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Clonal Selection Algorithm Based Iterative Learning Control with Random Disturbance

Author(s): Qun Gu | Xiao Hong Hao | Xian Jun Du | Wei Tao Xu | Yuanyuan Ju
Enzyme Production and Lignin Degradation by Four Basidiomycetous Fungi in Submerged Fermentation of Peat Containing Medium

Author(s): Yuanyuan Hong | Mehdi Dashtban | Sanfeng Chen | Ruiqing Song | Wensheng Qin
SNP-SNP interactions in breast cancer susceptibility

Author(s): Onay VenĂĽs | Briollais Laurent | Knight Julia | Shi Ellen | Wang Yuanyuan | Wells Sean | Li Hong | Rajendram Isaac | Andrulis Irene | Ozcelik Hilmi

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