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Author(s): Steinmetz Patrick RH | Urbach Rolf | Posnien Nico | Eriksson Joakim | Kostyuchenko Roman P | Brena Carlo | Guy Keren | Akam Michael | Bucher Gregor | Arendt Detlev
Features of the ancestral bilaterian inferred from Platynereis dumerilii ParaHox genes

Author(s): Hui Jerome | Raible Florian | Korchagina Natalia | Dray Nicolas | Samain Sylvie | Magdelenat Ghislaine | Jubin Claire | Segurens Béatrice | Balavoine Guillaume | Arendt Detlev | Ferrier David
atonal- and achaete-scute-related genes in the annelid Platynereis dumerilii: insights into the evolution of neural basic-Helix-Loop-Helix genes

Author(s): Simionato Elena | Kerner Pierre | Dray Nicolas | Le Gouar Martine | Ledent Valérie | Arendt Detlev | Vervoort Michel
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