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The structural characterization of corn stalks hemicelluloses during active oxygen cooking as a pretreatment for biomass conversion

Author(s): Jian-Bin Shi | Qiu-Lin Yang | Lu Lin | Yan Gong | Chun-Sheng Pang | Tu-Jun Xie
Development and Application of Structural Health Monitoring System Based on Piezoelectric Sensors

Author(s): Shi Yan | Jianxin Wu | Wei Sun | Haoyan Ma | Han Yan
Refractive errors progression among pupils in Hetian Road primary school of Shanghai: 1-year followed-up

Author(s): Hui Shi | Yan-Hong Li | Li Li | Chun Zhao | Yan Wu | Wei Zhu | Jun Ba | Jing Yu
3D Periodic Foundation-based Structural Vibration Isolation

Author(s): Z.B. Cheng | Y.Q. Yan | Farn-Yuh Menq | Y.L. Mo | H.J. Xiang | Z.F. Shi | Kenneth H. Stokoe II
Resveratrol Sensitizes Tamoxifen in Antiestrogen-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells with Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Features

Author(s): Xiao-Peng Shi | Shan Miao | Yin Wu | Wei Zhang | Xiao-Fang Zhang | Hua-Zhao Ma | Hai-Li Xin | Juan Feng | Ai-Dong Wen | Yan Li
A Localization Scheme with Dual Mobile Beacons in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Zhenbo Shi | Yi Zhu | Ya`nan Ni | Jia Shi | Shu Yan
Mesenchymal stem cells alleviate TNBS-induced colitis by modulating inflammatory and autoimmune responses

Author(s): Qian-Qian Chen | Li Yan | Chang-Zheng Wang | Wei-Hua Wang | Hui Shi | Bin-Bin Su | Qing-Huan Zeng | Hai-Tao Du | Jun Wan

Author(s): Yan Shi, | Tomoya Yokoyama, | Takuya Akiyama, | Makoto Yashiro, | Yuji Matsumoto

Author(s): Yanhui Huang, | Benhua Fei, | Yan Yu, | Siqun Wang, | Zengqian Shi, | Rongjun Zhao
Genetic Heterogeneity of Breast Cancer Metastasis May Be Related to miR-21 Regulation of TIMP-3 in Translation

Author(s): Jianyi Li | Yang Zhang | Wenhai Zhang | Shi Jia | Rui Tian | Ye Kang | Yan Ma | Dan Li
Monoester-Diterpene Aconitum Alkaloid Metabolism in Human Liver Microsomes: Predominant Role of CYP3A4 and CYP3A5

Author(s): Ling Ye | Xiao-Shan Yang | Lin-lin Lu | Wei-Ying Chen | Shan Zeng | Tong-Meng Yan | Ling-Na Dong | Xiao-Juan Peng | Jian Shi | Zhong-Qiu Liu
Improved Based on "Self-Adaptive Turning Rate" Model Algorithm

Author(s): Xiuling He | Yan Shi | Jiang Yunfang
Modified Palmer Drought Severity Index Based on Distributed Hydrological Simulation

Author(s): Denghua Yan | Xiaoliang Shi | Zhiyong Yang | Ying Li | Kai Zhao | Yong Yuan
Modeling charge polarization voltage for large lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles

Author(s): Yan Jiang | Caiping Zhang | Weige Zhang | Wei Shi | Qiujiang Liu
Proteomic analysis of energy metabolism and signal transduction in irradiated melanoma cells

Author(s): Lu-Bin Yan | Kai Shi | Zhi-Tong Bing | Yi-Lan Sun | Yang Shen
Microperimetery fixation in non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy eyes

Author(s): Xin-Ling Wang | Ming-Yu Shi | Li Feng | Qi-Chang Yan
Enhanced Antidepressant-Like Effects of Electroacupuncture Combined with Citalopram in a Rat Model of Depression

