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Model of Dynamic Pricing for Two Parallels Flights with Multiple Fare Classes Based on Passenger Choice Behavior

Author(s): Ahmad Rusdiansyah | Dira Mariana | Hilman Pradana | Naning A. Wessiani
Compensation of CO2 emissions by air travels: an example

Author(s): Lombardi F | Lasserre B | Marchetti M
Identification and analysis of explanatory variables for a multi-factor productivity model of passenger airlines

Author(s): Antonio Henriques de Araújo Jr | Flávio Hegenberg | Isabel Cristina dos Santos | José Glênio Medeiros de Barros
Charter Programmes Organisation in Tourism

Author(s): A. Zima | O. Zima
A Study to Examine If Integration of OTAs Features can Make SBTs More Flexible Online Airline Reservation Systems?

Author(s): Arif Mushtaq | Suzia Bt. Sulaiman | P.D.D. Dominic | Sadia Riaz | Muhammad Abdul Tawab Khalil
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