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Comparison of Baseflow Index in Hydrograph Separation with Different Methods in Some Rivers of West Azarbaijan Province

Author(s): M. Teimouri | M.R. Ghanbarpour | M. Bashirgonbad | M. Zolfaghari | S. Kazemikia
Attitudes of Nursing and Midwifery School’s Faculty toward Blended E-learning at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): M Zolfaghari (MSc.) | MR Sarmadi (Ph.D) | R Negarandeh (Ph.D) | B Zandi (Ph.D) | F Ahmadi (Ph.D)
Selection for autochthonous bifidobacteial isolates adapted to simulated gastrointestinal fluid

Author(s): H Jamalifar | B Bigdeli | J Nowroozi | HS Zolfaghari | MR Fazeli
Developing Seismic Fragility Function of Structures by Stochastic Approach

Author(s): K. Nasserasadi | M. Ghafory-Ashtiany | S. Eshghi | M.R. Zolfaghari

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