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On the Problem of Energy Balanced Relay Sensor Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jie Jia | Guiyuan Zhang | Xueli Wu | Jian Chen | Xingwei Wang | Xiaolei Yan
A Coordination of Risk Management for Supply Chains Organized as Virtual Enterprises

Author(s): Min Huang | Xingwei Wang | Fu-Qiang Lu | Hua-Ling Bi
A Novel P2P Based Grid Resource Discovery Model

Author(s): Dong Chen | Guiran Chang | Xiuying Zheng | Dawei Sun | Jiajia Li | Xingwei Wang
Energy-Balanced Density Control to Avoid Energy Hole for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jie Jia | Jian Chen | Xingwei Wang | Linliang Zhao
Trusted Mobile Nodes Access Scheme under Wireless Networks

Author(s): Lina Sun | Guiran Chang | Dawei Sun | Lizhong Jin | Jiandong Chen | Xingwei Wang
ABC Supported Handover Decision Scheme based on multi-PSO with Optimum Mutation

Author(s): Xingwei Wang | Huanyan Zhao | Min Huang | Zhankao Wen | Weixin Wu | Xiaofeng Liu
Self-Assembled Polymeric Micellar Nanoparticles as Nanocarriers for Poorly Soluble Anticancer Drug Ethaselen

Author(s): Li Xinru | Yang Zhuoli | Yang Kewei | Zhou Yanxia | Chen Xingwei | Zhang Yanhui | Wang Fei | Liu Yan | Ren Lijun
Routing Algorithms Based on Partial Deployment of SAVA Nodes in Trustworthy Internet

Author(s): Lei Guo | Xingwei Wang | Dong Wang | Weigang Hou
Tapered Optical Fiber Sensor for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecules

Author(s): Ye Tian | Wenhui Wang | Nan Wu | Xiaotian Zou | Xingwei Wang
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensor on an Optical Fiber Probe Fabricated with a Femtosecond Laser

Author(s): Xiaodong Ma | Haibin Huo | Wenhui Wang | Ye Tian | Nan Wu | Charles Guthy | Mengyan Shen | Xingwei Wang
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