Author(s): Jian Yang | Yu Pei | Yan-Li Pan | Jun Jia | Chen Shi | Yan Yu | Jia-Hui Deng | Bo Li | Xiao-Li Gong | Xuan Wang | Xiao-Min Wang | Xin Ma
De-adaptation change in cardiac function of laborers engaged in physical labor at high altitude after returning to lower altitude

Author(s): En-zhi FENG | Sheng-yue YANG | Zi-qiang YAN | Wei HE | Zhong-xin TIAN | He YIN | Li-fu MA | Zi-fu SHI | Qi-quan ZHOU
Changes in PD-1 and effect thereof on prognosis of patient after argon-helium cryoablation for hepatitis B related-hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Lin ZHOU | Zhen ZENG | Feng SHI | Min-na ZHANG | Yan CHEN | Xiu-juan CHANG | Yin-ying LU | Wen-lin BAI | Jian-hui QU | Chun-ping WANG | Hong WANG | Min LOU | Fu-sheng WANG | Ji-yun LV | Yong-ping YANG
β-Elemene-Attenuated Tumor Angiogenesis by Targeting Notch-1 in Gastric Cancer Stem-Like Cells

Author(s): Bing Yan | Yuqi Zhou | Shouhan Feng | Can Lv | Lijuan Xiu | Yingcheng Zhang | Jun Shi | Yongjin Li | Pinkang Wei | Zhifeng Qin
Interstitial Lung Disease Associated with Lung Cancer Treatment

Author(s): Zhiwei CAO | Shi JIN | Yan YU
Clinical evaluation on the coaxial microincision cataract surgery in hard nuclear cataracts

Author(s): Qing-Cheng Shi | Yan -Wen Zhou | Ling Chu | Yu - Ning Feng
Efficacy of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation versus conventional chemotherapy on anaplastic large-cell lymphoma:a retrospective study of 64 patients from a single center

Author(s): Xiao-Hui He | Bo Li | Shuang-Mei Zou | Mei Dong | Sheng-Yu Zhou | Jian-Liang Yang | Li-Yan Xue | Sheng Yang | Peng Liu | Yan Qin | Chang-Gong Zhang | Xiao-Hong Han | Yuan-Kai Shi
Improved Based on "Self-Adaptive Turning Rate" Model Algorithm

Author(s): Xiuling He | Yan Shi | Jiang Yunfang
The role of immunosuppression of mesenchymal stem cells in tissue repair and tumor growth

Author(s): Han Zhipeng | Jing Yingying | Zhang Shanshan | Liu Yan | Shi Yufang | Wei Lixin
PubChem3D: a new resource for scientists

Author(s): Bolton Evan E | Chen Jie | Kim Sunghwan | Han Lianyi | He Siqian | Shi Wenyao | Simonyan Vahan | Sun Yan | Thiessen Paul A | Wang Jiyao | Yu Bo | Zhang Jian | Bryant Stephen H
Establishment of a new representative model of human ovarian cancer in mice

Author(s): Zhang Jianjun | Chen Xinlian | Shi Gang | Xie Xiaoyan | Liu Hongqian | Zhang Xuemei | Lai Yi | Zuo Yan | Chen Zhong | Liu Shanling | Wang He
Stray dogs as indicators of Toxoplasma gondii distributed in the environment: the first report across an urban-rural gradient in China

Author(s): Yan Chao | Fu Lin-Lin | Yue Cai-Ling | Tang Ren-Xian | Liu Yi-Sheng | Lv Liang | Shi Na | Zeng Ping | Zhang Peng | Wang Dong-Hui | Zhou Dong-Hui | Zhu Xing-Quan | Zheng Kui-Yang
Functional characterization of an arrestin gene on insecticide resistance of Culex pipiens pallens

Author(s): Sun Yan | Zou Ping | Yu Xin-You | Chen Chen | Yu Jing | Shi Lin-Na | Hong Shan-Chao | Zhou Dan | Chang Xue-Lian | Wang Wei-Jie | Shen Bo | Zhang Dong-Hui | Ma Lei | Zhu Chang-Liang
Characterization and genomic analysis of kraft lignin biodegradation by the beta-proteobacterium Cupriavidus basilensis B-8

