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Recent progress of acrylamide in heat-processed foods

Author(s): ZHU Yu-Chen  | WANG Fei | SONG Jian | ZHAO Meng-Yao | CHEN Fang
Imaging Drumlin Architecture with Electrical Resistivity

Author(s): Januka Attanayake | Yongping Chen | Rory Henderson | Zhao Zhao
Inhibition of A/Human/Hubei/3/2005 (H3N2) influenza virus infection by silver nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo [Corrigendum]

Author(s): Xiang DX | Zheng Y | Duan W | Li XJ | Yin JJ | Shigdar S | O'Connor ML | Marappan M | Zhao XJ | Miao YQ | Xiang B | Zheng CL
Immobilization of lipase on chitosan beads for removal of pitch particles from whitewater during papermaking

Author(s): Kai Liu | Guanglei Zhao | Beihai He | Lihui Chen | Liulian Huang
Phenolic Esters of O-Desmethylvenlafaxine with Improved Oral Bioavailability and Brain Uptake

Author(s): Yang Zhang | Yan Yang | Sen Zhao | Zhichao Yang | Hong Yang | J. Paul Fawcett | Youxin Li | Jingkai Gu | Tiemin Sun
Microsurgical procedure combined with thoracoscopic resection for thoracic spinal canal dumbbell-shaped tumors

Author(s): DUAN Bo | GUO Jia-long | QIN Jun | CHEN Liang | ZHAO Hong-yang
Effects of different activation processes on H2O2/TAED bleaching of Populus nigra chemi-thermo mechanical pulp

Author(s): Qiang Zhao | Dezhi Sun | Zhaohong Wang | Junwen Pu | Xiaojuan Jin | Mian Xing
Experimental study and advanced CFD simulation of fire safety performance of building external wall insulation system

Author(s): Yan Zhenghua | Zhao Chenggang | Liu Yan | Deng Xiaobing | Ceng Xubin | Liu Songlin | Lan Bin | Nilsson Richard | Jeansson Sebastian
A Weighted Estimation for Risk Model

Author(s): Mei Ling Huang | Ke Zhao
The GC/MS Analysis of Volatile Components Extracted by Different Methods from Exocarpium Citri Grandis

Author(s): Zhisheng Xie | Qundi Liu | Zhikun Liang | Mingqian Zhao | Xiaoxue Yu | Depo Yang | Xinjun Xu
Optimal Investment and Consumption Decisions under the Constant Elasticity of Variance Model

Author(s): Hao Chang | Xi-min Rong | Hui Zhao | Chu-bing Zhang
An Improved Moving Least Squares Method for Curve and Surface Fitting

Author(s): Lei Zhang | Tianqi Gu | Ji Zhao | Shijun Ji | Ming Hu | Xiangbo Li
Translational Biomedical Informatics and Computational Systems Medicine

Author(s): Zhongming Zhao | Bairong Shen | Xinghua Lu | Wanwipa Vongsangnak
Development of a Landing Mechanism for Asteroids with Soft Surface

Author(s): Zhijun Zhao | Jingdong Zhao | Hong Liu
Secure and Efficient Control Transfer for IoT Devices

Author(s): Zhi Wang | Han Ding | Jinsong Han | Jizhong Zhao
Damping Based Traffic Allocation in Wireless Machine-to-Machine Communications Networks

Author(s): Ruiguo Yu | Zhenxia Yuan | Mankun Zhao | Mei Yu | Xu Lu
Clinical Effect of Acupuncture on Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Zhou Jincao | Wu Zhongchao | Chen Zhongjie | Zhao Xiaoguang | Hu Jing | Jiao Yue | Li Guiran | Pang Li
Bioinformatics Analysis for the Antirheumatic Effects of Huang-Lian-Jie-Du-Tang from a Network Perspective

Author(s): Haiyang Fang | Yichuan Wang | Tinghong Yang | Yang Ga | Yi Zhang | Runhui Liu | Weidong Zhang | Jing Zhao
Electroacupuncture-Induced Neuroprotection against Cerebral Ischemia in Rats: Role of the Dopamine D2 Receptor

