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Built Environment and Its Influences on Walking among Older Women: Use of Standardized Geographic Units to Define Urban Forms

Author(s): Vivian W. Siu | William E. Lambert | Rongwei Fu | Teresa A. Hillier | Mark Bosworth | Yvonne L. Michael
Study on Bovine Tuberculosis in the Holeta Dairy Farm, Central Ethiopia

Author(s): William Lambert | Gobena Ameni | Kebreten Manaye | Yalemtsehay Mekonnen
Small molecule activators of SIRT1 replicate signaling pathways triggered by calorie restriction in vivo

Author(s): Smith Jesse | Kenney Renée | Gagne David | Frushour Brian | Ladd William | Galonek Heidi | Israelian Kristine | Song Jeffrey | Razvadauskaite Giedre | Lynch Amy | Carney David | Johnson Robin | Lavu Siva | Iffland Andre | Elliott Peter | Lambert Philip | Elliston Keith | Jirousek Michael | Milne Jill | Boss Olivier
Analysis of case-parent trios at a locus with a deletion allele: association of GSTM1 with autism

Author(s): Buyske Steven | Williams Tanishia | Mars Audrey | Stenroos Edward | Ming Sue | Wang Rong | Sreenath Madhura | Factura Marivic | Reddy Chitra | Lambert George | Johnson William
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