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Synthesis and Characterization of Oil-Chitosan Composite Spheres

Author(s): Keng-Shiang Huang | Chih-Yu Wang | Chih-Hui Yang | Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Yung-Sheng Lin | Chao-Pin Kung | I-Yin Lin | Yi-Ching Chang | Wei-Jie Weng | Wei-Ting Wang
A College Leader' s Transformational Leadership

Author(s): Yi-Ching HUANG | Lung-Chuan Liao
The association of serum lipids with the histological pattern of rectosigmoid adenoma in Taiwanese adults

Author(s): Sun Zih-Jie | Huang Ying-Hsiang | Wu Jin-Shang | Yang Yi-Ching | Chang Ying-Fang | Lu Feng-Hwa | Chang Chih-Jen
Non-leisure time physical activity is an independent predictor of longevity for a Taiwanese elderly population: an eight-year follow-up study

Author(s): Lin Yu-Pei | Huang Ying-Hsiang | Lu Feng-Hwa | Wu Jin-Shang | Chang Chih-Jen | Yang Yi-Ching
The Correlates of Leisure Time Physical Activity among an Adults Population from Southern Taiwan

Author(s): Chen Yi-Ju | Huang Ying-Hsiang | Lu Feng-Hwa | Wu Jin-Shang | Lin Linda | Chang Chih-Jen | Yang Yi-Ching

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