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Exploring Techniques for Vision Based Human Activity Recognition: Methods, Systems, and Evaluation

Author(s): Xin Xu | Jinshan Tang | Xiaolong Zhang | Xiaoming Liu | Hong Zhang | Yimin Qiu
Advances of DNA Methylation in Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Author(s): Xiaoming QIU | Yanjie QIAO | Bin LIU | Yang LI | Jiacong YOU | Qinghua ZHOU
Lentivirus-mediated Stable Silencing of nm23-H1 Gene in Lung Cancer Cells 
and the Influence on Biological Behavior

Author(s): Meng LUO | Daxing ZHU | Lei GONG | Xiaoming QIU | Lingling ZU | Liya SUN | Zhihao WU | Qinghua ZHOU
Classification of Bio-potential Surface Electrode based on FKCM and SVM

Author(s): Hao Liu | Xiaoming Tao | Pengjun Xu | Guanxiong Qiu
Pulmonary Rehabilitation in the Management of Patients with Lung Cancer

Author(s): Yanjie QIAO | Xiaoming QIU | Qinghua ZHOU
Primary Leiomyoma of the pleura

Author(s): Qiu Xiaoming | Zhu Daxin | Wei Sen | Chen Gang | Chen Jun | Zhou Qinghua
Giant Primary Chondroma of the Lung: A Case Report

Author(s): Xiaoming QIU | Daxing ZHU | Jun CHEN | Qinghua ZHOU
Advancements on Diagnosis and Treatments of Primary Tracheal Tumors

Author(s): Xiaoming QIU | Jun CHEN | Qinghua ZHOU
Prevention and Treatment of Atelectasis after Thoracotomy for Lung Cancer

Author(s): Yongbo YANG | Jun CHEN | Daxing ZHU | Gang CHEN | Zhigang LI | Mei LI | Sen WEI | Xiaoming QIU | Honglin ZHAO | Yi LIU | Qinghua ZHOU
Detection and Its Clinical Significance of EGFR Gene Mutation and Gene Amplification in 187 Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Hongyu LIU | Ying LI | Gang CHEN | Jing WANG | Yongwen LI | Yuli WANG | Sen WEI | Daxing ZHU | Xiaoming QIU | Weiqiang WAN | Zuoqing SONG | Jun CHEN | Qinghua ZHOU
Expression and Clinical Significance of Heparanase and Ki-67 in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Zuoqing SONG | Xiaohong XU | Sen WEI | Jun CHEN | Yi LIU | Xin LI | Honglin ZHAO | Xiaoming QIU | Naikang ZHOU
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