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Fish ladders: safe fish passage or hotspot for predation?

Author(s): Angelo Antonio Agostinho | Carlos Sergio Agostinho | Fernando Mayer Pelicice | Elineide Eugênio Marques
Estimates of population parameters and consumption/biomass ratio for fishes in reservoirs, Paraná State, Brazil

Author(s): Éder André Gubiani | Luiz Carlos Gomes | Angelo Antonio Agostinho
The ichthyofauna of drifting macrophyte mats in the Ivinhema River, upper Paraná River basin, Brazil

Author(s): Cíntia Karen Bulla | Luiz Carlos Gomes | Leandro Esteban Miranda | Angelo Antonio Agostinho
Temporal distribution of ichthyoplankton in the Ivinhema River (Mato Grosso do Sul State/ Brazil): influence of environmental variables

Author(s): David Augusto Reynalte-Tataje | Keshiyu Nakatani | Rodrigo Fernandes | Angelo Antônio Agostinho | Andréa Bialetzki
A massive invasion of fish species after eliminating a natural barrier in the upper rio Paraná basin

Author(s): Horácio Ferreira Júlio Júnior | Claudenice Dei Tós | Ângelo Antonio Agostinho | Carla Simone Pavanelli
Age, growth, mortality and yield per recruit of the dourado Salminus brasiliensis, Corumbá Reservoir, Goiás State, Brazil

Author(s): Claudenice Dei Tos | Luiz Carlos Gomes | Angelo Antônio Agostinho | Rosana Paulo Batista
Simple relationships to predict attributes of fish assemblages in patches of submerged macrophytes

Author(s): Fernando Mayer Pelicice | Sidinei Magela Thomaz | Angelo Antonio Agostinho
Fish assemblages of tropical floodplain lagoons: exploring the role of connectivity in a dry year

Author(s): Ana Cristina Petry | Angelo Antonio Agostinho | Luiz Carlos Gomes
Modeling energy flow in a large Neotropical reservoir: a tool do evaluate fishing and stability

Author(s): Ronaldo Angelini | Angelo Antonio Agostinho | Luiz Carlos Gomes
Diel variation in the ascent of fishes up an experimental fish ladder at Itaipu Reservoir: fish size, reproductive stage and taxonomic group influences

Author(s): Domingo Rodriguez Fernandez | Angelo Antonio Agostinho | Luis Mauricio Bini | Fernando Mayer Pelicice
Selectivity of fish ladders: a bottleneck in Neotropical fish movement

Author(s): Carlos Sérgio Agostinho | Angelo Antônio Agostinho | Fernando Pelicice | Deusimar Augusto de Almeida | Elineide Eugênio Marques
Blockage of migration routes by dam construction: can migratory fish find alternative routes?

Author(s): Rosimeire Ribeiro Antonio | Angelo Antonio Agostinho | Fernando Mayer Pelicice | Dayani Bailly | Edson Kioshi Okada | João Henrique Pinheiro Dias
Environmental factors related to entry into and ascent of fish in the experimental ladder located close to Itaipu Dam

Author(s): Domingo Rodrigues Fernandez | Angelo Antonio Agostinho | Luis Maurício Bini | Luiz Carlos Gomes
Fish ladder of Lajeado Dam: migrations on one-way routes?

Author(s): Angelo Antônio Agostinho | Elineide Eugênio Marques | Carlos Sérgio Agostinho | Deusimar Augusto de Almeida | Rafael José de Oliveira | Jussiclene Rodrigues Bezerra de Melo
Age and growth of Hypophthalmus edentatus (Spix), (Siluriformes, Hypophthalmidae) in the Itaipu Reservoir, Paraná, Brazil

Author(s): Ambrósio Ângela Maria | Gomes Luiz Carlos | Agostinho Ângelo Antônio
Diet of Iheringichthys labrosus (Pimelodidae, Siluriformes) in the Itaipu Reservoir, Paraná River, Brazil-Paraguay

Author(s): Abes Sara da Silva | Agostinho Angelo Antonio | Okada Edson Kiyoshi | Gomes Luiz Carlos
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