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A Study on the Application of Fuzzy Clustering Analysis in Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Author(s): Yau-Ren Shiau | Ching-Hsing Tsai | Yung-Hsiang Hung | Jui-Huan Wu
The Application of Recurrent Artificial Neural Network in Chiller Energy Analysis Simulation

Author(s): Kuang-Cheng Yu | Yung-Hsiang Hung | Shi-Hung Hsieh | Chih-Yang Chang
Chiller Energy Saving Optimization using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Kuang-Cheng Yu | Yung-Hsiang Hung | Shi-hung Hsieh | Shi-Je Hung
Mucosal patterns of Helicobacter pylori-related gastritis without atrophy in the gastric corpus using standard endoscopy

Author(s): Sheng-Lei Yan, Shwu-Tzy Wu, Chien-Hua Chen, Yeh-Huang Hung, Tsung-Hsun Yang, Vun-Siew Pang, Yung-Hsiang Yeh
Optimization of Fuzzy Controller of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Author(s): Kuang-Cheng Yu | Shou-Ping Hsu | Yung-Hsiang Hung
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