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Clinical features and microsurgical treatment of intramedullary spinal cord ependymomas

Author(s): CHU Wei-hua | YE Xin-zhen | ZHANG Yang | XUE Xing-sen | FENG Hua | LIN Jiang-kai
A Study of Microsporgenesis and Male Gametogenesis in Camellia grijsii Hamce

Author(s): Feng Zou | De-Yi Yuan | Jing-Hua Duan | Xiao-Feng Tan | Lin Zhang
Prediction of Drugs Target Groups Based on ChEBI Ontology

Author(s): Yu-Fei Gao | Lei Chen | Guo-Hua Huang | Tao Zhang | Kai-Yan Feng | Hai-Peng Li | Yang Jiang
Association of Genetic Variants of BMP4 with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Clinical Traits in a Chinese Han Population

Author(s): Shanshan Tang | Rong Zhang | Weihui Yu | Feng Jiang | Jie Wang | Miao Chen | Danfeng Peng | Jing Yan | Yuqian Bao | Weiping Jia
Tetrahydroxystilbene Glucoside Attenuates Neuroinflammation through the Inhibition of Microglia Activation

Author(s): Feng Zhang | Yan-Ying Wang | Jun Yang | Yuan-Fu Lu | Jie Liu | Jing-Shan Shi
Bifurcations and Stability of Nondegenerated Homoclinic Loops for Higher Dimensional Systems

Author(s): Yinlai Jin | Feng Li | Han Xu | Jing Li | Liqun Zhang | Benyan Ding
Protective Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields on Cardiomyocytes from Ischemia Reperfusion Injury via ROS and NO/ONOO−

Author(s): Sai Ma | Zhengxun Zhang | Fu Yi | Yabin Wang | Xiaotian Zhang | Xiujuan Li | Yuan Yuan | Feng Cao
Restoration of Critical-Sized Defects in the Rabbit Mandible Using Autologous Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Hybridized with Nano-β-tricalcium Phosphate/Collagen Scaffolds

Author(s): Xuehui Zhang | Mingming Xu | Xinggang Liu | Feng Zhang | Yan Wei | Song Meng | Xiaohan Dai | Aizhu Duan | Xuliang Deng
Multiscale Feature Model for Terrain Data Based on Adaptive Spatial Neighborhood

Author(s): Huijie Zhang | Yun Ma | Zhiqiang Ma | Xinting He | Yaxin Liu | Zijun Feng
Near Infrared Lateral Photovoltaic Effect in LaTiO3 Films

Author(s): Wujun Jin | Shasha Zhang | Hao Ni | Wenfeng Xiang | Jianfeng Xi | Xin Feng | Kun Zhao
Protective Effects of HBSP on Ischemia Reperfusion and Cyclosporine A Induced Renal Injury

Author(s): Yuanyuan Wu | Junlin Zhang | Feng Liu | Cheng Yang | Yufang Zhang | Aifen Liu | Lan Shi | Yajun Wu | Tongyu Zhu | Michael L. Nicholson | Yaping Fan | Bin Yang
Effects of Gallid Herpesvirus 2 Marek's Disease Challenge Virus and Attenuated Vaccine Virus CVI988/Rispens on Immune Adhesion of Erythrocytes of Chickens

Author(s): W.X. Tian | N. Sun | G.B. Ning | D.J. Zhang | J. Feng | T.X. Lv | Y. Wang | H.M. Wang | X.H. Wang | F. Li
Let-7 in Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Development and Cardiovascular Differentiation from Stem Cells

Author(s): Mei-Hua Bao | Xing Feng | Yi-Wen Zhang | Xiao-Ya Lou | Yu Cheng | Hong-Hao Zhou
Human Intersectin 2 (ITSN2) binds to Eps8 protein and enhances its degradation

Author(s): Xiaofeng Ding | Zijian Yang | Fangliang Zhou | Xiang Hu | Chang Zhou | Chang Luo | Zhicheng He | Qian Liu | Hong Li | Feng Yan | Fangmei Wang | Shuanglin Xiang | Jian Zhang
Framing Sustainability in a Telecoupled World

Author(s): Jianguo Liu | Vanessa Hull | Mateus Batistella | Ruth DeFries | Thomas Dietz | Feng Fu | Thomas W. Hertel | R. Cesar Izaurralde | Eric F. Lambin | Shuxin Li | Luiz A. Martinelli | William J. McConnell | Emilio F. Moran | Rosamond Naylor | Zhiyun Ouyang | Karen R. Polenske | Anette Reenberg | Gilberto de Miranda Rocha | Cynthia S. Simmons | Peter H. Verburg | Peter M. Vitousek | Fusuo Zhang | Chunquan Zhu
A Comparison of Land Surface Water Mapping Using the Normalized Difference Water Index from TM, ETM+ and ALI

