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Risk Assessment and Hierarchical Risk Management of Enterprises in Chemical Industrial Parks Based on Catastrophe Theory

Author(s): Yu Chen | Guobao Song | Fenglin Yang | Shushen Zhang | Yun Zhang | Zhenyu Liu
Primary Small-Cell Carcinoma of the Palate with Cushing’s Syndrome: A Case Report

Author(s): Yingqiu Song | Zhenyu Lin | Lingjuan Chen | Gang Wu
Ti-doped In2O3 transparent conductive thin films with high transmittance and low resistivity

Author(s): Zhenyu Song | Qiang Fu | Lei Li | Li Li | Yupeng An | Yiding Wang
High accuracy genotyping directly from genomic DNA using a rolling circle amplification based assay

Author(s): Alsmadi Osama | Bornarth Carole | Song Wanmin | Wisniewski Michele | Du Jing | Brockman Joel | Faruqi A Fawad | Hosono Seiyu | Sun Zhenyu | Du Yuefen | Wu Xiaohong | Egholm Michael | Abarzúa Patricio | Lasken Roger | Driscoll Mark

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