Author(s): Shi Yan | Chai Liyuan | Tang Chongjian | Yang Zhihui | Zhang Huan | Chen Runhua | Chen Yuehui | Zheng Yu
Relationship Network Analysis of Manufacturing System Limited by Business Lines

Author(s): CHEN Guorong | DENG Juli | SHI Jinliang | YAN Ping
Using Non-Additive Measure for Optimization-Based Nonlinear Classification

Author(s): Nian Yan | Zhengxin Chen | Yong Shi | Zhenyuan Wang | Guimin Huang
Intercostobrachial Nerves as a Novel Anatomic Landmark for Dividing the Axillary Space in Lymph Node Dissection

Author(s): Jianyi Li | Yang Zhang | Wenhai Zhang | Shi Jia | Xi Gu | Yan Ma | Dan Li
Improving the Efficacy of Conventional Therapy by Adding Andrographolide Sulfonate in the Treatment of Severe Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Xiuhui Li | Chi Zhang | Qingsheng Shi | Tong Yang | Qingxiong Zhu | Yimei Tian | Cheng Lu | Zhiying Zhang | Zhongsheng Jiang | Hongying Zhou | Xiaofeng Wen | Huasheng Yang | Xiaorong Ding | Lanchun Liang | Yan Liu | Yongyan Wang | Aiping Lu
cDNA Cloning and Expression of the Bovine Factor in the Germline Alpha (FIGLA) Gene in Oocytes and Ovarian Follicles

Author(s): Kangle Yi | Chunjin Li | Qili Qin | Lu Chen | Yanling Sun | Huahai Chen | Haifeng Yan | Deshun Shi | Xu Zhou
Tissue Distribution and Relative Quantitation of Experimental Infection with Peste Des Petits Ruminant Virus in Goats Using Real-Time PCR (TaqMan®)

Author(s): Xuelian Meng | Yongxi Dou | Junjun Zhai | Xiaoni Shi | Fengchao Yan | Hairui Zhang | Xuenong Luo | Xuepeng Cai
Effects of TiO2 Interlayers on the Optical Switching of VO2 Thin Films Grown by Sol-Gel Process

Author(s): ZHANG Yu-Bo, HUANG Wan-Xia, SONG Lin-Wei, YAN Jia-Zhen, SHI Qi-Wu, ZHANG Yang
In Vivo Cancer Targeting and Imaging-Guided Surgery with Near Infrared-Emitting Quantum Dot Bioconjugates

Author(s): Yan Li, Zhe Li, Xiaohui Wang, Fengjun Liu, Yingsheng Cheng, Bingbo Zhang, Donglu Shi
Bioassay-Guided Isolation of DPP-4 Inhibitory Fractions from Extracts of Submerged Cultured of Inonotus obliquus

Author(s): Yan Geng | Zhen-Ming Lu | Wei Huang | Hong-Yu Xu | Jin-Song Shi | Zheng-Hong Xu
Donor safety and remnant liver volume in living donor liver transplantation

Author(s): Zheng-Rong Shi | Lu-Nan Yan | Cheng-You Du
High mobility group-box 3 overexpression is associated with poor prognosis of resected gastric adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Hua-Rong Tang | Xian-Qin Luo | Gang Xu | Yan Wang | Zhi-Jun Feng | Hui Xu | Ya-Wei Shi | Qin Zhang | Li-Guang Wu | Chun-Quan Xue | Cheng-Wei Wang | Chao-Yang Wu
Entry-Item-Quantity-ABC Analysis-Based Multitype Cigarette Fast Sorting System

Author(s): Ying Zhao | Yan Shi | Hamid Reza Karimi
Evaporation Rate of Water as a Function of a Magnetic Field and Field Gradient

