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A rare cause of intraabdominal tumors: An analysis of 21 patients with mesenteric cyst

Author(s): Akın Önder | Murat Kapan | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu | Mehmet Hanifi Okur | Hakan Önder | İlhan Taş
An uncommon cause of acute abdomen: Isolated small bowel obstruction due to gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Author(s): Murat Okudan | Fatih Taşkesen | Tufan Egeli | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Abdullah Böyük | Akın Önder
Splenectomy in patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura: Analysis of 109 cases

Author(s): Akın Önder | Murat Kapan | Mesut Gül | İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Fatih Taşkesen | İlhan Taş | Enver Ay | Sadullah Girgin
Amyand’s hernia: Case report

Author(s): Fatih Taşkesen | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Murat Okudan | Tufan Egeli | Taner Çiftci
Outcomes of surgical treatment in women with anal incontinence secondary to trauma of delivery

Author(s): Akın Önder | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Murat Kapan | Fatih Taşkesen | Abdullah Böyük | Celalettin Keleş
A rare cause of dysphagia: Non aneurysmatıc dysphagia aortica

Author(s): Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Murat Başbuğ | Fatih Meteroğlu | Celal Yavuz
Formation and clinical importance of postoperative peritoneal adhesions

Author(s): Murat Başbuğ | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu
Anterior chest wall musculoskeletal tuberculosis

Author(s): Akın Önder | Murat Kapan | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu | Alicem Tekin | Ayşe Nur Keleş
Toxic reaction related to high dose lidocaine secondary to intravenous regional anesthesia

Author(s): Orhan Tokgöz | S.Gökhan Beyaz | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu
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