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Specific detection of H5N1 avian influenza A virus in field specimens by a one-step RT-PCR assay

Author(s): Ng Lisa | Barr Ian | Nguyen Tung | Noor Suriani | Tan Rosemary | Agathe Lora | Gupta Sanjay | Khalil Hassuzana | To Thanh | Hassan Sharifah | Ren Ee-Chee
Antimicrobial proteins and polypeptides in pulmonary innate defence

Author(s): Rogan Mark | Geraghty Patrick | Greene Catherine | O'Neill Shane | Taggart Clifford | McElvaney Noel
Epithelial expression of TLR4 is modulated in COPD and by steroids, salmeterol and cigarette smoke

Author(s): MacRedmond Ruth | Greene Catherine | Dorscheid Delbert | McElvaney Noel | O'Neill Shane
Sinusitis in Children

Author(s): Ali Bülent Cengiz
Cloning of Bovine herpesvirus type 1 and type 5 as infectious bacterial artifical chromosomes

Author(s): Gabev Evgeni | Fraefel Cornel | Ackermann Mathias | Tobler Kurt
Prevalence of upper respiratory tract infections at a tertiary care hospital in the city of São Paulo

Author(s): Amilton Mouro | Luci Black Tabacow Hidal | Marines Dalla Valle Martino | Jacyr Pasternark
Bacteriological profile of septicemia and the risk factors in neonates and infants in Sikkim

Author(s): Tsering Dechen | Chanchal L | Pal Ranabir | Kar Sumit

Author(s): S.Hasan. K. Ahmad, N. Fawad, B. Siddique and H Rehman
Causative agent distribution and antibiotic therapy assessment among adult patients with community acquired pneumonia in Chinese urban population

Author(s): Liu Youning | Chen Minjun | Zhao Tiemei | Wang Hui | Wang Rui | Cai Baiqiang | Cao Bin | Sun Tieying | Hu Yunjian | Xiu Qingyu | Zhou Xin | Ding Xing | Yang Lan | Zhuo Jiansheng | Tang Yingchun | Zhang Kouxing | Liang Derong | Lv Xiaoju | Li Shengqi | Liu Yong | Yu Yunsong | Wei Zeqing | Ying Kejing | Zhao Feng | Chen Ping | Hou Xiaona
OMICS Techniques and Identification of Pathogen Virulence Genes Application to the Analysis of Respiratory Pathogens

Author(s): Sergio Hernández | Antonio Gómez | Juan Cedano | Enrique Querol
Studying bacteria in respiratory specimens by using conventional and molecular microbiological approaches

Author(s): Rogers Geraint | Daniels Thomas | Tuck Andrew | Carroll Mary | Connett Gary | David Gondi | Bruce Kenneth
Evolution of the leukotoxin promoter in genus Mannheimia

Author(s): Larsen Jesper | Pedersen Anders | Davies Robert | Kuhnert Peter | Frey Joachim | Christensen Henrik | Bisgaard Magne | Olsen John
Plant Antimicrobial Agents and Their Effects on Plant and Human Pathogens

Author(s): Rocío González-Lamothe | Gabriel Mitchell | Mariza Gattuso | Moussa S. Diarra | François Malouin | Kamal Bouarab
Allergic lung inflammation alters neither susceptibility to Streptococcus pneumoniae infection nor inducibility of innate resistance in mice

Author(s): Clement Cecilia | Tuvim Michael | Evans Christopher | Tuvin Daniel | Dickey Burton | Evans Scott
Initial Management Of Patients With Community-Acquired Pneumonia In A Tertiary Hospital In Sri Lanka

Author(s): Rashan Haniffa | Hemal Ariyaratne | Shyam Fernando | Senaka Rajapakse
Inadequately Treated Wastewater as a Source of Human Enteric Viruses in the Environment

Author(s): Anthony I. Okoh | Thulani Sibanda | Siyabulela S. Gusha
Host lung gene expression patterns predict infectious etiology in a mouse model of pneumonia

Author(s): Evans Scott | Tuvim Michael | Zhang Jiexin | Larson Derek | García Cesar | Pro Sylvia | Coombes Kevin | Dickey Burton
Bacterial Etiology Associated with Sore Throat and Pneumonia

Author(s): Uzma Malik | Noor-us-Saba | Ali Abbas Qazilbash
Topical retapamulin in the management of infected traumatic skin lesions

Author(s): Ribhi Shawar | Nicole Scangarella-Oman | MaryBeth Dalessandro | John Breton | Monique Twynholm | et al
Travel and migration associated infectious diseases morbidity in Europe, 2008

Author(s): Field Vanessa | Gautret Philippe | Schlagenhauf Patricia | Burchard Gerd-Dieter | Caumes Eric | Jensenius Mogens | Castelli Francesco | Gkrania-Klotsas Effrossyni | Weld Leisa | Lopez-Velez Rogelio | de Vries Peter | von Sonnenburg Frank | Loutan Louis | Parola Philippe
Human Metapneumovirus and Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children

Author(s): Pen-Yi Lin | Tzou-Yien Lin | Yhu-Chering Huang | Kuo-Chien Tsao | Ya-Ling Huang
Clinical Analysis of Bronchiectasis in Taiwanese Children.

