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Toxicologic Assessment of a Commercial Decolorized Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice, Lily of the Desert Filtered Whole Leaf Juice with Aloesorb

Author(s): Inder Sehgal | Wallace D. Winters | Michael Scott | Andrew David | Glenn Gillis | Thaya Stoufflet | Anand Nair | Konstantine Kousoulas
A double-blind, randomized, multicenter phase 2 study of prasugrel versus placebo in adult patients with sickle cell disease

Author(s): Wun Ted | Soulieres Denis | Frelinger Andrew L | Krishnamurti Lakshmanan | Novelli Enrico M | Kutlar Abdullah | Ataga Kenneth I | Knupp Charles L | McMahon Lillian E | Strouse John J | Zhou Chunmei | Heath Lori E | Nwachuku Chuke E | Jakubowski Joseph A | Riesmeyer Jeffrey S | Winters Kenneth J
Spread of the Emerging Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus Strain, Genotype IVb, in Michigan, USA

Author(s): Mohamed Faisal | Megan Shavalier | Robert K. Kim | Elena V. Millard | Michelle R. Gunn | Andrew D. Winters | Carolyn A. Schulz | Alaa Eissa | Michael V. Thomas | Martha Wolgamood | Gary E. Whelan | James Winton
National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank: A standard based biospecimen and clinical data resource to enhance translational research

Author(s): Amin Waqas | Parwani Anil | Schmandt Linda | Mohanty Sambit | Farhat Ghada | Pople Andrew | Winters Sharon | Whelan Nancy | Schneider Althea | Milnes John | Valdivieso Federico | Feldman Michael | Pass Harvey | Dhir Rajiv | Melamed Jonathan | Becich Michael
The development and deployment of Common Data Elements for tissue banks for translational research in cancer – An emerging standard based approach for the Mesothelioma Virtual Tissue Bank

Author(s): Mohanty Sambit | Mistry Amita | Amin Waqas | Parwani Anil | Pople Andrew | Schmandt Linda | Winters Sharon | Milliken Erin | Kim Paula | Whelan Nancy | Farhat Ghada | Melamed Jonathan | Taioli Emanuela | Dhir Rajiv | Pass Harvey | Becich Michael

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