Author(s): Yun-Zhu Guo | Da-Chuan Yin | Hui-Ling Cao | Jian-Yu Shi | Chen-Yan Zhang | Yong-Ming Liu | Huan-Huan Huang | Yue Liu | Yan Wang | Wei-Hong Guo | Ai-Rong Qian | Peng Shang
Energetic Particle Physics Experiments With High Power ECRH on HL-2A

Author(s): Ding X.T. | Chen W. | Yu L.M. | Chen S.Y. | Dong J.Q. | Ji X.Q. | Shi Z.B. | Zhou Y. | Dong Y.B. | Huang X.L. | Xia Z.W. | Song X.Y. | Song X.M. | Zhou J. | Rao J. | Huang M. | Feng B.B. | Huang Y. | Liu Yi. | Yan L.W. | Yang Q.W. | Duan X.R.
Establishment of Orthotopic Xuanwei Lung Cancer SCID Mouse Model 
and Analysis of Biological Properties

Author(s): Yongchun ZHOU | Yan CHEN | Xicai WANG | Xin LIU | Hutao SHI | Qian YAO | Congguo JIN | Zhiping WU | Yunchao HUANG
Chloridobis[2-(1,3-thiazol-4-yl-κN)-1H-benzimidazole-κN3]cobalt(II) chloride dihydrate

Author(s): Zhan-Wang Shi | Yan Qin | Yan-Xia Lin | Wei Wu | Peng Liang
Simvastatin Modulates Remodeling of Kv4.3 Expression in Rat Hypertrophied Cardiomyocytes

Author(s): Feifei Su, Miaoqian Shi, Zhiqiang Yan, Dongbo Ou, Juntang Li, Zifan Lu, Qiangsun Zheng
Study on Phase Transition Property of Tungsten-doped Vanadium Dioxide Thin Film at Terahertz Range

Author(s): MAO Mao, HUANG Wan-Xia, ZHANG Ya-Xin, YAN Jia-Zhen, LUO Yi, SHI Qi-Wu, CAI Jing-Han
Multifocus Image Fusion with PCNN in Shearlet Domain

Author(s): Peng Geng | Xiang Zheng | Zhigang Zhang | Yujing Shi | Shiqiang Yan
Development of 101 Gene-based Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers in Sea Cucumber, Apostichopus japonicus

Author(s): Huixia Du | Zhenmin Bao | Jingjing Yan | Meilin Tian | Xiaoyu Mu | Shi Wang | Wei Lu
Synthesis of Vanadium-mesoporous Hollow Spheres

Author(s): SHI Xiao-Bo, CHEN Yu, KONG Yan, WU Cheng, WANG Jun
Genetic Analysis of Leucine Content in Indica-Japonica Hybrid Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Xiaoming Zhang | Chunhai Shi | Jianguo Wu | Shenghai Ye | Genliang Bao | Wenchao Yan
Aqua[1-(1,10-phenanthrolin-2-yl-κ2N,N′)-1H-pyrazol-3-amine-κN2](sulfato-κO)copper(II) methanol monosolvate dihydrate

Author(s): Liang Yuan | Liu Shu Lian | Chi Yan Hui | Zhao Yan Xia | Shi Jing Min
Tetrandrine Combined with Gemcitabine and Cisplatin for Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Improve Efficacy

Author(s): Wenchao Liu | Cheng Ying | Qianrong Wang | Chen Yan | Yang Jingyue | Yu Zhaocai | Xue Yan | Ju Zhang | Shi Heng-jun | Jiang Lin

Author(s): Yuanzheng Cheng | Fang Yan | Weiwei Shi | Liping Zhang
Immunosuppressive Factor MNSFβ Regulates Cytokine Secretion by Mouse Lymphocytes and Is Involved in Interactions between the Mouse Embryo and Endometrial Cells In Vitro

Author(s): Yaping He | Zhaogui Sun | Yan Shi | Yahong Jiang | Zhefu Jia | Yanbo Du | Lois A. Salamonsen | Zhuoya Li | Jian Wang
Apoptosis of human cholangiocarcinoma cells induced by ESC-3 from Crocodylus siamensis bile

