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Early-age feed restriction affects viability and gene expression of satellite cells isolated from the gastrocnemius muscle of broiler chicks

Author(s): Li Yue | Yang Xiaojing | Ni Yingdong | Decuypere Eddy | Buyse Johan | Everaert Nadia | Grossmann Roland | Zhao Ruqian
In ovo leptin administration affects hepatic lipid metabolism and microRNA expression in newly hatched broiler chickens

Author(s): Hu Yan | Zhang Rui | Zhang Yanhong | Li Jing | Grossmann Roland | Zhao Ruqian
Differential display of expressed genes reveals a novel function of SFRS18 in regulation of intramuscular fat deposition

Author(s): Xiuxing Wang, Chunyang Xue, Xiaona Wang, Honglin Liu, Yinxue Xu, Ruqian Zhao, Zhihua Jiang, Michael V. Dodson, Jie Chen
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