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Psychometric properties of the caring climate scale in a physical activity setting

Author(s): Maria Newton | Mary Fry | Doris Watson | Lori Gano-Overway | Mi-Sook Kim | Michelle Magyar | Marta Guivernau
Smad3 Deficiency Ameliorates Hepatic Fibrogenesis through the Expression of Senescence Marker Protein-30, an Antioxidant-Related Protein

Author(s): Da-Hee Jeong | Meeyul Hwang | Jin-Kyu Park | Moon-Jung Goo | Il-Hwa Hong | Mi-Ran Ki | Akihito Ishigami | Ah-Young Kim | Eun-Mi Lee | Eun-Joo Lee | Kyu-Shik Jeong
Quality Evaluation of Panax ginseng Roots Using a Rapid Resolution LC-QTOF/MS-Based Metabolomics Approach

Author(s): Dae-Young Lee | Jae Kwang Kim | Sabina Shrestha | Kyeong-Hwa Seo | Youn-Hyung Lee | Hyung-Jun Noh | Geum-Soog Kim | Yong-Bum Kim | Seung-Yu Kim | Nam-In Baek
Pretreatment of cellulosic waste sawdust into reducing sugars using mercerization and etherification

Author(s): Beomsoo Kim | Ishan Gulati | Jinwon Park | Jong-Shik Shin
Exploring the Process of Conveying Information about Side Effects: A Qualitative Study among Pharmacists

Author(s): Therése Kairuz | Damir Krehula | Thanh Huynh | Kim Bellamy
Quick determination of ammonia ions in water environment based on thymol color creating reaction

Author(s): Dong Kim Loan | Tran Hong Con | Tran Thi Hong | Luong Thi Mai Ly
Design and Fabrication of Remote Welding Equipment in a Hot-Cell

Author(s): Soosung Kim | Kihwan Kim | Jungwon Lee | Jinhyun Koh
Symmetric Negative Differential Resistance in a Molecular Nanosilver Chain

Author(s): Tae Kyung Kim | Hoi Ri Moon | Byung Hoon Kim
Regulation of PKC Autophosphorylation by Calponin in Contractile Vascular Smooth Muscle Tissue

Author(s): Hak Rim Kim | Cynthia Gallant | Kathleen G. Morgan
Investigation of Responsiveness to Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone in Growth Hormone-Producing Pituitary Adenomas

Author(s): Sang Ouk Chin | Sang Youl Rhee | Suk Chon | You-Cheol Hwang | In-Kyung Jeong | Seungjoon Oh | Sung-Woon Kim
Verification of Data Races in Concurrent Interrupt Handlers

Author(s): Guy Martin Tchamgoue | Kyong Hoon Kim | Yong-Kee Jun
Evaluation of Vibration Characteristics of an Existing Harbor Caisson Structure Using Tugboat Impact Tests and Modal Analysis

Author(s): Jin-Hak Yi | Woo-Sun Park | So-Young Lee | Thanh-Canh Huynh | Jeong-Tae Kim | Chun-Kyo Seo
Dual-Band On-Body Repeater Antenna for In-on-On WBAN Applications

Author(s): Jinpil Tak | Kyeol Kwon | Sunwoo Kim | Jaehoon Choi
Distributed Sensor Network-Based Virtual FDR System

Author(s): Kwang-Ho Seok | Junho Ko | Chul-Won Park | Chul-Hwan Kim | Yoon Sang Kim
Citrus bergamia Risso Elevates Intracellular Ca2+ in Human Vascular Endothelial Cells due to Release of Ca2+ from Primary Intracellular Stores

Author(s): Purum Kang | Seung Ho Han | Hea Kyung Moon | Jeong-Min Lee | Hyo-Keun Kim | Sun Seek Min | Geun Hee Seol
The Drinking Effect of Hydrogen Water on Atopic Dermatitis Induced by Dermatophagoides farinae Allergen in NC/Nga Mice

Author(s): Rosa Mistica C. Ignacio | Hyun-Suk Kwak | Young-Uk Yun | Ma. Easter Joy V. Sajo | Yang-Suk Yoon | Cheol-Su Kim | Soo-Ki Kim | Kyu-Jae Lee
Flavonoids Identified from Korean Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Inhibit Inflammatory Signaling by Suppressing Activation of NF-κB and MAPK in RAW 264.7 Cells