Author(s): Wenbo Li | Zhiqiang Du | Feng Ling | Dongbo Zhou | Hailei Wang | Yuanmiao Gui | Bingyu Sun | Xiaoming Zhang
Kaempferol Promotes Apoptosis in Human Bladder Cancer Cells by Inducing the Tumor Suppressor, PTEN

Author(s): Feng Xie | Ming Su | Wei Qiu | Min Zhang | Zhongqiang Guo | Boxing Su | Jie Liu | Xuesong Li | Liqun Zhou
An Energy Efficient Stable Election-Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jin Wang | Zhongqi Zhang | Feng Xia | Weiwei Yuan | Sungyoung Lee
Identification of Two Novel Anti-Fibrotic Benzopyran Compounds Produced by Engineered Strains Derived from Streptomyces xiamenensis M1-94P that Originated from Deep-Sea Sediments

Author(s): Zhong-Yuan You | Ya-Hui Wang | Zhi-Gang Zhang | Min-Juan Xu | Shu-Jie Xie | Tie-Sheng Han | Lei Feng | Xue-Gong Li | Jun Xu
Detection and Molecular Diversity of Spike Gene of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in China

Author(s): Jianfei Chen | Xiaozhen Liu | Da Shi | Hongyan Shi | Xin Zhang | Changlong Li | Yanbin Chi | Li Feng
SOCS3-Mediated Blockade Reveals Major Contribution of JAK2/STAT5 Signaling Pathway to Lactation and Proliferation of Dairy Cow Mammary Epithelial Cells in Vitro

Author(s): Yu-Ling Huang | Feng Zhao | Chao-Chao Luo | Xia Zhang | Yu Si | Zhe Sun | Li Zhang | Qing-Zhang Li | Xue-Jun Gao
The Anti-Lung Cancer Activities of Steroidal Saponins of P. polyphylla Smith var. chinensis (Franch.) Hara through Enhanced Immunostimulation in Experimental Lewis Tumor-Bearing C57BL/6 Mice and Induction of Apoptosis in the A549 Cell Line

Author(s): Yu Li | Jun-Fei Gu | Xi Zou | Jian Wu | Ming-Hua Zhang | Jun Jiang | Dong Qin | Jin-Yong Zhou | Bao-Xin-Zi Liu | Yun-Tao Zhu | Xiao-Bin Jia | Liang Feng | Rui-Ping Wang
Practice and Innovation in Students Training Mode of “Three and One” Based on Job Guidance

Author(s): Lanhua Zhang | Min Feng | Peng Zheng | Wuli Song | Zhongdong Han | Hua Ma
Midterm outcome of stapled transanal rectal resection for obstructed defecation syndrome: A single-institution experience in China

Author(s): Bin Zhang | Jian-Hua Ding | Yu-Juan Zhao | Meng Zhang | Shu-Hui Yin | Ying-Ying Feng | Ke Zhao
The Duality of Jobs and Machines in Scheduling

Author(s): TANG Guo-chun | CHEN Rong-jun | ZHANG Feng
Serum Protein Expression Profiling for Cancer Detection: Validation of a SELDI-Based Approach for Prostate Cancer

Author(s): William E. Grizzle | Bao-Ling Adam | William L. Bigbee | Thomas P. Conrads | Christopher Carroll | Ziding Feng | Elzbieta Izbicka | Moncef Jendoubi | Donald Johnsey | Jacob Kagan | Robin J. Leach | Diane B. McCarthy | O. John Semmes | Shiv Srivastava | Sudhir Srivastava | Ian M. Thompson | Mark D. Thornquist | Mukesh Verma | Zhen Zhang | Zhiqiang Zou
A Frequency Compensation Algorithm of Four-Wheel Coherence Random Road

Author(s): Jun Feng | Xinjie Zhang | Konghui Guo | Fangwu Ma | Hamid Reza Karimi
Experimental Study on Cementitious Composites Embedded with Organic Microcapsules

Author(s): Xianfeng Wang | Feng Xing | Ming Zhang | Ningxu Han | Zhiwei Qian
Influence of Oil Viscosity on Alkaline Flooding for Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery

Author(s): Yong Du | Guicai Zhang | Jijiang Ge | Guanghui Li | Anzhou Feng
Rational Formations of a Metro Train Improve Its Efficiencies of Both Traction Energy Utilization and Passenger Transport

