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Generalized Mannheim quaternionic curves in Euclidean 4-space

Author(s): Dae Won Yoon | Yilmaz Tuncer | Murat Kemal Karacan
Distributed Sensor Network-Based Virtual FDR System

Author(s): Kwang-Ho Seok | Junho Ko | Chul-Won Park | Chul-Hwan Kim | Yoon Sang Kim
The Drinking Effect of Hydrogen Water on Atopic Dermatitis Induced by Dermatophagoides farinae Allergen in NC/Nga Mice

Author(s): Rosa Mistica C. Ignacio | Hyun-Suk Kwak | Young-Uk Yun | Ma. Easter Joy V. Sajo | Yang-Suk Yoon | Cheol-Su Kim | Soo-Ki Kim | Kyu-Jae Lee
Neurolymphomatosis of Brachial Plexus in Patients with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Author(s): Yong Jun Choi | Jung A. Shin | Yong Hoon Kim | Soon Joo Cha | Joong-Yang Cho | Seung Hee Kang | Seong Yoon Yi | Hye Ran Lee
Application of Computational Lower Extremity Model to Investigate Different Muscle Activities and Joint Force Patterns in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients during Walking

Author(s): Kyung Wook Nha | Ariunzaya Dorj | Jun Feng | Jun Ho Shin | Jong In Kim | Jae Ho Kwon | Kyungsoo Kim | Yoon Hyuk Kim
Assessing Weather Effects on Dengue Disease in Malaysia

Author(s): Yoon Ling Cheong | Katrin Burkart | Pedro J. Leitão | Tobia Lakes
Determination and Comparison of Seed Oil Triacylglycerol Composition of Various Soybeans (Glycine max (L.)) Using 1H-NMR Spectroscopy

Author(s): Won Woo Kim | Ho Sik Rho | Yong Deog Hong | Myung Hun Yeom | Song Seok Shin | Jun Gon Yi | Min-Seuk Lee | Hye Yoon Park | Dong Ha Cho
The health care burden of high grade chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Korea: analysis of the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service data

Author(s): Kim JH | Rhee CK | Yoo KH | Kim YS | Lee SW | Park YB | Lee JH | Oh YM | Lee SD | Kim Y | Kim KJ | Yoon HK
Recent advances in photoacoustic endoscopy

Author(s): Tae-Jong Yoon | Young-Seok Cho
A comparative study on experimental and simulation responses of CR-39 to neutron spectra from a 252Cf source

Author(s): Ghergherehchi Mitra | Kim Hyun Wook | Kim Yoon Sang | Afarideh Hossein | Chai Jong Seo
Functional study of Villin 2 protein expressed in longissimus dorsi muscle of Korean native cattle in different growth stages

Author(s): Yong-Cheng Jin | Jeng-A Han | Cheng-Xiong Xu | Sang-Kee Kang | Sang-Hun Kim | Kang-Suk Seo | Du-Hak Yoon | Yun-Jaie Choi | Hong-Gu Lee
Replication of genome-wide association studies on asthma and allergic diseases in Korean adult population

Author(s): Dankyu Yoon | Hyo-Jeong Ban | Young Jin Kim | Eun-Jin Kim | Hyung-Cheol Kim | Bok-Ghee Han | Jung-Won Park | Soo-Jong Hong | Sang-Heon Cho | Kiejung Park | Joo-Shil Lee
Overexpression of miR-196b and HOXA10 characterize a poor-prognosis gastric cancer subtype

Author(s): Jae Yun Lim | Sun Och Yoon | So-Young Seol | Soon Won Hong | Jong Won Kim | Seung Ho Choi | Ju-Seog Lee | Jae Yong Cho
New Steroidal Erythrityl Triesters from the Heat Processed Roots of Panax ginseng

Author(s): Ill-Min Chung | Mohd Ali | Ye-Seul Yang | Jae-Yeon Yoon | Youn-Pyo Hong | Ateeque Ahmad
Robust Finger Vein ROI Localization Based on Flexible Segmentation

Author(s): Yu Lu | Shan Juan Xie | Sook Yoon | Jucheng Yang | Dong Sun Park
Deactivation of AMPKa/GSK-3B Leads to High-Level Glycogen Synthase in Poor Pork Meat Quality

Author(s): Juhyun Nam | Dong-Gi Lee | Seung-Yeul Lee | So-Jung Yoon | Hyun Joo An | Gap-Don Kim | Seon-Tae Joo | Ik Soon Jang | Hwak Rae Cho | Sam Woong Kim | Chul Wook Kim | Jong-Soon Choi
Integration of TaOx-based resistive-switching element and GaAs diode

