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A Simple Spatial Working Memory and Attention Test on Paired Symbols Shows Developmental Deficits in Schizophrenia Patients

Author(s): Wei Song | Kai Zhang | Jinhua Sun | Lina Ma | Forrest Fabian Jesse | Xiaochun Teng | Ying Zhou | Hechen Bao | Shiqing Chen | Shuai Wang | Beimeng Yang | Xixia Chu | Wenhua Ding | Yasong Du | Zaohuo Cheng | Bin Wu | Shanguang Chen | Guang He | Lin He | Xiaoping Chen | Weidong Li
Assembly of Oriented Ultrafine Polymer Fibers by Centrifugal Electrospinning

Author(s): Shu-Liang Liu | Yun-Ze Long | Zhi-Hua Zhang | Hong-Di Zhang | Bin Sun | Jun-Cheng Zhang | Wen-Peng Han
A Cross-Layer Design Combining of AMC with HARQ for DSRC Systems

Author(s): Gao Yuan Zhang | Li Min Sun | Hong Wen | Bin Wu | Xiping Zhu | Liang Zhou
Facile Preparation, Characterization, and Highly Effective Microwave Absorption Performance of CNTs/Fe3O4/PANI Nanocomposites

Author(s): Deqing Zhang | Xiuying Yang | Junye Cheng | Mingming Lu | Bin Zhao | Maosheng Cao
Correlation of Abdominal Fat Distribution with Different Types of Diabetes in a Chinese Population

Author(s): Anhui Zhu | Bin Cui | Haodan Dang | Dan Yao | Haitao Yu | Hongmin Jia | Zhijun Hu | Xiaojin Zhang
The Evolutionary Pattern and the Regulation of Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase Genes

Author(s): Xiaoyun Wu | Xiaoju Zou | Qing Chang | Yuru Zhang | Yunhai Li | Linqiang Zhang | Jingfei Huang | Bin Liang
Helminth Protein Vaccine Induced Follicular T Helper Cell for Enhancement of Humoral Immunity against Schistosoma japonicum

Author(s): Jingyao Zhang | Wenjuan Gao | Qirui Guo | Bobo Huang | Bin Wang | Guoliang Xia | Youmin Kang
Protective Effects of HBSP on Ischemia Reperfusion and Cyclosporine A Induced Renal Injury

Author(s): Yuanyuan Wu | Junlin Zhang | Feng Liu | Cheng Yang | Yufang Zhang | Aifen Liu | Lan Shi | Yajun Wu | Tongyu Zhu | Michael L. Nicholson | Yaping Fan | Bin Yang
Role of ABCG2 expression driven by cisplatin in platinum-containing chemotherapy for gastric cancer

Author(s): Qiang Zhang | Kun Li | Jian-Hua Xu | Cheng-Gen Zhao | Qi Gao | Bin Wu | Xiao-Yan Liu
Emergy Evaluation of the Urban Solid Waste Handling in Liaoning Province, China

Author(s): Gengyuan Liu | Zhifeng Yang | Bin Chen | Yan Zhang | Meirong Su | Lixiao Zhang
A Spinning Reserve Allocation Method for Power Generation Dispatch Accommodating Large-Scale Wind Power Integration

Author(s): Jianhua Chen | Wenchuan Wu | Boming Zhang | Bin Wang | Qinglai Guo
Midterm outcome of stapled transanal rectal resection for obstructed defecation syndrome: A single-institution experience in China

Author(s): Bin Zhang | Jian-Hua Ding | Yu-Juan Zhao | Meng Zhang | Shu-Hui Yin | Ying-Ying Feng | Ke Zhao
Study of TNF-α, IL-1β and LPS Levels in the Gingival Crevicular Fluid of a Rat Model of Diabetes Mellitus and Periodontitis

Author(s): Zhu-Ling Jiang | Yu-Qiong Cui | Rui Gao | Ying Li | Zhao-Chen Fu | Bin Zhang | Cheng-Chao Guan
Upregulated MicroRNA-155 Expression in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Li Long | Ping Yu | Yanying Liu | Shiyao Wang | Ru Li | Jinxia Shi | Xiaoping Zhang | Yanmei Li | Xiaolin Sun | Bin Zhou | Liufu Cui | Zhanguo Li
Aberrant TGF-β1 signaling contributes to the development of primary biliary cirrhosis in murine model