Author(s): Xuesong Feng | Haidong Liu | Hanxiao Zhang | Baoshan Wang | Qipeng Sun
Prediction of Effective Drug Combinations by Chemical Interaction, Protein Interaction and Target Enrichment of KEGG Pathways

Author(s): Lei Chen | Bi-Qing Li | Ming-Yue Zheng | Jian Zhang | Kai-Yan Feng | Yu-Dong Cai
Predicting Drugs Side Effects Based on Chemical-Chemical Interactions and Protein-Chemical Interactions

Author(s): Lei Chen | Tao Huang | Jian Zhang | Ming-Yue Zheng | Kai-Yan Feng | Yu-Dong Cai | Kuo-Chen Chou
Selective Excitation of Two-pulse Femtosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering in a Mixture

Author(s): Hui Zhang | Xianghua Feng | Zhongqiu Yu | Xia Li | Shian Zhang | Zhenrong Sun
Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube Arrays by Carbonizing Impregnated Phenolic Resins

Author(s): Dongmei Hu | Hongyuan Chen | Zhenzhong Yong | Minghai Chen | Xiaohua Zhang | Qingwen Li | Zhen Fan | Zhihai Feng
Correlation between properties and microstructure of laser sintered porous β-tricalcium phosphate bone scaffolds

Author(s): Cijun Shuai, Pei Feng, Liyang Zhang, Chengde Gao, Huanlong Hu, Shuping Peng and Anjie Min
Resveratrol Sensitizes Tamoxifen in Antiestrogen-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells with Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Features

Author(s): Xiao-Peng Shi | Shan Miao | Yin Wu | Wei Zhang | Xiao-Fang Zhang | Hua-Zhao Ma | Hai-Li Xin | Juan Feng | Ai-Dong Wen | Yan Li
Anti-Lung Cancer Activity through Enhancement of Immunomodulation and Induction of Cell Apoptosis of Total Triterpenes Extracted from Ganoderma luncidum (Leyss. ex Fr.) Karst.

Author(s): Liang Feng | Ling Yuan | Meng Du | Yan Chen | Ming-Hua Zhang | Jun-Fei Gu | Jun-Jie He | Ying Wang | Wei Cao
Identifying Interacting Genetic Variations by Fish-Swarm Logic Regression

Author(s): Xuanping Zhang | Jiayin Wang | Aiyuan Yang | Chunxia Yan | Feng Zhu | Zhongmeng Zhao | Zhi Cao
Simulated Microgravity Combined with Polyglycolic Acid Scaffold Culture Conditions Improves the Function of Pancreatic Islets

Author(s): Yimin Song | Zheng Wei | Chun Song | Shanshan Xie | Jinfa Feng | Jiehou Fan | Zengling Zhang | Yubo Shi
Effects of Hydrogen-Rich Saline on Taurocholate-Induced Acute Pancreatitis in Rat

Author(s): De-qing Zhang | Huang Feng | Wei-chang Chen
Infective severe acute pancreatitis: A comparison of 99mTc-ciprofloxacin scintigraphy and computed tomography

Author(s): Jian-Hua Wang | Gao-Feng Sun | Jian Zhang | Cheng-Wei Shao | Chang-Jing Zuo | Jun Hao | Jian-Ming Zheng | Xiao-Yuan Feng
Uncarilic Acid and Secouncarilic Acid, Two New Triterpenoids from Uucaria sessilifructus

Author(s): Mao-Juan Zhang | Bing Liu | Shang-Gao Liao | You-Kai Xu | De-Qiang Feng | Kai-Long Ji | Yan Li
Relationship between CCR7 rs3136685 polymorphism and coronary artery disease in Han population in north China

Author(s): Wen-zhi CAI | Xiao-lin ZHANG | Xue-yao FENG | Jing BAI | Teng-fei LIU | Jie WANG | Ya-ling HAN
Correlation of Increased Blood Levels of GITR and GITRL with Disease Severity in Patients with Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome

Author(s): Xiaoxia Gan | Xiaoke Feng | Lei Gu | Wenfeng Tan | Xiaoxuan Sun | Chengyin Lv | Miaojia Zhang
Diagnostic Value of Dynamics Serum sCD163, sTREM-1, PCT, and CRP in Differentiating Sepsis, Severity Assessment, and Prognostic Prediction