Author(s): Wei Song | Dong-Yan Shen | Jin-He Kang | Shan-Shan Li | Hui-Wang Zhan | Yan Shi | You-Xiong Xiong | Ge Liang | Qing-Xi Chen
Serum IL-18 Is Closely Associated with Renal Tubulointerstitial Injury and Predicts Renal Prognosis in IgA Nephropathy

Author(s): Beili Shi | Zhaohui Ni | Liou Cao | Minjie Zhou | Shan Mou | Qin Wang | Minfang Zhang | Wei Fang | Yucheng Yan | Jiaqi Qian
Controller design for bilinear systems with parametric uncertainties

Author(s): Peng Shi | Shyh-Pyng Shue | Yan Shi | Ramesh K. Agarwal
CpG island methylator phenotype in plasma is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma prognosis

Author(s): Ji-Bin Liu | Yi-Xin Zhang | Shu-Hui Zhou | Min-Xin Shi | Jin Cai | Yan Liu | Ke-Ping Chen | Fu-Lin Qiang
(6R,7R)-3-Hydroxymethyl-7-(2-phenylacetamido)-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acid lactone

Author(s): Xiao-Liang Zhou | Hao Wang | Yan Wang | Pei-Ji Shi
Cloning and Characterization of the ζ-Carotene Desaturase Gene from Chlorella protothecoides CS-41

Author(s): Meiya Li | Zhibing Gan | Yan Cui | Chunlei Shi | Xianming Shi
Enhanced HMGB1 Expression May Contribute to Th17 Cells Activation in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Yan Shi | Siamak Sandoghchian Shotorbani | Zhaoliang Su | Yanfang Liu | Jia Tong | Dong Zheng | Jianguo Chen | Yingzhao Liu | Yan Xu | Zhijun Jiao | Shengjun Wang | Liwei Lu | Xinxiang Huang | Huaxi Xu
Seedling regeneration of Quercus liaotungensis in Liupan Mountains, China

Author(s): YAN Xing-Fu | DU Qian | SHI Chun | ZHOU Li-Biao | ZHANG Kao-Wen
Comparative studies on adaptive strategies of Medicago falcata and M. truncatula to phosphorus deficiency in soil

Author(s): GAO Yan | TIAN Qiu-Ying | SHI Feng-Ling | LI Ling-Hao | ZHANG Wen-Hao
Observations on Copy Number Variations in a Kidney-yang Deficiency Syndrome Family

Author(s): Wei Wei Liu | Yong Xiang Gao | Li Ping Zhou | Azure Duan | Ling Ling Tan | Wan Zhen Li | Min Yan | Hong Ya Yang | Shi Lin Yan | Mi Qu Wang | Wei Jun Ding
Synthesis, Magnetic Anisotropy and Optical Properties of Preferred Oriented Zinc Ferrite Nanowire Arrays

Author(s): Gao Daqiang | Shi Zhenhua | Xu Yan | Zhang Jing | Yang Guijin | Zhang Jinlin | Wang Xinhua | Xue Desheng
NDRG2 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma adhesion, migration and invasion by regulating CD24 expression

Author(s): Zheng Jin | Li Yan | Yang Jiandong | Liu Qiang | Shi Ming | Zhang Rui | Shi Hengjun | Ren Qinyou | Ma Ji | Guo Hang | Tao Yurong | Xue Yan | Jiang Ning | Yao Libo | Liu Wenchao
A novel recombinant pseudorabies virus expressing parvovirus VP2 gene: Immunogenicity and protective efficacy in swine

Author(s): Chen Yang | Guo Wanzhu | Xu Zhiwen | Yan Qigui | Luo Yan | Shi Qian | Chen Dishi | Zhu Ling | Wang Xiaoyu
Isolation and characterization of a novel alphanodavirus

Author(s): Bai Huimin | Wang Yun | Li Xiang | Mao Haitao | Li Yan | Han Shili | Shi Zhengli | Chen Xinwen
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