Author(s): Ming-Shu Xu | Shu-Jing Zhang | Dan Zhao | Cheng-Yong Liu | Chang-Zhi Li | Chun-Yan Chen | Li-Hui Li | Ming-Zhe Li | Jia Xu | Lin-Bao Ge
Relevance of Plasma Obestatin and Early Arteriosclerosis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Peng-ying Gu | Dong-mei Kang | Wei-dong Wang | Yan Chen | Zhi-hong Zhao | Hui Zheng | Shan-dong Ye
Projected Urbanization Impacts on Surface Climate and Energy Budgets in the Pearl River Delta of China

Author(s): Chunhong Zhao | Qunou Jiang | Zhongxiao Sun | Haiyue Zhong | Shasha Lu
On Boundedness and Attractiveness of Nonlinear Switched Delay Systems

Author(s): Yi Zhang | Yuyun Zhao | Honglei Xu | Hongting Shi | Kok Lay Teo
Maxwell’s Equations on Cantor Sets: A Local Fractional Approach

Author(s): Yang Zhao | Dumitru Baleanu | Carlo Cattani | De-Fu Cheng | Xiao-Jun Yang
Bifurcations and Periodic Solutions for an Algae-Fish Semicontinuous System

Author(s): Chuanjun Dai | Min Zhao | Lansun Chen
Research on Face Recognition Based on Embedded System

Author(s): Hong Zhao | Xi-Jun Liang | Peng Yang
Modeling and Simulation of Arresting Gear System with Multibody Dynamic Approach

Author(s): Wenhou Shen | Zhihua Zhao | Gexue Ren | Jiapeng Liu
Impulsive Controller Design for Complex Nonlinear Singular Networked Systems with Packet Dropouts

Author(s): Xian-Lin Zhao | Ai-Min Wang | Cun-Li Dai | Xiao-Lin Li | Wei Lu
Facile Preparation, Characterization, and Highly Effective Microwave Absorption Performance of CNTs/Fe3O4/PANI Nanocomposites

Author(s): Deqing Zhang | Xiuying Yang | Junye Cheng | Mingming Lu | Bin Zhao | Maosheng Cao
Changes in Otx2 and Parvalbumin Immunoreactivity in the Superior Colliculus in the Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor-β Knockout Mice

Author(s): Juanjuan Zhao | Susumu Urakawa | Jumpei Matsumoto | Ruixi Li | Yoko Ishii | Masakiyo Sasahara | Yuwen Peng | Taketoshi Ono | Hisao Nishijo
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Like Cells Derived from Mouse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Ameliorate Diabetic Polyneuropathy in Mice

Author(s): Tatsuhito Himeno | Hideki Kamiya | Keiko Naruse | Zhao Cheng | Sachiko Ito | Masaki Kondo | Tetsuji Okawa | Atsushi Fujiya | Jiro Kato | Hirohiko Suzuki | Tetsutaro Kito | Yoji Hamada | Yutaka Oiso | Kenichi Isobe | Jiro Nakamura
Tree-Based Backtracking Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Sparse Signal Reconstruction

Author(s): Yigang Cen | Fangfei Wang | Ruizhen Zhao | Lihong Cui | Lihui Cen | Zhenjiang Miao | Yanming Cen
The Synergistic Effects of Low Dose Fluorouracil and TRAIL on TRAIL-Resistant Human Gastric Adenocarcinoma AGS Cells

Author(s): Hong Zhu | Min Huang | Daoling Ren | Jianping He | Fen Zhao | Cheng Yi | Ying Huang
Segmental Dynamic Duty Cycle Control for Sampling Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Lufeng Mo | Yujia Jiang | Guoying Wang | Jizhong Zhao
Estrogen Inhibits Colon Polyp Formation by Reducing Angiogenesis in a Carcinogen-Induced Rat Model

Author(s): Jia Yang | Li-juan Xiong | Fei Xu | Xiang Zhao | Bo Liu | Kai-Lin Cai | Guo-bin Wang
Dual-Polarized Cross Bowtie Dipole for 3G and LTE Applications

Author(s): Zhi-Ya Zhang | Jia-Yue Zhao | Qiongqiong Liu | Guang Fu
The Infrared Radiation Temperature Characteristic of Acupoints of Mammary Gland Hyperplasia Patients

