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Multivariate Hawkes process models of the occurrence of regulatory elements

Author(s): Carstensen Lisbeth | Sandelin Albin | Winther Ole | Hansen Niels
Neutron spectra re-binning and dose calculation using Monte Carlo methods

Author(s): Arteaga Arteaga, T. | Manzanares Acuña, E. | Ortiz Rodríguez, J.M. | Vega Carrillo, H. R.
Barcodes for genomes and applications

Author(s): Zhou Fengfeng | Olman Victor | Xu Ying
New DArT markers for oat provide enhanced map coverage and global germplasm characterization

Author(s): Tinker Nicholas | Kilian Andrzej | Wight Charlene | Heller-Uszynska Katarzyna | Wenzl Peter | Rines Howard | Bjørnstad Åsmund | Howarth Catherine | Jannink Jean-Luc | Anderson Joseph | Rossnagel Brian | Stuthman Deon | Sorrells Mark | Jackson Eric | Tuvesson Stine | Kolb Frederic | Olsson Olof | Federizzi Luiz | Carson Marty | Ohm Herbert | Molnar Stephen | Scoles Graham | Eckstein Peter | Bonman J Michael | Ceplitis Alf | Langdon Tim
Global satellite validation of SCIAMACHY O3 columns with GOME WFDOAS

Author(s): A. Bracher | M. Weber | K. Bramstedt | M. Coldewey-Egbers | L. N. Lamsal | J. P. Burrows
A novel R-package graphic user interface for the analysis of metabonomic profiles

Author(s): Izquierdo-García Jose | Rodríguez Ignacio | Kyriazis Angelos | Villa Palmira | Barreiro Pilar | Desco Manuel | Ruiz-Cabello Jesús
Unsupervised statistical clustering of environmental shotgun sequences

Author(s): Kislyuk Andrey | Bhatnagar Srijak | Dushoff Jonathan | Weitz Joshua
Unsupervised binning of environmental genomic fragments based on an error robust selection of l-mers

Author(s): Yang Bin | Peng Yu | Leung Henry | Yiu Siu-Ming | Chen Jing-Chi | Chin Francis
DiScRIBinATE: a rapid method for accurate taxonomic classification of metagenomic sequences

Author(s): Ghosh Tarini | Haque M Monzoorul | Mande Sharmila
Integrating diverse biological and computational sources for reliable protein-protein interactions

Author(s): Wu Min | Li Xiaoli | Chua Hon | Kwoh Chee-Keong | Ng See-Kiong
Phenotypic heterogeneity in mycobacterial stringent response

Author(s): Ghosh Sayantari | Sureka Kamakshi | Ghosh Bhaswar | Bose Indrani | Basu Joyoti | Kundu Manikuntala
Reanalyze unassigned reads in Sanger based metagenomic data using conserved gene adjacency

Author(s): Weng Francis | Su Chien-Hao | Hsu Ming-Tsung | Wang Tse-Yi | Tsai Huai-Kuang | Wang Daryi
Using Binning for Tree Construction in Application

Author(s): reza besharati | Mozafar Bag-Mohammadi | Mashallah AbasiDezfooli
Laboratory Information Management Software for genotyping workflows: applications in high throughput crop genotyping

Author(s): Jayashree B | Reddy Praveen | Leeladevi Y | Crouch Jonathan | Mahalakshmi V | Buhariwalla Hutokshi | Eshwar KE | Mace Emma | Folksterma Rolf | Senthilvel S | Varshney Rajeev | Seetha K | Rajalakshmi R | Prasanth VP | Chandra Subhash | Swarupa L | SriKalyani P | Hoisington David
Temperature Variations from HST Spectroscopy of NGC 1976

Author(s): Baldwin , J. A. | Blagrave , K. P. M. | Dufour , R. J. | Ferland , G. J. | Liu , X. W. | Martin , P. G. | Nguyen , J. F. | Rubin , R. H.
Do inflammation and procoagulation biomarkers contribute to the metabolic syndrome cluster?

Author(s): Kraja Aldi | Province Michael | Arnett Donna | Wagenknecht Lynne | Tang Weihong | Hopkins Paul | Djoussé Luc | Borecki Ingrid
Using Growing Self-Organising Maps to Improve the Binning Process in Environmental Whole-Genome Shotgun Sequencing

Author(s): Chon-Kit Kenneth Chan | Arthur L. Hsu | Sen-Lin Tang | Saman K. Halgamuge
Binning sequences using very sparse labels within a metagenome

Author(s): Chan Chon-Kit | Hsu Arthur | Halgamuge Saman | Tang Sen-Lin
An Efficient SF-ISF Approach for the Slepian-Wolf Source Coding Problem

Author(s): Zhenyu Tu | Jing Li (Tiffany) | Rick S. Blum
Blind Identification of Convolutive MIMO Systems with 3 Sources and 2 Sensors

Author(s): Lieven De Lathauwer | Athina P. Petropulu | Binning Chen
Blind Identification of Convolutive MIMO Systems with 3 Sources and 2 Sensors

Author(s): Chen Binning | Petropulu Athina P | De Lathauwer Lieven
A metagenomic study of methanotrophic microorganisms in Coal Oil Point seep sediments

Author(s): Håvelsrud Othilde | Haverkamp Thomas | Kristensen Tom | Jakobsen Kjetill | Rike Anne
An Efficient SF-ISF Approach for the Slepian-Wolf Source Coding Problem

Author(s): Tu Zhenyu | Li (Tiffany) Jing | Blum Rick S
ProViDE: A software tool for accurate estimation of viral diversity in metagenomic samples

Author(s): Tarini Shankar Ghosh | Monzoorul Haque Mohammed | Sharmila Shekhar Mande | Dinakar Komanduri
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