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The Association of Hypertension with Obesity and Metabolic Abnormalities among Chinese Children

Author(s): Haiquan Xu | Xiaoqi Hu | Qian Zhang | Songming Du | Hongyun Fang | Ying Li | Jun Ma | Tingyu Li | Lin Du | Hongwei Guo | Guifa Xu | Ailing Liu
Variant rs9939609 in the FTO gene is associated with body mass index among Chinese children

Author(s): Fang Hongyun | Li Yanping | Du Songming | Hu Xiaoqi | Zhang Qian | Liu Ailing | Ma Guansheng
The Association of Weight Status with Physical Fitness among Chinese Children

Author(s): Xianwen Shang | Ailing Liu | Yanping Li | Xiaoqi Hu | Lin Du | Jun Ma | Guifa Xu | Ying Li | Hongwei Guo | Guansheng Ma
The nutrition-based comprehensive intervention study on childhood obesity in China (NISCOC): a randomised cluster controlled trial

Author(s): Li Yanping | Hu Xiaoqi | Zhang Qian | Liu Ailing | Fang Hongyun | Hao Linan | Duan Yifan | Xu Haiquan | Shang Xianwen | Ma Jun | Xu Guifa | Du Lin | Li Ying | Guo Hongwei | Li Tingyu | Ma Guansheng
Waist circumference cut-off values for the prediction of cardiovascular risk factors clustering in Chinese school-aged children: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Liu Ailing | Hills Andrew | Hu Xiaoqi | Li Yanping | Du Lin | Xu Ying | Byrne Nuala | Ma Guansheng
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