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Explanation of Security Factors that Affect Upon Investors Tend to Migaration

Author(s): Kamal koohi | Mohammad Bagher Beheshti | Davood Doagoyan | Shamsi MohammadneJad
Excavation method in Goushfill mine

Author(s): Masoud Cheraghi Seifabad | Saeed Beheshti
A Reconfigurable Hybrid Architecture for HomePNA3.1/ Ethernet MAC

Author(s): Mohammad Khalily Dermany | Hamid Payegozar | Seyed Ahmad Beheshti | Mohammad Ahmadi
A novel modeling approach for job shop scheduling problem under uncertainty

Author(s): Behnam Beheshti Pur | Siamak Noori | Reza Hosnavi Atashgah
Educational Perspective Based on the Epistemological Foundations of Sadra-ee Philosophy

Author(s): Alireza Shavakhi | Bakhtiar Nasrabadi Hasan Ali | Mirshah Ja’fari Sayeid Ebrahim | Beheshti Sa’eed | Shahnazari Ja’far
Effect of minocycline on amygdala kindling acquisition in rats

Author(s): Seyed Mehdi Beheshti Nasr | Ali Moghimi | Mohammad Mohammad-Zadeh
Resistance to Citrus Canker in Key/Mexican Lime Induced by β-Aminobutyric Acid and Green Tea

Author(s): B. Beheshti | G. R. Sharifi-Sirchi | M. Mansouri | A. Hosseinipour | N. L. Schlaich
Effect of Onion (Allium cepa. Linn) Aqueous Extract on Serum Concentration of LH, FSH and Testosterone Compared with Zinc Sulfate Supplementation in the Rats

Author(s): Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi | Ahmad Asghari | Rahim Beheshti | Mohammadreza Valilu | Abdolreaz Yeghaneh
Experimental Study on Eggplant Drying by an Indirect Solar Dryer and Open Sun Drying

Author(s): Alireza Azimi | Touraj Tavakoli | Hamid Khademhosseini Beheshti | Amir Rahimi
The Effects of Drug Subsidies Exclusion on Price Index of Sectors and Household`s Expenditures; Using Structural Path Analysis

Author(s): Y Andayesh | Kh Keshavarz | M Zahiri | I Mirian | A Beheshti | A Imani | B Najafi | B Aghaie
Antifungal susceptibility of Candida species isolated from candidura

Author(s): Majid Zarrin | Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi | Maryam Beheshti Fard
A survey on different challenges confronting auditing system

Author(s): Hossein Mohammad Pour Zarandi | Mojgan Moharrami | Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Beheshti | Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei Mozdabadi
Resistance to Citrus Canker in Key/Mexican Lime Induced by β-Aminobutyric Acid and Green Tea

Author(s): B. Beheshti | G. R. Sharifi-Sirchi | M. Mansouri | A. Hosseinipour | N. L. Schlaich
The Effect of Captopril on Impaired Wound Healing in Experimental Diabetes

Author(s): Ehsan Zandifar | Sajedeh Sohrabi Beheshti | Alireza Zandifar | Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard
Effect of surface treatment with CO2 laser on primary bond strength between camposite resin and zirconia

Author(s): Mohammad Atefat | Maryam Beheshti | Zahra Khamverdi | Shahin Kasraei

MAC Sub-Layer Analysis with Channel Estimation in Broadband Power Line Communication

Author(s): Mohammad Khaled Andari | Seyed Ali Asghar Beheshti
Sensor Placement to Improve the Positioning Performance Based on Angle of Arrival (AOA)

Author(s): Behzad Omidali | S. S.Ali-Asghar Beheshti Shirazi
Information Resource Planning and Management: An Interactive Model

Author(s): Jianchao Han | Hosung Kim | Deepak Murthy | Mohsen Beheshti | Kazimierz Kowalski
Effects of Chewing Different Flavored Gums on Salivary Flow Rate and pH

