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Serum Phosphate Predicts Early Mortality among Underweight Adults Starting ART in Zambia: A Novel Context for Refeeding Syndrome?

Author(s): John R. Koethe | Meridith Blevins | Christopher K. Nyirenda | Edmond K. Kabagambe | Janelle M. Chiasera | Bryan E. Shepherd | Isaac Zulu | Douglas C. Heimburger
Nutrition and inflammation serum biomarkers are associated with 12-week mortality among malnourished adults initiating antiretroviral therapy in Zambia

Author(s): Koethe John R | Blevins Meridith | Nyirenda Christopher | Kabagambe Edmond K | Shepherd Bryan E | Wester C William | Zulu Isaac | Chiasera Janelle M | Mulenga Lloyd B | Mwango Albert | Heimburger Douglas C
Clinical and ultrasonographic features of abdominal tuberculosis in HIV positive adults in Zambia

Author(s): Sinkala Edford | Gray Sylvia | Zulu Isaac | Mudenda Victor | Zimba Lameck | Vermund Sten | Drobniewski Francis | Kelly Paul
Cytokine activation is predictive of mortality in Zambian patients with AIDS-related diarrhoea

Author(s): Zulu Isaac | Hassan Ghaniah | Njobvu RN Lungowe | Dhaliwal Winnie | Sianongo Sandie | Kelly Paul
Promotion of couples' voluntary counselling and testing for HIV through influential networks in two African capital cities

Author(s): Allen Susan | Karita Etienne | Chomba Elwyn | Roth David | Telfair Joseph | Zulu Isaac | Clark Leslie | Kancheya Nzali | Conkling Martha | Stephenson Rob | Bekan Brigitte | Kimbrell Katherine | Dunham Steven | Henderson Faith | Sinkala Moses | Carael Michel | Haworth Alan
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