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On the phylogeny of Mustelidae subfamilies: analysis of seventeen nuclear non-coding loci and mitochondrial complete genomes

Author(s): Yu Li | Peng Dan | Liu Jiang | Luan Pengtao | Liang Lu | Lee Hang | Lee Muyeong | Ryder Oliver | Zhang Yaping
Ant-Based Reliable Multi-Constrained Anycast Routing for Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jianping Yu | Yaping Lin | Yong Wang
Ant-Based Delay-Sensitive Query Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jianping Yu | Yaping Lin | Yupeng Hu
Association of vitamin D receptor polymorphisms with the risk of prostate cancer in the Han population of Southern China

Author(s): Bai Yongheng | Yu Yaping | Yu Bin | Ge Jianrong | Ji Jingzhang | Lu Hong | Wei Jia | Weng Zhiliang | Tao Zhihua | Lu Jianxin
Functional polymorphism of the NFKB1 gene promoter is related to the risk of dilated cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Zhou Bin | Rao Li | Peng Ying | Wang Yanyun | Li Yi | Gao Linbo | Chen Yu | Xue Hui | Song Yaping | Liao Miao | Zhang Lin

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