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Poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(N-vinlypyrrolidone) for improved porcine islet cryopreservation

Author(s): Dong Xie | Sherly Jules | Yiming Weng | Yuan Zhou | Richard A. Sidner | Mark Pescovitz
A Novel Antibacterial Dental Resin Composite

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Voon J. Chong | Leah Howard | Ruijie Huang | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
In-Vitro Cellular Responses of Human Dental Primary Cells to Dental Filling Restoratives

Author(s): Jun Sun | Yiming Weng | Fengyu Song | Dong Xie
Synthesis and evaluation of a novel antibacterial dental resin composite with quaternary ammonium salts

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Xia Guo | Voon Joe Chong | Leah Howard | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
A PQAS-containing glass-ionomer cement for improved antibacterial function

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Xia Guo | Jun Zhao | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
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