Author(s): Gyeong-Eun Hong | Jin-A. Kim | Arulkumar Nagappan | Silvia Yumnam | Ho-Jeong Lee | Eun-Hee Kim | Won-Sup Lee | Sung-Chul Shin | Hyeon-Soo Park | Gon-Sup Kim
Effect of Jeju Water on Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Gwanpyo Koh | Dae Ho Lee | Sang Ah Lee | Eun-Kyung Kang | Okkyeong Hwang | Hyun-Jung Han | Sok Young Kim | Eun-Jin Yang | Min-Kyoung Kim | Hyoun-Jung Chin
Generalized Hyers-Ulam Stability of Quadratic Functional Inequality

Author(s): Hark-Mahn Kim | Kil-Woung Jun | Eunyoung Son
Differential Expression of Host Biomarkers in Saliva and Serum Samples from Individuals with Suspected Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author(s): Khutso G. Phalane | Magdalena Kriel | Andre G. Loxton | Angela Menezes | Kim Stanley | Gian D. van der Spuy | Gerhard Walzl | Novel N. Chegou
Assessing the Detection Capacity of Microarrays as Bio/Nanosensing Platforms

Author(s): Ju Seok Lee | Joon Jin Song | Russell Deaton | Jin-Woo Kim
TPMS Interference Suppression Based on Beamforming Technology

Author(s): Cheol Park | Seong-min Kim | Suk-seung Hwang
Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy on Ovalbumin-Induced Mouse Model of Allergic Rhinitis

Author(s): Binhye Choi | Mun Seog Chang | Ha Young Kim | Jae-Woo Park | Bongha Ryu | Jinsung Kim
Effect of KIOM-79 on Diabetes-Induced Myocardial Fibrosis in Zucker Diabetic Fatty Rats

Author(s): Junghyun Kim | Eunjin Sohn | Chan-Sik Kim | Yun Mi Lee | Kyuhyung Jo | Jin Sook Kim
7,3′,4′-Trihydroxyisoflavone Ameliorates the Development of Dermatophagoides farinae-Induced Atopic Dermatitis in NC/Nga Mice

Author(s): Bo-Bae Kim | Jong Rhan Kim | Ji Hye Kim | Young Ah Kim | Jun Seong Park | Myeong-Hun Yeom | Hyong Joo Lee | Ki Won Lee | Nam Joo Kang
Concurrent Complementary and Alternative Medicine CAM and Conventional Rehabilitation Therapy in the Management of Children with Developmental Disorders

Author(s): Soo Yeon Kim | Yong-Il Shin | Sang-Ook Nam | Chang-Hyung Lee | Yong Beom Shin | Hyun-Yoon Ko | Young-Ju Yun
Combination Therapy of Sophoraflavanone B against MRSA: In Vitro Synergy Testing

Author(s): Su-Hyun Mun | Ok-Hwa Kang | Dae-Ki Joung | Sung-Bae Kim | Yun-Soo Seo | Jang-Gi Choi | Young-Seob Lee | Seon-Woo Cha | Young-Sup Ahn | Sin-Hee Han | Dong-Yeul Kwon
Neurolymphomatosis of Brachial Plexus in Patients with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Author(s): Yong Jun Choi | Jung A. Shin | Yong Hoon Kim | Soon Joo Cha | Joong-Yang Cho | Seung Hee Kang | Seong Yoon Yi | Hye Ran Lee
Improved Thin-Walled Finite Curved Beam Elements

Author(s): Nam-Il Kim | Chan-Ki Jeon
Is Transforming Growth Factor-β Signaling Activated in Human Hypertrophied Prostate Treated by 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor?

Author(s): Hye Kyung Kim | Chen Zhao | Bo Ram Choi | Han Jung Chae | Do Sung Kim | Jong Kwan Park
Electromagnetic Properties of Inner Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Author(s): M. Bouhrara | E. Abou-Hamad | G. Alabedi | I. Al-Taie | Y. Kim | T. Wågberg | C. Goze-Bac
Formation of Dense Pore Structure by Te Addition in Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3: An Approach to Minimize Lattice Thermal Conductivity

Author(s): Syed Waqar Hasan | Hyeona Mun | Sang Il Kim | Jung Young Cho | Jong Wook Roh | Sangsun Yang | Soon-Mok Choi | Kyu Hyoung Lee | Sung Wng Kim
Advanced Sensor Technology and Applications in Industrial Control System

Author(s): Tai-hoon Kim | Ruay-Shiung Chang | Carlos Ramos | Sabah Mohammed
Diagnosis and Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Author(s): Ping-I Hsu | Nayoung Kim | Khean Lee Goh | Deng-Chyang Wu
An Elucidation of Neutrophil Functions against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection

Author(s): Devin Morris | Thien Nguyen | John Kim | Christine Kassissa | Melissa Khurasany | Jennifer Luong | Sarah Kasko | Shalin Pandya | Michael Chu | Po-Ting Chi | Judy Ly | Minette Lagman | Vishwanath Venketaraman
Application of Computational Lower Extremity Model to Investigate Different Muscle Activities and Joint Force Patterns in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients during Walking

