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Sample preference for colorectal cancer screening tests: Blood or stool?

Author(s): Joanne M. Osborne | Carlene Wilson | Vivienne Moore | Tess Gregory | Ingrid Flight | Graeme P. Young
Internet usage and openness to internet-delivered health information among Australian adults aged over 50 years

Author(s): Ian T. Zajac | Ingrid H.K. Flight | Carlene Wilson | Deborah Turnbull | Steve Cole | Graeme Young
Demographic, social cognitive and social ecological predictors of intention and participation in screening for colorectal cancer

Author(s): Gregory Tess | Wilson Carlene | Duncan Amy | Turnbull Deborah | Cole Stephen | Young Graeme
A cross-sectional analysis of participation in National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Adelaide by age, gender and geographical location of residence.

Author(s): Sara Javanparast | Paul R Ward | Stephen Cole | Tiffany Gill | Michelle Ah Matt | Paul Aylward | Genevieve Baratiny | Moyez Jiwa | Angelita Martini | Gary Misan | George Tsourtos | Carlene Wilson | Graeme Young

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