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Is (Academic) Librarianship Dead?

Author(s): Jennifer Richard
Serving Diverse Knowledge Systems in Academia

Author(s): William F. Birdsall
Pharmaceutical education development: Need of academia-industry tie-up

Author(s): T. D. Nandgude | Mr. M. S. Rathore | Dr. V. B. Gupta
ODEL can address the Reality-Problems of Agriculturists’ Post Graduation in Bangladesh

Author(s): . Q. M. Bazlur RASHID | Hazel JOHNSON | Norman CLARK
The Saudi Initiative for asthma

Author(s): Al-Moamary Mohamed | Al-Hajjaj Mohamed | Idrees Majdy | Zeitouni Mohamed | Alanezi Mohammed | Al-Jahdal Hamdan | Al Dabbagh Maha
The Library is Undead: Information Seeking During the Zombie Apocalypse

Author(s): Margeaux Johnson | Amy G. Buhler | Chris Hillman
Delivering Online Examinations: A Case Study

Author(s): Jason HOWARTH, John MESSING and Irfan ALTAS | John MESSING | Irfan ALTAS
Consumers as tutors – legitimate teachers?

Author(s): Owen Cathy | Reay Rebecca
Overcoming obstacles to implementing a primary care research framework

Author(s): Cardarelli Roberto | Seater Margaret | Palmarozzi Elizabeth

Author(s): Altuğ GÜNAL
European Union-Israel Relations

Author(s): Bilal Karabulut
Assessment of training given to young general practitioners on social security

Author(s): Bourgeois M | Couderc H | Allaria-Lapierre V | Sciortino V
Methodology of a diabetes prevention translational research project utilizing a community-academic partnership for implementation in an underserved Latino community

Author(s): Merriam Philip | Tellez Trinidad | Rosal Milagros | Olendzki Barbara | Ma Yunsheng | Pagoto Sherry | Ockene Ira
Establishing an implementation network: lessons learned from community-based participatory research

Author(s): Lindamer Laurie | Lebowitz Barry | Hough Richard | Garcia Piedad | Aguirre Alfredo | Halpain Maureen | Depp Colin | Jeste Dilip
Security and privacy requirements for a multi-institutional cancer research data grid: an interview-based study

Author(s): Manion Frank | Robbins Robert | Weems William | Crowley Rebecca
Modern aspects of public private partnership

Author(s): Milos Milosavljevic | Sladjana Benkovic
La homogamia educativa de las nuevas mujeres en España

Author(s): Martínez Pastor, Juan Ignacio
Study protocol: national research partnership to improve primary health care performance and outcomes for Indigenous peoples

Author(s): Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Shannon Cindy | Semmens James | Rowley Kevin | Scrimgeour David | Nagel Tricia | Anderson Ian | Connors Christine | Weeramanthri Tarun | Thompson Sandra | McDermott Robyn | Burke Hugh | Moore Elizabeth | Leon Dallas | Weston Richard | Grogan Haylene | Stanley Andrew | Gardner Karen

Author(s): Daniela SARPE | Mihaela IORDACHESCU | Catalina STAN
Information Systems in University Learning

Author(s): Gheorghe SABAU | Ion LUNGU | Razvan BOLOGA | Ana Ramona BOLOGA | Alexandra Maria Ioana FLOREA
Children’s understanding of teaching: A component of self-regulation?

Author(s): Marion Porath | Constantine Ngara | Yuan Lai | Krista Fogel | Judy Lupart

The Onchocerciasis Elimination Program for the Americas: a history of partnership

Author(s): Blanks J | Richards F | Beltrán F | Collins R | Álvarez E | Flores G. Zea | Bauler B | Cedillos R | Heisler M | Brandling-Bennett D | Baldwin W | Bayona M | Klein R | Jacox M
"Harnessing genomics to improve health in Africa" – an executive course to support genomics policy

Author(s): Smith Alyna | Mugabe John | Singer Peter | Daar Abdallah
The Health of the Academic Organization from the Point of View of the Common Living Entity

Author(s): Carmen Costea | Constantin Popescu | Alexandru Tasnadi | Liana Badea | Miltiade Stanciu
Building an Undergraduate Book Approval Plan for a Large Academic Library

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis | Sandy Campbell | Fred Ziegler
The connection between academia and industry

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Research as cultural practice

Author(s): Wolmark, Jenny | Gates-Stuart, Eleanor
UK community health visiting: challenges faced during lean implementation

Author(s): Carr SM | Pearson P | Young-Murphy L | Cleghorn B
Roaming Reference: Reinvigorating Reference through Point of Need Service

Author(s): Kealin M. McCabe | James R.W. MacDonald
Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or an Opportunity?

Author(s): Diane Granfield | Mary Kandiuk | Harriet Sonne de Torrens
Evaluating a streamlined clinical tool and educational outreach intervention for health care workers in Malawi: the PALM PLUS case study

Author(s): Sodhi Sumeet | Banda Hastings | Kathyola Damson | Burciul Barry | Thompson Sandy | Joshua Martias | Bateman Eric | Fairall Lara | Martiniuk Alexandra | Cornick Ruth | Faris Gill | Draper Beverley | Mondiwa Martha | Katengeza Egnat | Sanudi Lifah | Zwarenstein Merrick | Schull Michael
Establishing a community of practice of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and communities to sustainably manage environmental health risks in Ecuador

Author(s): Spiegel Jerry | Breilh Jaime | Beltran Efrain | Parra Jorge | Solis Fernanda | Yassi Annalee | Rojas Alejandro | Orrego Elena | Henry Bonnie | Bowie William | Pearce Laurie | Gaibor Juan | Velasquez Patricio | Concepcion Miriam | Parkes Margot
Onchocerciasis in the Americas: from arrival to (near) elimination

Author(s): Gustavsen Ken | Hopkins Adrian | Sauerbrey Mauricio
Internal audience: A key to success

Author(s): Mirna Heruc
An Early Start in Robotics – K-12 Case-Study

Author(s): Celina Pinto Leão | S. Santos | F. Ribeiro | G. Lopes
A workshop on leadership for MD/PhD students

Author(s): Erin J. Ciampa | Aubrey A. Hunt | Kyle O. Arneson | Daniel A. Mordes | William M. Oldham | Kel Vin Woo | David A. Owens | Mark D. Cannon | Terence S. Dermody
Book Review: Academic Librarianship

Author(s): Linwood DeLong
Open Access Funds: A Canadian Library Survey

Author(s): Leila Fernandez | Rajiv Nariani
Can I Make A Suggestion? Your Library Suggestion Box as an Assessment Tool

Author(s): Cecile M Farnum | Catherine Baird | Kathryn Ball
Teaching Matters: Increasing Library Visibility through Integrated Classroom Instruction

Author(s): Eugene Barsky | Kevin Read | Aleteia Greenwood
Is (Academic) Librarianship Dead?

Author(s): Jennifer Richard
Drop-In Clinics for Environmental Science Students

Author(s): Marcie Lynne Jacklin | Karen Bordonaro
Serving Diverse Knowledge Systems in Academia

Author(s): William F. Birdsall
Building an Undergraduate Book Approval Plan for a Large Academic Library

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis | Sandy Campbell | Fred Ziegler
A review of multi-criteria decision making techniques for supplier evaluation and selection

Author(s): Prince Agarwal | Manjari Sahai | Vaibhav Mishra | Monark Bag | Vrijendra Singh
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