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Retinal Damage in Multiple Sclerosis Disease Subtypes Measured by High-Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography

Author(s): Timm Oberwahrenbrock | Sven Schippling | Marius Ringelstein | Falko Kaufhold | Hanna Zimmermann | Nazmiye Keser | Kim Lea Young | Jens Harmel | Hans-Peter Hartung | Roland Martin | Friedemann Paul | Orhan Aktas | Alexander U. Brandt
Elevated soluble cellular adhesion molecules are associated with increased mortality in a prospective cohort of renal transplant recipients

Author(s): Connolly Grainne | Cunningham Ronan | McNamee Peter | Young Ian | Maxwell Alexander
Colonyzer: automated quantification of micro-organism growth characteristics on solid agar

Author(s): Lawless Conor | Wilkinson Darren | Young Alexander | Addinall Stephen | Lydall David
Wnt4 is not sufficient to induce lobuloalveolar mammary development

Author(s): Kim Young | Clark Rod | Pelegri Francisco | Alexander Caroline
EQUIP: Implementing chronic care principles and applying formative evaluation methods to improve care for schizophrenia: QUERI Series

Author(s): Brown Alison | Cohen Amy | Chinman Matthew | Kessler Christopher | Young Alexander
Heterogeneity of mammary lesions represent molecular differences

Author(s): Namba Ruria | Maglione Jeannie | Davis Ryan | Baron Colin | Liu Stephenie | Carmack Condie | Young Lawrence | Borowsky Alexander | Cardiff Robert | Gregg Jeffrey
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