Author(s): Shen-Hao Lai | Kin-Sun Wong | Sui-Ling Liao
Inhibitory activity of a standardized elderberry liquid extract against clinically-relevant human respiratory bacterial pathogens and influenza A and B viruses

Author(s): Krawitz Christian | Mraheil Mobarak | Stein Michael | Imirzalioglu Can | Domann Eugen | Pleschka Stephan | Hain Torsten
Identification, variation and transcription of pneumococcal repeat sequences

Author(s): Croucher Nicholas | Vernikos Georgios | Parkhill Julian | Bentley Stephen
Clinical patterns and seasonal trends in respiratory syncytial virus hospitalizations in São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): VIEIRA Sandra E. | STEWIEN Klaus E. | QUEIROZ Divina A. O. | DURIGON Edison L. | TÖRÖK Thomas J. | ANDERSON Larry J. | MIYAO Cristina R. | HEIN Noely | BOTOSSO Viviane F. | PAHL Márcia M. | GILIO Alfredo E. | EJZENBERG Bernardo | OKAY Yassuhiko
Infection control and the significance of sputum and other respiratory secretions from adult patients with cystic fibrosis

Author(s): Moore John | Shaw Adrienne | Howard Jennifer | Dooley James | Elborn J Stuart
Antimicrobial activity of innate immune molecules against Streptococcus pneumoniae, Moraxella catarrhalis and nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae

Author(s): Lee Haa-Yung | Andalibi Ali | Webster Paul | Moon Sung-Kyun | Teufert Karen | Kang Sung-Ho | Li Jian-Dong | Nagura Mitsuyoshi | Ganz Tomas | Lim David
Airway epithelial cell tolerance to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Author(s): Wu Qi | Lu Zhong | Verghese Margrith | Randell Scott
Bacterial activity in cystic fibrosis lung infections

Author(s): Rogers Geraint | Carroll Mary | Serisier David | Hockey Peter | Kehagia Valia | Jones Graeme | Bruce Kenneth
The role of innate immune responses in the outcome of interspecies competition for colonization of mucosal surfaces.

Author(s): Lysenko Elena S | Ratner Adam J | Nelson Aaron L | Weiser Jeffrey N
Measuring nasal bacterial load and its association with otitis media

Author(s): Smith-Vaughan Heidi | Byun Roy | Nadkarni Mangala | Jacques Nicholas | Hunter Neil | Halpin Stephen | Morris Peter | Leach Amanda
Viral and Bacterial Pathogens in Bovine Respiratory Disease in Finland

Author(s): Härtel H | Nikunen S | Neuvonen E | Tanskanen R | Kivelä S-L | Aho P | Soveri T | Saloniemi H
Phase variation and microevolution at homopolymeric tracts in Bordetella pertussis

Author(s): Gogol Emily | Cummings Craig | Burns Ryan | Relman David
Analysis of gene order data supports vertical inheritance of the leukotoxin operon and genome rearrangements in the 5' flanking region in genus Mannheimia

Author(s): Larsen Jesper | Kuhnert Peter | Frey Joachim | Christensen Henrik | Bisgaard Magne | Olsen John
Effect of Stress on Viral–Bacterial Synergy in Bovine Respiratory Disease: Novel Mechanisms to Regulate Inflammation

Author(s): P. D. Hodgson | P. Aich | A. Manuja | K. Hokamp | F. M. Roche | F. S. L. Brinkman | A. Potter | L. A. Babiuk | P. J. Griebel
Respiratory syncytial virus in lower respiratory tract infections

Author(s): Anita Chakravarti; Bineeta Kashyap

Author(s): Arora Neha | Singh Kamaljit | Bilandi Ajay | Garg Tarun
Utility of serum procalcitonin values in patients with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a cautionary note

Author(s): Falsey AR | Becker KL | Swinburn AJ | Nylen ES | Snider RH | Formica MA | Hennessey PA | Criddle MC | Peterson DR | Walsh EE

Author(s): Aghamohammadi | A.. Novelli | V. | Strobel | S. | Holzel | H. Morgan | G.
Chemical Composition and Aminoglycosides Synergistic Effect of Lantana montevidensis Briq. (Verbenaceae) Essential Oil

Author(s): Erlânio O. Sousa | Fabiola F. G. Rodrigues | Henrique D. M. Coutinho | Adriana R. Campos | Sidney G. Lima | José Galberto M. Costa
Viral-bacterial co-infection in Australian Indigenous children with acute otitis media

Author(s): Binks Michael | Cheng Allen | Smith-Vaughan Heidi | Sloots Theo | Nissen Michael | Whiley David | McDonnell Joseph | Leach Amanda
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