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Evidence of novel fine-scale structural variation at autism spectrum disorder candidate loci

Author(s): Hedges Dale J | Hamilton-Nelson Kara L | Sacharow Stephanie J | Nations Laura | Beecham Gary W | Kozhekbaeva Zhanna M | Butler Brittany L | Cukier Holly N | Whitehead Patrice L | Ma Deqiong | Jaworski James M | Nathanson Lubov | Lee Joycelyn M | Hauser Stephen L | Oksenberg Jorge R | Cuccaro Michael L | Haines Jonathan L | Gilbert John R | Pericak-Vance Margaret A
A noise-reduction GWAS analysis implicates altered regulation of neurite outgrowth and guidance in autism

Author(s): Hussman John P | Chung Ren-Hua | Griswold Anthony J | Jaworski James M | Salyakina Daria | Ma Deqiong | Konidari Ioanna | Whitehead Patrice L | Vance Jeffery M | Martin Eden R | Cuccaro Michael L | Gilbert John R | Haines Jonathan L | Pericak-Vance Margaret A
An X chromosome-wide association study in autism families identifies TBL1X as a novel autism spectrum disorder candidate gene in males

Author(s): Chung Ren-Hua | Ma Deqiong | Wang Kai | Hedges Dale J | Jaworski James M | Gilbert John R | Cuccaro Michael L | Wright Harry H | Abramson Ruth K | Konidari Ioanna | Whitehead Patrice L | Schellenberg Gerard D | Hakonarson Hakon | Haines Jonathan L | Pericak-Vance Margaret A | Martin Eden R
Protocol for a systematic review of the effects of schools and school-environment interventions on health: evidence mapping and syntheses

Author(s): Bonell Chris | Harden Angela | Wells Helene | Jamal Farah | Fletcher Adam | Petticrew Mark | Thomas James | Whitehead Margaret | Campbell Rona | Murphy Simon | Moore Laurence
Population tobacco control interventions and their effects on social inequalities in smoking: placing an equity lens on existing systematic reviews

Author(s): Main Caroline | Thomas Sian | Ogilvie David | Stirk Lisa | Petticrew Mark | Whitehead Margaret | Sowden Amanda
The harvest plot: A method for synthesising evidence about the differential effects of interventions

Author(s): Ogilvie David | Fayter Debra | Petticrew Mark | Sowden Amanda | Thomas Sian | Whitehead Margaret | Worthy Gill
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