Author(s): Juanjuan Zheng | Yi Zhao | Yafang Wang | Shengfang Hu | Ping Lu | Xueyong Shen
Continuous Auricular Electroacupuncture Can Significantly Improve Heart Rate Variability and Clinical Scores in Patients with Depression: First Results from a Transcontinental Study

Author(s): Xian Shi | Gerhard Litscher | Huan Wang | Lu Wang | Zengkai Zhao | Daniela Litscher | Jingqiao Tao | Ingrid Gaischek | Zemin Sheng
Effects of Wenxin Keli on the Action Potential and L-Type Calcium Current in Rats with Transverse Aortic Constriction-Induced Heart Failure

Author(s): Yu Chen | Yang Li | Lili Guo | Wen Chen | Mingjing Zhao | Yonghong Gao | Aiming Wu | Lixia Lou | Jie Wang | Xiaoqiu Liu | Yanwei Xing
Jiao Tai Wan Attenuates Hepatic Lipid Accumulation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Zhaoyi Huang | Xiaohu Xu | Fuer Lu | Nan Wang | Guang Chen | Yan Zhao | Xin Zou | Kaifu Wang | Hui Dong | Lijun Xu
On the Distributions of Subgraph Centralities in Complex Networks

Author(s): Faxu Li | Liang Wei | Haixing Zhao | Feng Hu
Identification of Immunomodulatory Signatures Induced by American Ginseng in Murine Immune Cells

Author(s): Jian Yan | Yonghui Ma | Fusheng Zhao | Weikuan Gu | Yan Jiao
Effects of Alpine Wetland Landscapes on Regional Climate on the Zoige Plateau of China

Author(s): Junhong Bai | Qiongqiong Lu | Qingqing Zhao | Junjing Wang | Hua Ouyang
Is Transforming Growth Factor-β Signaling Activated in Human Hypertrophied Prostate Treated by 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor?

Author(s): Hye Kyung Kim | Chen Zhao | Bo Ram Choi | Han Jung Chae | Do Sung Kim | Jong Kwan Park
Hyperglycemia-Induced Inhibition of DJ-1 Expression Compromised the Effectiveness of Ischemic Postconditioning Cardioprotection in Rats

Author(s): Min Liu | Bin Zhou | Zhong-Yuan Xia | Bo Zhao | Shao-Qing Lei | Qing-Jun Yang | Rui Xue | Yan Leng | Jin-Jin Xu | Zhengyuan Xia
Environmental Perception and Sensor Data Fusion for Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Author(s): Yibing Zhao | Jining Li | Linhui Li | Mingheng Zhang | Lie Guo
Adaptive Neural Network Control with Backstepping for Surface Ships with Input Dead-Zone

Author(s): Guoqing Xia | Xingchao Shao | Ang Zhao | Huiyong Wu
Convergence Theorems for Total Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings in Hyperbolic Spaces

Author(s): Liang-cai Zhao | Shih-sen Chang | Xiong Rui Wang
Tracer: Taming Anomalous Events with CRFID Tags for Trajectory Management

Author(s): Rui Li | Jinsong Han | Zhi Wang | Jizhong Zhao | Yihong Gong | Xiaobin Zhang
Icariin Augments Bone Formation and Reverses the Phenotypes of Osteoprotegerin-Deficient Mice through the Activation of Wnt/β-Catenin-BMP Signaling

Author(s): Xiao-Feng Li | Hao Xu | Yong-Jian Zhao | De-Zhi Tang | Guo-Hua Xu | Jonathan Holz | Jing Wang | Shao-Dan Cheng | Qi Shi | Yong-Jun Wang
Research on Wireless Video Monitoring System

Author(s): Zhao Hong | Yang Peng | Gong Ren-bin | Liang Xi-jun
Effects of Endothelial Progenitor Cell-Derived Microvesicles on Hypoxia/Reoxygenation-Induced Endothelial Dysfunction and Apoptosis

Author(s): Jinju Wang | Shuzhen Chen | Xiaotang Ma | Chuanfang Cheng | Xiang Xiao | Ji Chen | Shiming Liu | Bin Zhao | Yanfang Chen
Sliding Mode Control for Mass Moment Aerospace Vehicles Using Dynamic Inversion Approach