Author(s): Longxiang Su | Lin Feng | Qing Song | Hongjun Kang | Xingang Zhang | Zhixin Liang | Yanhong Jia | Dan Feng | Changting Liu | Lixin Xie
High-Yield Soluble Expression and Simple Purification of the Antimicrobial Peptide OG2 Using the Intein System in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Yong-Gang Xie | Fei-Fei Han | Chao Luan | Hai-Wen Zhang | Jie Feng | Young-Jun Choi | Denis Groleau | Yi-Zhen Wang
Barriers to Acceptance of Provider-Initiated Testing and Counseling among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Shenyang, China: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Qinghai Hu | Junjie Xu | Zhenxing Chu | Jing Zhang | Ke Yun | Feng Shi | Yongjun Jiang | Wenqing Geng | Hong Shang
Electronic Structure and Energy Band of IIIA Doped Group ZnO Nanosheets

Author(s): Xian-Yang Feng | Zhe Wang | Chang-Wen Zhang | Pei-Ji Wang
On the Kronecker Products and Their Applications

Author(s): Huamin Zhang | Feng Ding
Wavelet Neural Network-based Short-Term Passenger Flow Forecasting on Urban Rail Transit

Author(s): Xiaojie Zhang | Mao Baohua | Wang Yongliang | Jia Feng | Xu Qi
The Design and Verification of Disaster Recovery Strategies in Cloud Disaster Recovery Center

Author(s): Gang Li | Qingpu Zhang | Wang Li | Zhengqian Feng
The Planning and Digital Design for Welding Production Line of the Car Rear Floor

Author(s): Zhang Chun-Yan | Qiao Yin-Hu | Li Feng | Chen Jie-Ping
Disaster Rescue Simulation based on Complex Adaptive Theory

Author(s): Feng Jiang | Liangtu Song | Yida Fan | Wenbo Li | Jie Zhang
Multivariable Predictive Control of the Main Steam Temperature in Power Plant

Author(s): Wang Ting | Feng Xiaolu | Chen Jiangtao | Zhang Rong | Xu Wei
p38β, A Novel Regulatory Target of Pokemon in Hepatic Cells

Author(s): Zhe Chen | Feng Liu | Nannan Zhang | Deliang Cao | Min Liu | Ying Tan | Yuyang Jiang
Ilizarov method with bone segment extension for treating large defects of the tibia caused by infected nonunion

Author(s): Zhang H. Feng | Zhang Yuan | Li Z. Jun | Zhang Tao | Zheng Y. Fa | Ma X. Long
Matrix Metalloproteinases: Inflammatory Regulators of Cell Behaviors in Vascular Formation and Remodeling

Author(s): Qishan Chen | Min Jin | Feng Yang | Jianhua Zhu | Qingzhong Xiao | Li Zhang
Parameters Online Detection and Model Predictive Control during the Grain Drying Process

Author(s): Lihui Zhang | Helei Cui | Hongli Li | Feng Han | Yaqiu Zhang | Wenfu Wu
Hepatocellular carcinoma: Clinical study of long-term survival and choice of treatment modalities

Author(s): Ke-Tong Wu | Cun-Chuan Wang | Li-Gong Lu | Wei-Dong Zhang | Fu-Jun Zhang | Feng Shi | Chuan-Xing Li
Study on the MoN/Nitrogen-doped Graphene Sheets Composite for Lithium Ion Capacitor Electrode Materials

Author(s): MA Wen, HAN Peng-Xian, KONG Qing Shan, ZHANG Ke Jun, BI Cai Feng, CUI Guang Lei
Vitrectomy and internal limiting membrane peeling with different vitreous tamponade for idiopathic macular epiretinal membrane

Author(s): Jie Dong | Han Zhang | Peng Sun | Feng Gu | Huan Wang | Bo Fu | Zhe-Li Liu
A Novel Control System Design Based On Solid the PLC

Author(s): Wei Wei | Jing Zhang | Hongye Li | Jie Hu | Wei Wang | Xiaoyan Yin | Feng Wang | Xin Song | Zhixiao Wang | Yongchao Wang | Peiyi Shen | Jiachen Geng
Engineering of epidermis skin grafts using electrospun nanofibrous gelatin/polycaprolactone membranes

Author(s): Duan H | Feng B | Guo X | Wang J | Zhao L | Zhou G | Liu W | Cao Y | Zhang WJ
Differences in HER2 over-expression between proximal and distal gastric cancers in the Chinese population

Author(s): Xiang-Shan Fan | Jie-Yu Chen | Chang-Feng Li | Yi-Fen Zhang | Fan-Qing Meng | Hong-Yan Wu | An-Ning Feng | Qin Huang
Effect of Chlorocholine Chloride on Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis, Soluble Sugar and Flavonoids of Ginkgo biloba