Author(s): Maryam Karami Nogourani | Mohsen Janghorbani | Raha Kowsari Isfahan | Mozhgan Hosseini Beheshti
Radicular Cyst Associated With a Primary First Molar: A Case Report

Author(s): L. Toomarian | M. Moshref | M. Mirkarimi | A. Lotfi | M. Beheshti
Temporomandibular Disorders and Parafunctional Habits in Children and Adolescence: A Review

Author(s): B. Seraj | R. Ahmadi | M. Mirkarimi | S. Ghadimi | M. Beheshti
Noiseless Codelength in Wavelet Denoising

Author(s): Beheshti Soosan | Fakhrzadeh Azadeh | Krishnan Sridhar
Robust Stabilization of Fractional-Order Systems with Interval Uncertainties via Fractional-Order Controllers

Author(s): Sayyad Delshad Saleh | Asheghan MohammadMostafa | Hamidi Beheshti Mohammadtaghi
The preventive effects of posterior pericardiotomy on atrial fibrillation after elective coronary artery bypass grafting

Author(s): Bolourian AA | Beheshti Monfared M | Gachkar L | Ghomeisi M | Shahzamani M | Foroughi M | Kazem Arabnia M | Ghods K | Dabbagh A
The effect of task oriented training on upper extremity function in children with spastic diplegia (8-12 years old)

Author(s): Hossein Bagheri | Mehdi Abdolvahab | Leila Dehghan | Mahmood Jalili | Zeynab Beheshti
Factors affecting pressure ulcer in the ICU units of Tehran University of Medical Sciences teaching hospitals

Author(s): Akbari Sari A | Z Beheshti Zavare | M Arab | A Rashidian | B Golestan
F-18 Fluor Choline PET/CT vs F-18 Fluoride PET/CT in the detection of bone metastases in patients with prostate cancer

Author(s): M. Beheshti | F. Fitz | S. Haim | M. Nader | S. Poecher | N. Jordanova | F. Stoiber | W. Loidl | W. Langsteger
Assessment of medullary thyroid carcinoma with F-18 DOPA PET/CT in comparison to F-18 FDG PET/CT

Author(s): M. Beheshti | S. Poecher | S. Haim | N. Jordanova | B. Gruy | M. Nader | F. Fitz | W. Langsteger
Tracers beyond FCH in prostate cancer

Author(s): Mohsen Beheshti
Effect of Different Levels of Zinc Oxide Supplement on Mucosal Lucin Aminopeptidase Enzyme Activity in Small Intestine of Male Broiler Chicks

Author(s): Jamshid Ghiasi Ghalehkandi | Habib Karamouz | Hossein Zadeh Adam Nazhad | Naser Maheri Sis | Rahim Beheshti
The Determination of Bio-kinetic Coefficients of Crude Oil Biodegradation Using Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria

Author(s): A.R. Talaie Khozani | N Jafarzadeh Haghighi fard | M.R Talaie Khozani | M. Beheshti
Genital Prolaps Fixation in Buffalo

Author(s): Rahim Beheshti | Kambiz Valiei | Muhammad-Reza Valilu | Jamshid Giasi Ghalekandi
Correlation of Chemiluminescence and Electrochemiluminescence Methods for Determination of Serum Free Triiodothyronine Level in Cow

Author(s): Behrad Eshratkhah | Mehrdad Mostafaei Bigham | Alireza Mirzaei | Rahim Beheshti
Resistance to Citrus Canker in Key/Mexican Lime Induced by β-Aminobutyric Acid and Green Tea

Author(s): B. Beheshti | G. R. Sharifi-Sirchi | M. Mansouri | A. Hosseinipour | N. L. Schlaich
On Output Feedback Multiobjective Control for Singularly Perturbed Systems

Author(s): Mehdi Ghasem Moghadam | Mohammad Taghi Hamidi Beheshti
Hepatitis B virus genotypes in southwest Iran: Molecular, serological and clinical outcomes