Author(s): Z. Xu | X. Tong | S. F. Yoon | Y. C. Yeo | C. K. Chia | G. K. Dalapati | D. Z. Chi
Structure Changes of Macrobenthic Community on Rocky Shores After the Hebei Spirit Oil Spill

Author(s): Yun-Hwan Jung | Heung-Sik Park | Kon-Tak Yoon | Hyung-Gon Lee | Chae-Woo Ma
NABIC marker database: A molecular markers information network of agricultural crops

Author(s): Chang-Kug Kim | Young-Joo Seol | Dong-Jun Lee | In-Seon Jeong | Ung-Han Yoon | Gang-Seob Lee | Jang-Ho Hahn | Dong-Suk Park
Use of a Silicone Gel Sheet Vaginal Mold in McIndoe Vaginoplasty

Author(s): Sang Wha Kim | Dong Yeon Kim | Deuk Young Oh | Jung Ho Lee | Jong Won Rhie | Sang Tae Ahn | Joo Hee Yoon
Penoscrotal Extramammary Paget’s Disease with Multiple Lymph Node Metastasis

Author(s): Yoon Taek Koo | Kyung Won Minn | Hak Chang
Stream Water and Groundwater Interaction Revealed by Temperature Monitoring in Agricultural Areas

Author(s): Jin-Yong Lee | Hyoun Soo Lim | Ho Il Yoon | Youngyun Park
Orbital Interaction and Electron Density Transfer in PdII([9]aneB2A)L2 Complexes: Theoretical Approaches

Author(s): Ock Keum Kwak | Mahreen Arooj | Yong-Jin Yoon | Euh Duck Jeong | Jong Keun Park
Anti-wrinkle effect of bone morphogenetic protein receptor 1a-extracellular domain (BMPR1a-ECD)

Author(s): Byung-Hak Yoon | Yun-Hui Jeon | Byunghee Hwang | Hyuknam Kwon | Senyon Choe | Zungyoon Yang
One-year clinical outcomes in invasive treatment strategies for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock in eld-erly patients

Author(s): Yeon Pyo Yoo | Ki-Woon Kang | Hyeon Soo Yoon | Jin Cheol Myung | Yu Jeong Choi | Won Ho Kim | Sang Hyun Park | Kyung Tae Jung | Myung Ho Jeong | Korean Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry Investigators
TNFα Mediated IL-6 Secretion Is Regulated by JAK/STAT Pathway but Not by MEK Phosphorylation and AKT Phosphorylation in U266 Multiple Myeloma Cells

Author(s): Chansu Lee | Jeong-In Oh | Juwon Park | Jee-Hye Choi | Eun-Kyung Bae | Hyun Jung Lee | Woo June Jung | Dong Soon Lee | Kwang-Sung Ahn | Sung-Soo Yoon
Hemoglobin subunit beta (HBB) is a potential biomarker for predicting response to Gefitinib in NSCLC patients

Author(s): Poh Kuan Chong | Huiyin Lee | Marie Chiew Shia Loh | Wan-Teck Lim | Siew Pang Chan | Ross Andrew Soo | Yoon Pin Lim
Transduced PEP-1-FK506BP ameliorates corneal injury in Botulinum toxin A-induced dry eye mouse model

Author(s): Dae Won Kim | Sung Ho Lee | Sae Kwang Ku | Soo Hyun Cho | Sung-Woo Cho | Ga Hyeon Yoon | Hyun Sook Hwang | Jinseu Park | Won Sik Eum | Oh-Shin Kwon | Soo Young Choi
Somatic mutation patterns and compound response in cancers

Author(s): Ningning He | Nayoung Kim | Sukjoon Yoon
When a ribosome encounters a premature termination codon

Author(s): Jungwook Hwang | Yoon Ki Kim
Avoiding Unnecessary Pulmonary CT Angiography by Using a Combination of Clinical Criteria and D-Dimer Thresholds

Author(s): Lana Hirai Gimber | Jamie Leong | Lauren Todoki | Hyo-Chun Yoon
Fracture Rate and Serious Complications of Vena Cava Filters

Author(s): Myles M. Mitsunaga | Hyo-Chun Yoon
Vibration Electrochemical Micromachining Based on Coulostatic Analysis

Author(s): Uk Su Kim | Yoon Jun Jung | Jeong Woo Park
Massa alimentícia sem glúten com elevado teor proteico obtida por processo convencional Gluten-free pasta with high protein content obtained by conventional processing