Author(s): Kyung Wook Nha | Ariunzaya Dorj | Jun Feng | Jun Ho Shin | Jong In Kim | Jae Ho Kwon | Kyungsoo Kim | Yoon Hyuk Kim
Oncothermia with Chemotherapy in the Patients with Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Doo Yun Lee | Seok Jin Haam | Tae Hoon Kim | Jae Yun Lim | Eun Jung Kim | Na Young Kim
Quercetin Induces Mitochondrial Biogenesis through Activation of HO-1 in HepG2 Cells

Author(s): Nabin Rayamajhi | Seul-Ki Kim | Hiroe Go | Yeonsoo Joe | Zak Callaway | Jae-Gu Kang | Stefan W. Ryter | Hun Taeg Chung
Improvement of Lifetime Using Transition Metal-Incorporated SAPO-34 Catalysts in Conversion of Dimethyl Ether to Light Olefins

Author(s): Hyo-Sub Kim | Su-Gyung Lee | Young-Ho Kim | Dong-Hee Lee | Jin-Bae Lee | Chu-Sik Park
Mass Production of Early-Stage Bone-Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Rat Using Gelatin-Coated Matrix

Author(s): Young Hyun Park | Jung Im Yun | Na Rae Han | Hye Jin Park | Ji Yeon Ahn | Choonghyo Kim | Jung Hoon Choi | Eunsong Lee | Jeong Mook Lim | Seung Tae Lee
Rubi Fructus (Rubus coreanus) Inhibits Differentiation to Adipocytes in 3T3-L1 Cells

Author(s): Mi-Young Jeong | Hye-Lin Kim | Jinbong Park | Hyo-Jin An | Sung-Hoon Kim | Su-Jin Kim | Hong-Seob So | Raekil Park | Jae-Young Um | Seung-Heon Hong
Inhibition of Acute Phase Inflammation by Laminaria japonica through Regulation of iNOS-NF-κB Pathway

Author(s): Seong Kyu Park | Sook Jahr Park | Sang Mi Park | Il Je Cho | Chan Ik Park | Young Woo Kim | Sang Chan Kim
Ethanol Extract of Lepidium apetalum Seed Elicits Contractile Response and Attenuates Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Secretion in Beating Rabbit Atria

Author(s): Seung Ju Kim | Hye Yoom Kim | Yun Jung Lee | Hao Zhen Cui | Ji Yeon Jang | Dae Gill Kang | Ho Sub Lee
Erratum to “Effects of Acupuncture on 1-Chloro-2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene-Induced Atopic Dermatitis”

Author(s): Ji-Yeun Park | Hi-Joon Park | You Yeon Choi | Mi Hye Kim | Seung-Nam Kim | Woong Mo Yang
Effect of a Growing-up Milk Containing Synbiotics on Immune Function and Growth in Children: A Cluster Randomized, Multicenter, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled Study

Author(s): Ninh Nguyen Xuan | Dantong Wang | Dominik Grathwohl | Phuong Nguyen Thi Lan | Hoa Vu Thi Kim | Amélie Goyer | Jalil Benyacoub
O conexionismo hoje

Author(s): Plunkett, Kim
Molecular Identification of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli Isolated from Small-Scale Poultry Slaughterhouse in Lima, Peru

Author(s): Cesar A. Lazaro | Carlos A. Conte-Junior | Miguel A. Vilca | Juan R. Lucas | Daphne D. Ramos | Alberto Manchego | Kim R.L. Chiok | Robson M. Franco
Phenolic Composition, Antioxidant Activity and Anti-Adipogenic Effect of Hot Water Extract from Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Seed

Author(s): Seok-Yeong Yu | Young-Jun Lee | Jong-Dai Kim | Suk-Nam Kang | Seong-Kap Lee | Jung-Young Jang | Hyo-Ku Lee | Jeong-Ho Lim | Ok-Hwan Lee
A Table-Shaped Tactile Sensor for Detecting Triaxial Force on the Basis of Strain Distribution

Author(s): Jeong Il Lee | Min-Gyu Kim | Mitsuhiro Shikida | Kazuo Sato
Development of a Web-Based L-THIA 2012 Direct Runoff and Pollutant Auto-Calibration Module Using a Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Chunhwa Jang | Donghyuk Kum | Younghun Jung | Kyoungsoon Kim | Dong Suk Shin | Bernard A. Engel | Yongchul Shin | Kyoung Jae Lim
Traditional Korean East Asian Medicines and Herbal Formulations for Cognitive Impairment