Author(s): Bin Liu | Xuan Zhang | Feng-Chun Zhang | Jin-Bao Zong | Wen Zhang | Yan Zhao
The down-regulation of GNAO1 and its promoting role in hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Xiaoyu Pei | Jun Zhang | Lijun Wu | Bin Lü | Xiaojiao Zhang | Dongqin Yang | Jie Liu
Salen-Cu(II) Complex Catalyzed N-Arylation of Imidazoles under Mild Conditions

Author(s): Yan Liu | Qin Zhang | Xiaowei Ma | Ping Liu | Jianwei Xie | Bin Dai | Zhiyong Liu
The Design of the Parallel Switching Power Supply System

Author(s): Bin Zhang | Hong Li | Xia Lei
Effect of Boron-Doped Diamond Interlayer on Cutting Performance of Diamond Coated Micro Drills for Graphite Machining

Author(s): Xuelin Lei | Liang Wang | Bin Shen | Fanghong Sun | Zhiming Zhang
The effect of lentinan on the gene expression of major ion channels in T lymphocytes isolated from mice exposed to chronic radiation

Author(s): Fu Qing-Jie | Wang Yong | Liu Ying-Hua | Lin Ping-Ping | Wang Pei-Pei | Liu Jiao | Zhang Bin | Li Ming-Chun
Regulation mechanism of rosiglitazone on the oligopeptide transporter (PepT1) in septic rats after cecal ligation and puncture

Author(s): Li-ping LIU | Hong GUO | Chao YIN | Lei ZHANG | Qi-liang HOU | Bin ZHANG | Jian LIU | Bin LI
Effects of Moxibustion Temperature on Blood Cholesterol Level in a Mice Model of Acute Hyperlipidemia: Role of TRPV1

Author(s): Gui-Ying Wang | Ling-Ling Wang | Bin Xu | Jian-Bin Zhang | Jin-Feng Jiang
A Simple and Green Protocol for 2H-Indazolo[2,1-b]phthalazine-triones Using Grinding Method

Author(s): Xiao-chuan Jia | Jing Li | Yu Ding | Bin Zhang | Na Wang | Yu-hu Wang
Research on bottom detection in Intelligent Empty Bottle Inspection System

Author(s): Bin Huang | Sile Ma | Yufeng Lv | Hualong Zhang | Chunming Liu | Huajie Wang
Stiffness, Workspace Analysis and Optimization for 3UPU Parallel Robot Mechanism

Author(s): Cui Guohua | Wei Bin | Wang Nan | Zhang Yanwei
3D reconstruction of patient-specific femurs using Coherent Point Drift

Author(s): Bin Zhang | Jinwei Sun | Zhiyong Chi | Shaobin Sun
Research of VC Based Simulation Test System for Automotive ABS

Author(s): Zhang Wei | Guo Xuexun | Wang Bin
A Ground Experiment System of a Free-Floating Robot for Fine Manipulation

Author(s): Houde Liu | Bin Liang | Wenfu Xu | Zhang Di | Xueqian Wang
Bilateral Teleoperation in Cartesian Space with Time-Varying Delay

Author(s): Zhang Chen | Bin Liang | Tao Zhang | Xueqian Wang
A Ground-Based Validation System of Teleoperation for a Space Robot

Author(s): Xueqian Wang | Houde Liu | Wenfu Xu | Bin Liang | Yingchun Zhang
Photocatalytic and Magnetic Behaviors Observed in BiFeO3 Nanofibers by Electrospinning

Author(s): Xuehui Zhang | Haiyang Liu | Bin Zheng | Yuanhua Lin | Deping Liu | Ce-Wen Nan
Clinical observation of flap-free LASEK combined mitomycin C and LASEK on the treatment of moderate and low myopia

Author(s): Shi-Ning Qiao | Bin Zhang | Gui-Ling Liang | Shu-E Qu | Jun-Yong Zhang
Utility-Based Node Cooperation Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Xiaohui Lin | Junling Zhang | Can Hu | Yide Huang | Bin Chen | Ning Xie | Hui Wang
Development of a four-channel cardiovascular signals collector based on STM32 with digital-controlled gain

