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Genetic variability of the pattern of night melatonin blood levels in relation to coat changes development in rabbits

Author(s): Allain Daniel | Malpaux Benoit | Puechal François | Thébault René | de Rochambeau Hubert | Chemineau Philippe
Estimation of the genetic parameters of sexual dimorphism of body weight in 'label' chickens and Muscovy ducks

Author(s): Mignon-Grasteau Sandrine | Beaumont Catherine | Poivey Jean-Paul | de Rochambeau Hubert
Genetic variability of six French meat sheep breeds in relation to their genetic management

Author(s): Marie Huby | Laurent Griffon | Sophie Moureaux | De Hubert Rochambeau | Coralie Danchin-Burge | Verrier Étienne
Divergent selection on 63-day body weight in the rabbit: response on growth, carcass and muscle traits

Author(s): Larzul Catherine | Gondret Florence | Combes Sylvie | de Rochambeau Hubert
Linkage disequilibrium interval mapping of quantitative trait loci

Author(s): Boitard Simon | Abdallah Jihad | de Rochambeau Hubert | Cierco-Ayrolles Christine | Mangin Brigitte

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