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Leptin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ expression in colorectal adenoma

Author(s): Hyung Hun Kim | You Sun Kim | Yun Kyung Kang | Jeong Seop Moon
Holes in Progressively Thinning Arctic Sea Ice Lead to New Ice Algae Habitat

Author(s): Sang Heon Lee | | C. Peter McRoy | Hyoung Min Joo | Rolf Gradinger | Xuehua Cui | Mi Sun Yun | Kyung Ho Chung | Sung-Ho Kang | Chang-Keun Kang | Eun Jung Choy | Seunghyun Son | Eddy Carmack | Terry E. Whitledge
Palliative radiotherapy in patients with a symptomatic pelvic mass of metastatic colorectal cancer

Author(s): Bae Sun Hyun | Park Won | Choi Doo Ho | Nam Heerim | Kang Won Ki | Park Young Suk | Park Joon Oh | Chun Ho Kyung | Lee Woo Yong | Yun Seong Hyeon | Kim Hee Cheol
Diagnosis of gastric epithelial neoplasia: Dilemma for Korean pathologists

Author(s): Joon Mee Kim | Mee-Yon Cho | Jin Hee Sohn | Dae Young Kang | Cheol Keun Park | Woo Ho Kim | So-Young Jin | Kyoung Mee Kim | Hee Kyung Chang | Eunsil Yu | Eun Sun Jung | Mee Soo Chang | Jong Eun Joo | Mee Joo | Youn Wha Kim | Do Youn Park | Yun Kyung Kang | Sun Hoo Park | Hye Seung Han | Young Bae Kim | Ho Sung Park | Yang Seok Chae | Kye Won Kwon | Hee Jin Chang | The Gastrointestinal Pathology Study Group of Korean Society of Pathologists
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