Author(s): Weiwei ZHANG | Feng XU | Hua CHENG | Linling LI | Fuliang CAO | Shuiyuan CHENG
Tectonic Setting of the Cu-Ni Sulfide-Bearing Mafic-Ultramafic Complexes in Northern Jilin Province, NE China

Author(s): Dacheng Jia | Shen Liu | Hong Zhong | Guangying Feng | Youqiang Qi | Wen Gao | Xiao Zhang | Tao Jiang | Yongxin Mao
Value of circulating cell-free DNA in diagnosis of hepatocelluar carcinoma

Author(s): Ken Chen | Hong Zhang | Li-Na Zhang | Shao-Qing Ju | Jing Qi | Dong-Feng Huang | Feng Li | Qun Wei | Jing Zhang
Application of Soehendra stent retriever in patients with pancreatic or bile duct stricture

Author(s): Ying-chun ZHANG | Shu-ren MA | Ning ZHANG | Zhuo YANG | Fei GAO | Zhi-feng ZHAO | Feng GAO | Zhao-jie GONG | Ya-nan SUN | Xiao-long JIN | Hao-yang TIAN
Microsurgical removal of brainstem cavernoma: A report of 42 cases

Author(s): Jian-ning ZHANG | Ya-ming WANG | Gang CHENG | Zhi-chao LI | Xin YU | Hong-wei WANG | Quan-jun ZHAO | Hu-lin ZHAO | Wang-sheng LU | Rui LIU | Feng YIN | Zeng-min TIAN
Expression and functional role of S phase kinase associated protein 2 (Skp2) in development of glioma

Author(s): Feng YIN | Zeng-min TIAN | Shuang LIU | Ya-ming WANG | Zhi-chao LI | Rui HUI | Xin-ru GUO | Xue YU | Jian-ning ZHANG
Determination of laser energy density threshold leading to glare-induced blindness by pattern visual evoked potential in guinea pigs

Author(s): Zhen-feng LI | Cong XIONG | Hao YIN | Feng XIA | Jing AN | Lei ZHANG | Zuo-ming ZHANG
Localization of 5’ distal enhancer-like region and identification of trans-acting factors in human toll like receptor 4 gene

Author(s): Jian-liang PENG | Kai FENG | Hao-jun LU | Jun ZHANG | Yan-hua ZHANG | Qing-ping JING
Regulatory effect of LINE-1 ORF-1p on proliferation capacity of hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines and hepatic immortalized cell lines

Author(s): Fan FENG | Xu-dong GAO | Yin-ying LU | Fan ZHANG | Bo WANG | Xiu-juan CHANG | Jian-hui QU | Chun-ping WANG | Yong-ping YANG
Short-term therapeutic effects of combined therapy with metformin hydrochloride for aplastic anemia

Author(s): Xue-chun LU | Bo YANG | Xiao-hua CHI | Li-li CAI | Rui-li YU | Yang LIU | Li-hong LIU | Bing-jun LI | Xiao-xiong WU | Song-wei LI | Shuai TUO | Feng ZHANG | Chao-wei TUO | Shan-qian YAO | Li FAN
Detection of HBV replicated intermediates in the liver of HBV(ayw) transgenic mice

Author(s): Yang-shu CHEN | Yu-qin YOU | Wei SU | Xue-rui YI | You-cheng YUAN | Wen-yin CHEN | Feng ZHANG | Xiang-ping KONG
Changes in PD-1 and effect thereof on prognosis of patient after argon-helium cryoablation for hepatitis B related-hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Lin ZHOU | Zhen ZENG | Feng SHI | Min-na ZHANG | Yan CHEN | Xiu-juan CHANG | Yin-ying LU | Wen-lin BAI | Jian-hui QU | Chun-ping WANG | Hong WANG | Min LOU | Fu-sheng WANG | Ji-yun LV | Yong-ping YANG
Research on a method of embedding implants into crista and apophysis of sinus maxillaris

Author(s): Zhen-yu SUN | Hui LIU | Dao-fu WANG | Guang CHEN | Ming-rui ZHANG | Jie FENG
Endoscopic transpapillary drainage of infected pancreatic pseudocyst complicating pancreatitis,a report of 18 cases

Author(s): Zhi-feng ZHAO | Shu-ren MA | Ning ZHANG | Zhuo YANG | Xiao HAN | Feng GAO | Zhao-jie GONG
Effect of rosuvastatin on proliferation of intima of aorta and expression of TGF-β1 in rabbits with balloon injury of aorta

Author(s): Chang-qing LIU | Xiao-ming SHANG | Zheng JI | Feng LU | Chun-lai ZHANG | Xia LI | Qing-xia ZHAO

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