Author(s): Longcong Chen | Ruiying Zhang | Gaiqin Liu | Bin Gao | Guohu Hu
Expression and significance of SOCS3 in liver tissue of rats with severe acute pancreatitis complicated by liver injury

Author(s): Bin WANG | Xiao-hua ZHANG | Miao-fan YANG | Xiao-wei WU | Xiao-bing XU | Mei-xia GUO | Min-li LI
Hemodynamic and metabolic changes as a result of application of different degrees of non-pneumatic intra-abdominal compression in rats

Author(s): Bin LIANG | Xiao-qiang HUANG | Zhi-qiang HUANG | Ming-yi CHEN | Yan-bin WANG | Ai-qun ZHANG | Jia-hong DONG
Distribution characteristics of liquid sequestration in rats with sepsis

Author(s): Bin LI | Guo-guang MA | Jing-quan LIU | Zhi-Gang ZHANG
Hemodynamic features and recurrence risk analysis of subtotally embolized ophthalmic aneurysms

Author(s): Chuan-hui LI | Xin-jian YANG | Bin LUO | Hai-yun LI | Jia-liang CHEN | Ying ZHANG | Yi-sen ZHANG
Changes and significance of SIRT3 expression in cellular senescence induced by high glucose

Author(s): Bin ZHANG | Bo FU | Xiang-mei CHEN | Guang-yan CAI | Shao-yuan CUI | Xue-yuan BAI | Li ZHUO | Quan HONG
Clinical characteristics of 41 patients with intractable asthma

Author(s): Li BAI | Xu-sheng ZHANG | Bin WANG | Xiao-ming CHENG | Qiao ZHANG | Hua-ping CHEN | Qian-li MA | Li-guang ZOU | Chang-zheng WANG
Clinical experience in treatment of five H1N1 flu patients with respiratory failure with high-frequency oscillatory mechanical ventilation

Author(s): Zhi-gang ZHANG | Bin SHI | Bin LI | Li-ping LIU | Hong GUO | Chao YIN | Qi-liang HOU
Subtemporal transtentorial approach for excision of tumors in mid-superior petroclival region: a report of 43 cases

Author(s): Xue-min XING | Jian-wen GU | Bin KONG | Yong-qin KUANG | Wei-qi HE | Jing-min CHENG | Tao YANG | Lin CHENG | Hai-dong HUANG | Wen-tao YANG | Xun XIA | Yuan MA | Kai ZHAO | Xiu-zhong ZHANG | Long LIN | Fan-jun ZENG
Microsurgical treatment of medial sphenoid ridge meningioma

Author(s): Wei-qi HE | Jian-wen GU | Bin KONG | Yong-qin KUANG | Xue-min XING | Jing-min CHENG | Hai-dong HUANG | Wen-tao YANG | Lin CHENG | Tao YANG | Xun XIA | Yuan MA | Kai ZHAO | Xiu-zhong ZHANG | Long LIN
Distribution of pathogenic bacteria in 34 critical influenza A(H1N1) patients complicating bacteria infection

Author(s): Li-ping LIU | Bin SHI | Bin LI | Hong GUO | Chao YIN | Bin ZHANG
Reproduction of a model of lung injury induced by depleted uranium inhalation in canine

Author(s): Bin ZHANG | Yun-you DUAN | Wen-bo HE | Hua-song FENG | Hao-yong NING | Ju-yi WEN | Zhi-hua YANG | Xiu-jie PAN | Zhen-shan CAO | Mao-xiang ZHU | Qin-zhi XU | Ping-kun ZHOU | Xin-min DING
An Update on Antitumor Activity of Naturally Occurring Chalcones

Author(s): En-Hui Zhang | Ru-Feng Wang | Shu-Zhen Guo | Bin Liu
Lock-In Amplifier Technology in Laser Gyroscope North Finder of Constant Rate Biasing

Author(s): Bin Wang | Wei Zhang | Zhanqing Wang | Peihao Zhu
Microsurgical management of posterior circulation aneurysms

Author(s): SHI Xiang-en | ZHANG Yong-li | WU Bin | ZHOU Zhong-qing | SUN Yu-ming | LIU Fang-jun | QIAN Hai | FAN Tao | LI Zhi-qiang
Advance in etiology of age-related macular degeneration