Author(s): Marcio Schmiele | Leandra Zafalon Jaekel | Patricia Mello Garrido Ishida | Yoon Kil Chang | Caroline Joy Steel
Low Amount of Salinomycin Greatly Increases Akt Activation, but Reduces Activated p70S6K Levels

Author(s): Ju-Hwa Kim | Ae-Ran Choi | Yong Kee Kim | Hyung Sik Kim | Sungpil Yoon
Optical-Based Artificial Palpation Sensors for Lesion Characterization

Author(s): Jong-Ha Lee | Yoon Nyun Kim | Jeonghun Ku | Hee-Jun Park
Protective Effect of Dealcoholized Persimmonwine on H2O2 - Induced Oxidative Injury in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes

Author(s): Jin Taek Hwang | Chan Kyu Han | Sang Yoon Choi | Sung Soo Kim
Volatile Aroma Compounds in Various Brewed Green Teas

Author(s): Jeehyun Lee | Delores H. Chambers | Edgar Chambers | Koushik Adhikari | Youngmo Yoon
Effects of Reduced Prolamin on Seed Storage Protein Composition and the Nutritional Quality of Rice

Author(s): Hyun-Jung Kim | Jong-Yeol Lee | Ung-Han Yoon | Sun-Hyung Lim | Young-Mi Kim
Structural Properties of Polyphenols Causing Cell Cycle Arrest at G1 Phase in HCT116 Human Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines

Author(s): Soon Young Shin | Hyuk Yoon | Seunghyun Ahn | Dong-Wook Kim | Dong-Ho Bae | Dongsoo Koh | Young Han Lee | Yoongho Lim
Stepwise Embryonic Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles on Oryzias latipes

Author(s): Jae-Gu Cho | Kyung-Tae Kim | Tae-Kwon Ryu | Jae-woo Lee | Ji-Eun Kim | Jungkon Kim | Byoung-Cheun Lee | Eun-Hye Jo | Junheon Yoon | Ig-chun Eom | Kyunghee Choi | Pilje Kim
Preventable Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits for Angina, United States, 1995–2010

Author(s): Julie C. Will, PhD, MPH | Amy L. Valderrama, PhD, RN | Paula W. Yoon, ScD, MPH
Isolation and description of a globally distributed cryosphere cyanobacterium from Antarctica

Author(s): Ji Won Hong | Sung Hong Kim | Han-Gu Choi | Sung-Ho Kang | Ho-Sung Yoon
A feasible modified biopsy method for tissue diagnosis of gastric subepithelial tumors

Author(s): Jung Ho Kim | Jun-Won Chung | Minsu Ha | Min Young Rim | Jong Joon Lee | Jungsuk An | Yoon Jae Kim | Kyoung Oh Kim | Kwang An Kwon | Dong Kyun Park | Yeon Suk Kim | Duck Joo Choi
Hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombosis

Author(s): Do Seon Song | Si Hyun Bae | Myeong Jun Song | Sung Won Lee | Hee Yeon Kim | Young Joon Lee | Jung Suk Oh | Ho Jong Chun | Hae Giu Lee | Jong Young Choi | Seung Kew Yoon

Author(s): Li Kang, | Yoon Y. Lee, | Sung-Hoon Yoon, | Allen J. Smith, | Gopal A. Krishnagopalan
CEBPG Exhibits Allele-Specific Expression in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Thomas M. Blomquist | Ronald D. Brown | Erin L. Crawford | Ivana de la Serna | Kandace Williams | Youngsook Yoon | Dawn-Alita Hernandez | James C. Willey
Quality Expectations in the Malaysian Wooden Furniture Industry: The Foreign Buyers Perspective

Author(s): Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam | Chong Yen Yoon | Shukri Mohamed | Roslan Mohd. Kassim
Multiple Sparganosis in an Immunosuppressed Patient

Author(s): Hong Sang Yoon | Byung Joon Jeon | Bo Young Park
History of Bioelectrical Study and the Electrophysiology of the Primo Vascular System

Author(s): Sang Hyun Park | Eung Hwi Kim | Ho Jong Chang | Seung Zhoo Yoon | Ji Woong Yoon | Seong-Jin Cho | Yeon-Hee Ryu
Curative Effects of Thiacremonone against Acetaminophen-Induced Acute Hepatic Failure via Inhibition of Proinflammatory Cytokines Production and Infiltration of Cytotoxic Immune Cells and Kupffer Cells

