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Growth mixture modeling as an exploratory analysis tool in longitudinal quantitative trait loci analysis

Author(s): Chang Su-Wei | Choi Seung | Li Ke | Fleur Rose | Huang Chengrui | Shen Tong | Ahn Kwangmi | Gordon Derek | Kim Wonkuk | Wu Rongling | Mendell Nancy R | Finch Stephen J
A Bayesian Framework for Functional Mapping through Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data

Author(s): Kiranmoy Das | Runze Li | Zhongwen Huang | Junyi Gai | Rongling Wu
Insomnia Symptoms and Sleep Duration Are Associated with Impaired Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Children

Author(s): Sol M. Rodríguez-Colón | Fan He | Michele L. Shaffer | Xian Li | Alexandros N. Vgontzas | Edward O. Bixler | Rongling Wu | Duanping Liao
Systems mapping: how to improve the genetic mapping of complex traits through design principles of biological systems

Author(s): Wu Rongling | Cao Jiguo | Huang Zhongwen | Wang Zhong | Gai Junyi | Vallejos Eduardo
EM Algorithm for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in Multivalent Tetraploids

Author(s): Jiahan Li | Kiranmoy Das | Guifang Fu | Chunfa Tong | Yao Li | Christian Tobias | Rongling Wu
Acute effects of fine particulate air pollution on ST segment height: A longitudinal study

Author(s): He Fan | Shaffer Michele | Rodriguez-Colon Sol | Bixler Edward | Vgontzas Alexandros | Williams Ronald | Wu Rongling | Cascio Wayne | Liao Duanping
A statistical model for mapping morphological shape

Author(s): Fu Guifang | Berg Arthur | Das Kiranmoy | Li Jiahan | Li Runze | Wu Rongling
Modeling the Aneuploidy Control of Cancer

Author(s): Li Yao | Berg Arthur | Wu Louie | Wang Zhong | Chen Gang | Wu Rongling
Functional mapping of genotype-environment interactions for soybean growth by a semiparametric approach

Author(s): Li Qin | Huang Zhongwen | Xu Meng | Wang Chenguang | Gai Junyi | Huang Youjun | Pang Xiaoming | Wu Rongling
An Improved Approach for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in a Pseudo-Testcross: Revisiting a Poplar Mapping Study

Author(s): Song Wu | Jie Yang | Youjun Huang | Yao Li | Tongming Yin | Stan D. Wullschleger | Gerald A. Tuskan | Rongling Wu
Modeling genetic imprinting effects of DNA sequences with multilocus polymorphism data

Author(s): Wen Sheron | Wang Chenguang | Berg Arthur | Li Yao | Chang Myron | Fillingim Roger | Wallace Margaret | Staud Roland | Kaplan Lee | Wu Rongling
A computational model for sex-specific genetic architecture of complex traits in humans: Implications for mapping pain sensitivity

Author(s): Wang Chenguang | Cheng Yun | Liu Tian | Li Qin | Fillingim Roger | Wallace Margaret | Staud Roland | Kaplan Lee | Wu Rongling
Phenotypic plasticity of fine root growth increases plant productivity in pine seedlings

Author(s): Wu Rongling | Grissom James | McKeand Steven | O'Malley David
A hierarchical statistical model for estimating population properties of quantitative genes

Author(s): Wu Samuel | Ma Chang-Xing | Wu Rongling | Casella George

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