Author(s): Anahita Mojiri, Abbas Behzad-Behbahani, Mehdei Saberifirozi, Maryam Ardabili, Mahmood Beheshti, Marjan Rahsaz, Mehrdad Banihashemi, Negar Azarpira, Bita Geramizadeh, Baharak Khadang, Afsaneh Moaddeb, Mojgan Ghaedi, Tahereh Heidari, Ardeshir Torab, Alireza Salah, Saeid Amirzadeh, Zahra Jowkar, Davood Mehrabani, Samad Amini-Bavil-Olyaee, Mohammad Ali Dehyadegari
A Review of Emotional Learning And It’s Utilization in Control Engineering

Author(s): Zahra Beheshti | Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim
Congestion Control of TCP-Westwood Using AQM-PI Controller

Author(s): Amirhossein Abolmasoumi | Saleh Sayyad Delshad | Mohammadtaghi Hamidi Beheshti
Swelling of Face

Author(s): S Beheshti | S Rezaian
Apple Fruits Recognition Under Natural Luminance Using Machine Vision

Author(s): Mohammad Bagher Lak | S. Minaei; J. Amiriparian and B. Beheshti
Cryptanalysis of an Elliptic Curve-based Signcryption Scheme

Author(s): Mohsen Toorani | Ali Asghar Beheshti Shirazi
Improving Security Through Analysis of Log Files Intersections

Author(s): Kazimierz Kowalski | Mohsen Beheshti
Implementation of Directly Observed Short Course Therapy for Tuberculosis

Author(s): G.R. Irajian | M. Nassaji | R. Ranjbar | A. Beheshti | R. Ghorbani | S. Salmanzadeh-Ahrabi | S. Ramazanzadeh | E. Moshiri | A. Karami | M.J. Hosseini | N. Bazzaz | N. Jonaidi Jafari | M. Izadi
Internet Banking Service Adoption: Private Bank Versus Governmental Bank

Author(s): Arezou Pour Mirza | Asa Wallstrom | Mohammad T. Hamidi Beheshti | Omid Pour Mirza
Adoption of Internet Banking by Iranian Consumers: An Empirical Investigation

Author(s): Arezou Pour Mirza | Mohammad T. Hamidi Beheshti | Asa Wallstrom | Omid Pour Mirza
An Elliptic Curve-Based Signcryption Scheme with Forward Secrecy

Author(s): Mohsen Toorani | Ali Asghar Beheshti Shirazi
Efficient Feature Extraction for Shape-Based Image Retrieval

Author(s): Mehdi Chehel Amirani | Zahra Sadeghi Gol | Ali Asghar Beheshti Shirazi
Component-based Software Design and Implementation for Network Security System

Author(s): Jianchao Han | Mohsen Beheshti | Kazimierz Kowalski | Johnly Tomelden | Joel Ortiz
Robust Stabilization of Fractional-Order Systems with Interval Uncertainties via Fractional-Order Controllers

Author(s): Saleh Sayyad Delshad | Mohammad Mostafa Asheghan | Mohammadtaghi Hamidi Beheshti
Optimization of floating crude oil biodegradation by isolated microorganisms via experimental design method

Author(s): Amir Reza Talaie | Nematollah Jafaarzahe | Mohammad Reza Talaie | Masoud Beheshti
Noiseless Codelength in Wavelet Denoising

Author(s): Soosan Beheshti | Azadeh Fakhrzadeh | Sridhar Krishnan
Epidemiology of Pemphigus in Tehran, Iran: A 20-Year Retrospective Study

Author(s): Hamid Reza Abdolsamadi | Shermin Abdollahzadeh | Pejman Bakianian Vaziri | Akram Beheshti | Elnaz Shafigh | Mohammad Vahedi
Optimization of Maltodextrin Production Using Alpha Amylase Termamyl 2-x

Author(s): A. Sadeghi | F. Shahidi | S.A. Mortazavi | M. N. Mahalati | S.H.R. Beheshti
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