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Neuroprotective Effects of Nannochloropsis oculata Against AAPH-induced Oxidative DNA Damage in HT22 Cells

Author(s): Kil-Nam Kim | Seon-Heui Cha | Eun-A Kim | Min-Cheol Kang | Hye-Mi Yang | Min-Joo Kim | Hye-Young Yang | Seong Woon Roh | Won-Kyo Jung | Soo-Jin Heo | Daekyung Kim | You-Jin Jeon | Tatsuya Oda
Protective Effects of Emodin and Chrysophanol Isolated from Marine Fungus Aspergillus sp. on Ethanol-Induced Toxicity in HepG2/CYP2E1 Cells

Author(s): Zhong-Ji Qian | Chen Zhang | Yong-Xin Li | Jae-Young Je | Se-Kwon Kim | Won-Kyo Jung

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