Author(s): Hemant Kumar | Soo-Yeol Song | Sandeep Vasant More | Seong-Mook Kang | Byung-Wook Kim | In-Su Kim | Dong-Kug Choi
The Effect of Carbon Monoxide Co-Adsorption on Ni-Catalysed Water Dissociation

Author(s): Abas Mohsenzadeh | Anders Borjesson | Jeng-Han Wang | Tobias Richards | Kim Bolton
A Wireless MEMS-Based Inclinometer Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring

Author(s): Dae Woong Ha | Hyo Seon Park | Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim
Fenobam promoted the neuroprotective effect of PEP-1-FK506BP following oxidative stress by increasing its transduction efficiency

Author(s): Eun Hee Ahn | Dae Won Kim | Min Jea Shin | Hyo Sang Jo | Seon Ae Eom | Duk-Soo Kim | Eun Young Park | Jong Hoon Park | Sung-Woo Cho | Jinseu Park | Won Sik Eum | Ora Son | Hyun Sook Hwang | Soo Young Choi
Protein tyrosine phosphatase profiling studies during brown adipogenic differentiation of mouse primary brown preadipocytes

Author(s): Hye-Ryung Choi | Won Kon Kim | Anna Park | Hyeyun Jung | Baek Soo Han | Sang Chul Lee | Kwang-Hee Bae
Protein tyrosine phosphatase controls breast cancer invasion through the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9

Author(s): Bo-Mi Hwang | Hee Suk Chae | Young-Ju Jeong | Young-Rae Lee | Eun-Mi Noh | Hyun Zo Youn | Sung Hoo Jung | Hong-Nu Yu | Eun Yong Chung | Jong-Suk Kim
Role of gangliosides in the differentiation of human mesenchymal-derived stem cells into osteoblasts and neuronal cells

Author(s): Ghislain Moussavou | Dong Hoon Kwak | Malg-Um Lim | Ji-Su Kim | Sun-Uk Kim | Kyu-Tae Chang | Young-Kug Choo
Poly-Cauchy numbers and polynomials with umbral calculus viewpoint

Author(s): Dae San Kim | Taekyun Kim | Sang-Hun Lee
Determination and Comparison of Seed Oil Triacylglycerol Composition of Various Soybeans (Glycine max (L.)) Using 1H-NMR Spectroscopy

Author(s): Won Woo Kim | Ho Sik Rho | Yong Deog Hong | Myung Hun Yeom | Song Seok Shin | Jun Gon Yi | Min-Seuk Lee | Hye Yoon Park | Dong Ha Cho
Development of a Multi Matrix Multi Partner Telehealth Model in pregnancy care in South of Tyne and Wear, UK

Author(s): Paul Marriot | Kim Hinshaw | Rahul Nayar | Catherine Emmerson
The health care burden of high grade chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Korea: analysis of the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service data

Author(s): Kim JH | Rhee CK | Yoo KH | Kim YS | Lee SW | Park YB | Lee JH | Oh YM | Lee SD | Kim Y | Kim KJ | Yoon HK
Daehee numbers and polynomials

Author(s): Dae San Kim | Taekyun Kim
An Accurate Hybrid-Similarity Technique for User-Defined Wafer Fail-Map Pattern Detection

Author(s): Sunho Song | Bongseok Kim | Sunjae Lee | Youngkyun Jeong | Hanjig Cho | Junghee Kim
Design of Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Relative Navigation

Author(s): Je Young Lee | Hee Sung Kim | Kwang Ho Choi | Joonhoo Lim | Sung Jin Kang | Sebum Chun | Hyung Keun Lee
Development of Autonomous Traveling for Agricultural Robot Drive Platform by Using a Single Camera

Author(s): Min Hyuc Ko | Kyoung Chul Kim | Beom Sahng Ryuh | Abhijit Suprem | Nitaigour P Mahalik
In situ calibration of the Gamma Reaction History instrument using reference samples (“pucks”) for areal density measurements

Author(s): Hoffman N.M. | Herrmann H.W. | Kim Y.H. | Hsu H.H. | Horsfield C.J. | Rubery M.S. | Wilson D.C. | W. Stoeffl W. | Young C.S. | Mack J.M. | Miller E.K. | Grafil E. | Evans S.C. | Sedillo T.J. | Glebov V.Yu. | Duffy T.
A note on the new type's higher order q-Bernoulli polynomials

Author(s): H. Y. Lee | W. J. Kim | J. J. Seo | T. K. Kim
Moving Object Tracking and Avoidance Algorithm for Differential Driving AGV Based on Laser Measurement Technology

Author(s): Pandu Sandi Pratama | Sang Kwun Jeong | Soon Sil Park | Sang Bong Kim
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