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Features of “All LNA” Duplexes Showing a New Type of Nucleic Acid Geometry

Author(s): Charlotte Förster | André Eichert | Dominik Oberthür | Christian Betzel | Reinhard Geßner | Andreas Nitsche | Jens P. Fürste
Anionic Polysaccharides from Phototrophic Microorganisms Exhibit Antiviral Activities to Vaccinia Virus

Author(s): Aleksandar Radonic | Stefanie Thulke | John Achenbach | Andreas Kurth | Anna Vreemann | Tanja König | Christian Walter | Kurt Possinger | Andreas Nitsche
Cytokine profiles of cord and adult blood leukocytes: differences in expression are due to differences in expression and activation of transcription factors

Author(s): Nitsche Andreas | Zhang Meixia | Clauss Theresa | Siegert Wolfgang | Brune Kay | Pahl Andreas
Discovery of herpesviruses in multi-infected primates using locked nucleic acids (LNA) and a bigenic PCR approach

Author(s): Prepens Sandra | Kreuzer Karl-Anton | Leendertz Fabian | Nitsche Andreas | Ehlers Bernhard
One-step selection of Vaccinia virus-binding DNA aptamers by MonoLEX

Author(s): Nitsche Andreas | Kurth Andreas | Dunkhorst Anna | Pänke Oliver | Sielaff Hendrik | Junge Wolfgang | Muth Doreen | Scheller Frieder | Stöcklein Walter | Dahmen Claudia | Pauli Georg | Kage Andreas
Detection and subtyping of Herpes simplex virus in clinical samples by LightCycler PCR, enzyme immunoassay and cell culture

Author(s): Burrows Julie | Nitsche Andreas | Bayly Belinda | Walker Elise | Higgins Geoff | Kok Tuckweng

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