Author(s): Xiao-Yu Zhang | Yu-Xin Zhao | De-Xin Xu | Kun-Peng He
A Fast Optimization Method for Reliability and Performance of Cloud Services Composition Application

Author(s): Zhao Wu | Naixue Xiong | Yannong Huang | Qiong Gu | Chunyang Hu | Zhongbo Wu | Bo Hang
Effect of Subgrains on the Performance of Mono-Like Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Author(s): Su Zhou | Chunlan Zhou | Wenjing Wang | Yehua Tang | Jingwei Chen | Baojun Yan | Yan Zhao
Near Infrared Lateral Photovoltaic Effect in LaTiO3 Films

Author(s): Wujun Jin | Shasha Zhang | Hao Ni | Wenfeng Xiang | Jianfeng Xi | Xin Feng | Kun Zhao
Localization with a Mobile Beacon Based on Compressive Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Chunhui Zhao | Yunlong Xu | Hui Huang | Bing Cui
Research on SDG-Based Qualitative Reasoning in Conceptual Design

Author(s): Kai Li | Zhen-Zhen Yi | Wei Xu | Ke Zhao | Lin Wang
Effects of Process Parameters on Microstructure of A2017 Alloy Strip Produced by a Novel Semisolid Rolling

Author(s): Zhan-yong Zhao | Ren-guo Guan | Xiang Wang | Jian Zhang | Chun-ming Liu | Guang-ming Xu
Solution and Stability of the Multiquadratic Functional Equation

Author(s): Xiaopeng Zhao | Xiuzhong Yang | Chin-Tzong Pang
Mappings for Special Functions on Cantor Sets and Special Integral Transforms via Local Fractional Operators

Author(s): Yang Zhao | Dumitru Baleanu | Mihaela Cristina Baleanu | De-Fu Cheng | Xiao-Jun Yang
Dierential Models for Integrated Drought Risk Management

Author(s): Xinghua Fan | Dan Zhao | Lixin Tian
Solution of a Class of Minimal Surface Problem with Obstacle

Author(s): Kefei Liu | Shangwei Zhao | Meizhu Liu
Determination of deoxynivalenol in wheat by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Author(s): XIN Yuan | FENG Sha | LUAN Xian-Guo | LIN Feng-Qin | ZHAO Li
Sam68 is a novel marker for aggressive neuroblastoma

Author(s): Zhao X | Li Z | He B | Liu J | Li S | Zhou L | Pan C | Yu Z | Xu Z
Sequential treatment of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and chemotherapy for EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer: a meta-analysis of Phase III trials

Author(s): Zhang Y | Sun Y | Wang L | Ye T | Pan Y | Hu H | Yu Y | Zhao N | Song Y | Garfield D | Chen H
Production of 2,3-butanediol by Klebsiella pneumoniae from enzymatic hydrolyzate of sugarcane bagasse

Author(s): Yuanquan Song | Qiang Li | Xuebing Zhao | Yan Sun | Dehua Liu
From RFLP, specific primer to DNA Barcoding: preliminary study on molecular identification of common stored product psocid

Author(s): Li, Z.-H. | Kučerová, Z. | Zhao, S. | Qin, M. | Opit, G.P. | Stejskal, V. | Kalinović, I. | Yang, Q.
Combined Sparsifying Transforms for Compressive Image Fusion

Author(s): WU, C. | WANG, H. | XU, X. | ZHAO, L.
Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Schistosomiasis japonica Control Program in the Poyang Lake Region of China

Author(s): Qing Yu | Geng-Ming Zhao | Xian-Lin Hong | Eric A. Lutz | Jia-Gang Guo
Study on the preparation of two kinds of chlorpyrifos imprinted polymers and its recognition properties

Author(s): ZHANG Lu | QIU Jin | CHENG Yan | ZHAO Li-Min | WU Zhong-Bo | LI Meng-Qi | LIU Xiao-Yu
Progress on security of ionic liquids

Author(s): LIU Xiao-Geng | YUAN Lei | GAO Mei | ZHAO Fa-Hui
Refractive errors progression among pupils in Hetian Road primary school of Shanghai: 1-year followed-up

Author(s): Hui Shi | Yan-Hong Li | Li Li | Chun Zhao | Yan Wu | Wei Zhu | Jun Ba | Jing Yu
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