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Author(s): Ravichandran Krishnamurthy | K.BHARGAVI Raja | Arun Kumar s
Knowledge, Risk Perceptions, and Behavioral Intentions Related to Hepatitis B among Health Managers in Yazd Province (Iran)

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Baghianimoghadam | Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad | Hossein Forghani | Razieh Zolghadr
Healthy choices in context

Author(s): Michael McCormick | Todd McElroy
Psychosocial correlates of eating behavior in children and adolescents: a review

Author(s): McClain Arianna | Chappuis Courtney | Nguyen-Rodriguez Selena | Yaroch Amy | Spruijt-Metz Donna
Action planning as predictor of health protective and health risk behavior: an investigation of fruit and snack consumption

Author(s): van Osch Liesbeth | Beenackers Mariëlle | Reubsaet Astrid | Lechner Lilian | Candel Math | de Vries Hein
ParticipACTION: Awareness of the participACTION campaign among Canadian adults - Examining the knowledge gap hypothesis and a hierarchy-of-effects model

Author(s): Spence John | Brawley Lawrence | Craig Cora | Plotnikoff Ronald | Tremblay Mark | Bauman Adrian | Faulkner Guy | Chad Karen | Clark Marianne
Entertainment and Informativeness as Precursory Factors of Successful Mobile Advertising Messages

Author(s): Carlos Flavián Blanco | Miguel Guinalíu Blasco | Isabel Iguacel Azorín
Food compensation: do exercise ads change food intake?

Author(s): van Kleef Ellen | Shimizu Mitsuru | Wansink Brian
Engaging diverse underserved communities to bridge the mammography divide

Author(s): Engelman Kimberly | Cupertino Ana | Daley Christine | Long Trish | Cully Angelia | Mayo Matthew | Ellerbeck Edward | Geana Mugur | Greiner Allen
Correlates of motivation to prevent weight gain: a cross sectional survey

Author(s): Wammes Birgitte | Kremers Stef | Breedveld Boudewijn | Brug Johannes
The application of a social cognition model in explaining fruit intake in Austrian, Norwegian and Spanish schoolchildren using structural equation modelling

Author(s): Sandvik Camilla | Gjestad Rolf | Brug Johannes | Rasmussen Mette | Wind Marianne | Wolf Alexandra | Pérez-Rodrigo Carmen | De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse | Samdal Oddrun | Klepp Knut-Inge
The Role of Spiritual Health Locus of Control in Breast Cancer Information Processing between African American and Caucasian Women

Author(s): Glenn Leshner | I-Huei Cheng | Hyun Joo Song | Yoonhyueng Choi | Cynthia Frisby

Author(s): André Luiz Carvalho Nunes da Costa | Salomão Alencar de Farias
A Review Of The Role Of Hedonic And Utilitarian Values On Customer’s Satisfaction And Behavioral Intentions (A case study; customers of Fasham restaurants)

Author(s): This applied research has been carried out with a correlational, descriptive method. Also, the evaluation has been done using a questionnaire, appropriate tool, and according to the data-collecting method. Moreover, analyzing method existing in the background of the research is used. During two months, data were collected from the customers of Pedarsalar and Ferdows restaurants. Research findings have suggested a strong and meaningful positive relation between hedonic and utilitarian value, supporting the positive and meaningful impact of these factors on customer’s satisfaction and their further purchase. Likewise, the results have supported a strong and meaningful impact of the customer’s satisfaction on the further purchase. Although there wasn’t any difference between the intensity of effect of the hedonic value and utilitarian value, the effect of utilitarian value was more than hedonic value. The results were collected from the customers of only two restaurants. The scarcity of the selected restaurants and the fact that the study was carried out during winter were the limitations of the study. Seasonal limitation is due to the place of the restaurants and also climatic condition of the area in the winter and therefore the abnormality of the winter customers compared with the other seasons.According to the results of the study that showed an equal role for the two values, it is proposed that the hedonic value should be taken into account in restaurant and similar industries just like the utilitarian value. | Yahya Khonsari
Brand Relationships on Retailing: The Impact of Image on Behavioral Intentions of Consumers

Author(s): Euler Alves Brandão | Reynaldo Maia Muniz | Cid Gonçalves Filho | Gian Franco Rocchiccioli | Gustavo Quiroga Souki | Renata Livramento
"Food company sponsors are kind, generous and cool": (Mis)conceptions of junior sports players

Author(s): Kelly Bridget | Baur Louise | Bauman Adrian | King Lesley | Chapman Kathy | Smith Ben
An Empirical Investigation into the Construct of Higher Education Service Quality

Author(s): Jaroslav Dado | Janka Taborecka-Petrovicova | Dejan Riznic | Tamara Rajic
Theory of planned behavior and smoking: meta-analysis and SEM model

Author(s): Gabriela Topa | Juan Antonio Moriano

Author(s): Pai Cheng Shih | Hsin-Yun Hu | Cheng-Kiang Farn
Borderline Personality Symptoms and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Risk in Alcohol and Other Drug Abusing Adolescent Offenders

Author(s): Jessy G. Dévieux | Robert M. Malow | Rhonda Rosenberg | Madhavan Nair | Deanne M. Samuels | Robert McMahon
Antisocial Psychopathy and HIV Risk among Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Abusing Adolescent Offenders

Author(s): Robert M. Malow | Jessy Dévieux | Rhonda Rosenberg | Madhavan Nair | Robert McMahon | Emma J. Brown | Seth C. Kalichman
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