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The Role of IL-17 in the Association between Pneumococcal Pneumonia and Allergic Sensitization

Author(s): Hongxia Zhao | Cheol-In Kang | Mark S. Rouse | Robin Patel | Hirohito Kita | Young J. Juhn
A power comparison of generalized additive models and the spatial scan statistic in a case-control setting

Author(s): Young Robin | Weinberg Janice | Vieira VerĂ³nica | Ozonoff Al | Webster Thomas
A multilevel non-hierarchical study of birth weight and socioeconomic status

Author(s): Young Robin | Weinberg Janice | Vieira VerĂ³nica | Aschengrau Ann | Webster Thomas
Bacteriophage: A Model System for Active Learning

Author(s): Carl S. Luciano | Matthew W. Young | Robin R. Patterson
Differences in transcription between free-living and CO2-activated third-stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus

Author(s): Cantacessi Cinzia | Campbell Bronwyn | Young Neil | Jex Aaron | Hall Ross | Presidente Paul | Zawadzki Jodi | Zhong Weiwei | Aleman-Meza Boanerges | Loukas Alex | Sternberg Paul | Gasser Robin
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