher Cheryl | Groenewegen Peter
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