Author(s): Yu Ri Kim | Nam Jin Lee | Jung Ok Ban | Hwan Soo Yoo | Yong Moon Lee | Yeo Pyo Yoon | So Young Eum | Heon Sang Jeong | Do-young Yoon | Sang Bae Han | Jin Tae Hong
Effect of NaCl on Heat Resistance, Antibiotic Susceptibility, and Caco-2 Cell Invasion of Salmonella

Author(s): Hyunjoo Yoon | Beom-Young Park | Mi-Hwa Oh | Kyoung-Hee Choi | Yohan Yoon
An online database for genome information of agricultural plants

Author(s): ChangKug Kim | DongSuk Park | YoungJoo Seol | UngHan Yoon | GangSeob Lee | JangHo Hahn
Bacterial genome mapper: A comparative bacterial genome mapping tool

Author(s): Kang Seon Lee | Ryong Nam Kim | Byoung Ha Yoon | Dae Soo Kim | Sang Haeng Choi | Dong Wook Kim | Seong Hyeuk Nam | Aeri Kim | Aram Kang | Kun Hyang Park | Jae Eun Jung | Sung Hwa Chae | Sung Hwa Chae | Hong Seog Park
In Vivo Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Embryoid Bodies in an Injectable in Situ-Forming Hydrogel

Author(s): Da Yeon Kim | Yoon Young Kim | Hai Bang Lee | Shin Yong Moon | Seung-Yup Ku | Moon Suk Kim
Survey on Seed Decay during their Germination of Some Forages from their Aged Seeds

Author(s): Byung Hoon Park | Mi Rim Heo | Hee Sun Kim | Eun Ji Yoo | Soo Young Choi | Ji Eun Lee | Hyo Son Lim | Da Yeon Jung | Hyun Kyung Kim | Mi Rye Kim | Sang Mi Lee | Song Yi Lee | Nam Gil Kim | Yoon Soo Kim | Gi Hang Lee | Chi Nam Park | Jong Min Won | Sangdeog A. Kim
High-resolution photocurrent microscopy using near-field cathodoluminescence of quantum dots

Author(s): Heayoung P. Yoon | Youngmin Lee | Christopher D. Bohn | Seung-Hyeon Ko | Anthony G. Gianfrancesco | Jonathan S. Steckel | Seth Coe-Sullivan | A. Alec Talin | Nikolai B. Zhitenev
Efficacy of levofloxacin versus cefuroxime in treating acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Yoon HI | Lee CH | Kim DK | Park GM | Lee SM | Yim JJ | Kim JY | Lee JH | Lee CT | Chung HS | Kim YW | Han SK | Yoo CG
Analysis of Solid-Liquid Interface Behavior during Continuous Strip-Casting Process Using Sharp-Interface Technique

Author(s): Changbum Lee | Wooyoung Yoon | Seungwon Shin | Jaewoo Lee | Hee-eun Song
Total Hip Arthroplasty after Treatment of Pseudojoint Infection in a Patient with a Highly Dislocated Hip

Author(s): Kyung-Soon Park | Jong-Keun Seon | Seon-Yoon Nah | Taek-Rim Yoon
Design and Development of a Class of Rotorcraft-based UAV

Author(s): Gyou Beom Kim | Trung Kien Nguyen | Agus Budiyono | Jung Keun Park | Kwang Joon Yoon | Jinok Shin
Design of a Walking Assistance Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Paraplegic Patients and Hardware Validation Using CoP

Author(s): Jung-Hoon Kim | Jeong Woo Han | Deog Young Kim | Yoon Su Baek
Recent Developments in Nanoparticle-Based siRNA Delivery for Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Jong-Min Lee | Tae-Jong Yoon | Young-Seok Cho
Toward a Theory of the Primo Vascular System: A Hypothetical Circulatory System at the Subcellular Level

Author(s): Byung-Cheon Lee | Ji Woong Yoon | Sang Hyun Park | Seung Zhoo Yoon
A Method for the Observation of the Primo Vascular System in the Thoracic Duct of a Rat

Author(s): Sungha Kim | Sharon Jiyoon Jung | Sang Yeon Cho | Yoon Kyu Song | Kwang-Sup Soh | Sungchul Kim
Prevalence of bipolar spectrum disorder in Korean college students according to the K-MDQ

Author(s): Bae SO | Kim MD | Lee JG | Seo JS | Won SH | Woo YS | Seok JH | Kim W | Kim SJ | Min KJ | Jon DI | Shin YC | Bahk WM | Yoon BH

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