Author(s): Jun-Ru Pan | Qi-Lin Yu | Shu Zhang | Bin Li | Jun Hu
Experimental evidences of topological surface states of β-Ag2Te

Author(s): Azat Sulaev | Peng Ren | Bin Xia | Qing Hua Lin | Ting Yu | Caiyu Qiu | Shuang-Yuan Zhang | Ming-Yong Han | Zhi Peng Li | Wei Guang Zhu | Qingyu Wu | Yuan Ping Feng | Lei Shen | Shun-Qing Shen | Lan Wang
Biogas Yield Potential Research of the Wastes from Banana Manufacturing Process under Mesophilic Anaerobic Fermentation

Author(s): Zhang Zhengyun | Xu Rui | Duan Huanyun | Wang Qiuxia | Yang Bin | Han Jiahong | Yuan Yage | Wang Fuxian
Growth of Hexagonal Columnar Nanograin Structured SiC Thin Films on Silicon Substrates with Graphene–Graphitic Carbon Nanoflakes Templates from Solid Carbon Sources

Author(s): Xingfang Liu | Guosheng Sun | Bin Liu | Guoguo Yan | Min Guan | Yang Zhang | Feng Zhang | Yu Chen | Lin Dong | Liu Zheng | Shengbei Liu | Lixin Tian | Lei Wang | Wanshun Zhao | Yiping Zeng
Specific siRNA Targeting Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) Decreases Proliferation in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Author(s): AL-Madhagi Radia | AL-Madhagi Yaser | Xiaoqian Ma | Juan Zhang | Cejun Yang | Qiong Dong | Pengfei Rong | Bin Ye | Sheng Liu | Wei Wang
A New Method for Forest Volume Measurement with an Electronic Angle Gauge

Author(s): Bin Dong | Liping Liu | Li Sun | Changqin Zhang | Yuan Hong | Guoying Qian
Effects of Different Culture Conditions to Middle-season Rice “Feng-liang-you-xiang-1”

Author(s): Zhi-hua Yuan | Yan-xia Zhang | Peng-fei Li | Wen-jing He | Ming-zhu Jin | Huan Liu | Bin Du | Wen-jie Zhu
Effects of soybean isoflavones on reproductive parameters in Chinese mini-pig boars

Author(s): Yuan Xiao-xue | Zhang Bin | Li Li-li | Xiao Chao-wu | Fan Jue-xin | Geng Mei-mei | Yin Yu-long
Increased serum kallistatin levels in type 1 diabetes patients with vascular complications

Author(s): Jenkins Alicia J | McBride Jeffrey D | Januszewski Andrzej S | Karschimkus Connie S | Zhang Bin | O'Neal David N | Nelson Craig L | Chung Jasmine S | Harper C | Lyons Timothy J | Ma Jian-Xing
Overexpression of DNA damage-induced 45 α gene contributes to esophageal squamous cell cancer by promoter hypomethylation

Author(s): Wang Bao xiang | Yin Bang Liang | He Bin | Chen Chen | Zhao Ming | Zhang Wei xing | Xia Zhen Kun | Pan Yi zhi | Tang Jing qun | Zhou Xin min | Yin Ni
Wnt proteins regulate acetylcholine receptor clustering in muscle cells

Author(s): Zhang Bin | Liang Chuan | Bates Ryan | Yin Yiming | Xiong Wen-Cheng | Mei Lin
Hemicelluloses negatively affect lignocellulose crystallinity for high biomass digestibility under NaOH and H2SO4 pretreatments in Miscanthus

Author(s): Xu Ning | Zhang Wei | Ren Shuangfeng | Liu Fei | Zhao Chunqiao | Liao Haofeng | Xu Zhengdan | Huang Jiangfeng | Li Qing | Tu Yuanyuan | Yu Bin | Wang Yanting | Jiang Jianxiong | Qin Jingping | Peng Liangcai
3D reconstruction of patient-specific femurs using Coherent Point Drift

Author(s): Bin Zhang | Jinwei Sun | Zhiyong Chi | Shaobin Sun
Plaintext Related Two-level Secret Key Image Encryption Scheme

Author(s): Yong Zhang | Jiali Xia | Peng Cai | Bin Chen
Infinite Horizon LQ Zero-Sum Stochastic Differential Games with Markovian Jumps

