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A Comparative Study of CG CryoDerm and AlloDerm in Direct-to-Implant Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Author(s): Jun Ho Lee | Ki Rin Park | Tae Gon Kim | Ju-Ho Ha | Kyu-Jin Chung | Yong-Ha Kim | Soo Jung Lee | Soo Hwan Kang
Nonslip Breast Retractors with Cautery Tip Cleaners

Author(s): Jun Ho Lee | Sung-Eun Kim | Tae Gon Kim | Yong-Ha Kim
Differences in Blood Loss According to Hemostatic Method in the Excision of Giant Neurofibroma

Author(s): Tae-Gon Kim | Il-Kug Kim | Sung-Eun Kim | Yong-Ha Kim | Jun-Ho Lee
An Integrated Korean Biodiversity and Genetic Information Retrieval System

Author(s): Lim Jeongheui | Bhak Jong | Oh Hee-Mock | Kim Chang-Bae | Park Yong-Ha | Paek Woon Kee

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