Author(s): Huai-Nian Zhu | Cheng-Ke Zhang | Ning Bin
Gene Gun Bombardment with DNA-Coated Golden Particles Enhanced the Protective Effect of a DNA Vaccine Based on Thioredoxin Glutathione Reductase of Schistosoma japonicum

Author(s): Yan Cao | Bin Zhao | Yanhui Han | Juan Zhang | Xuezhen Li | Chunhui Qiu | Xiujuan Wu | Yang Hong | Dezhou Ai | Jiaojiao Lin | Zhiqiang Fu
Validating a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model with Remotely Sensed Vegetation Index

Author(s): Jiaxin Jin | Xiuying Zhang | Bin Zhou | Xiaodong Ding
Advances in Fabrication Materials of Honeycomb Structure Films by the Breath-Figure Method

Author(s): Liping Heng | Bin Wang | Muchen Li | Yuqi Zhang | Lei Jiang
Retrospective study of steroid therapy for patients with autoimmune pancreatitis in a Chinese population

Author(s): Bin Liu | Jing Li | Lu-Nan Yan | Hao-Ran Sun | Tong Liu | Zhi-Xiang Zhang
Cavernous Angiomas of The Third Ventricle: A Series of Eight Patients and Review of The Literature

Author(s): Shi-Ting LI | Wen-Zhong HU | Ryan KOCHANSKI | Wen-Chuan ZHANG | Bang-Bao TAO | Hai-Tao LU | Bin LI | Xiao-Qiang WANG
Clustering Intrusion Detection Model Based on Grey Fuzzy K mean Clustering

Author(s): XU Yan-qun | ZHANG Bin | QIN Xiao-tie
Hollow-Bone-Graft Dynamic Hip Screw Can Fix and Promote Bone Union after Femoral Neck Fracture: an Experimental Research

Author(s): Jia-zuo SHEN, Jian-fei YAO, Da-sheng LIN, Ke-jian LIAN, Zhen-qi DING, Bin LIN, Zhi-min GUO, Ming-hua ZHANG, Qiang LI, Lin LI, Peng QI
Cell Budding from Normal Appearing Epithelia: A Predictor of Colorectal Cancer Metastasis?

Author(s): Bin Jiang, Jeffrey Mason, Anahid Jewett, Jun Qian, Yijiang Ding, William CS Cho, Xichen Zhang, Yan-gao Man
Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Behaviours of Rural Areas at Provincial Level Using Public Data of Gross Domestic Product

Author(s): Yi Chen | Guangfeng Zhang | Yiyang Li | Yi Ding | Bin Zheng | Qiang Miao
Treatment of Common Cold Patients with the Shi-Cha Capsule: A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Dose-Escalation Trial

Author(s): Jing Chang | Shou-Jin Dong | Bin She | Rui-Ming Zhang | Mao-Bin Meng | Yan-Ling Xu | Li-Ling Wan | Ke-Hua Shi | Jun-Hun Pan | Bing Mao
Itopride therapy for functional dyspepsia: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Xuan Huang | Bin Lv | Shuo Zhang | Yi-Hong Fan | Li-Na Meng
Hyperpolarization activated cation current (If) in cardiac myocytes from pul¬monary vein sleeves in the canine with atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Jia-Yue Li | Hong-Juan Wang | Bin Xu | Xue-Ping Wang | Yi-Cheng Fu | Mei-Yan Chen | De-Xian Zhang | Yan Liu | Qiao Xue | Yang Li
Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Behaviours of Rural Areas at Provincial Level Using Public Data of Gross Domestic Product 

Author(s): Yi Chen | Guangfeng Zhang | Yiyang Li | Yi Ding | Bin Zheng | Qiang Miao
Urban Ecosystem Health Assessment and Its Application in Management: A Multi-Scale Perspective

Author(s): Meirong Su | Zhifeng Yang | Bin Chen | Gengyuan Liu | Yan Zhang | Lixiao Zhang | Linyu Xu | Yanwei Zhao
Hepatoprotective effects of baicalein against CCl4-induced acute liver injury in mice

Author(s): Hai-Li Huang | Ya-Jing Wang | Qing-Yu Zhang | Bin Liu | Fang-Yuan Wang | Jing-Jing Li | Run-Zhi Zhu
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