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Tuberculosis in Goats and Sheep in Afar Pastoral Region of Ethiopia and Isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Goat

Author(s): Gezahegne Mamo Kassa | Fekadu Abebe | Yalelet Worku | Mengistu Legesse | Girmay Medhin | Gunnar Bjune | Gobena Ameni
Lay beliefs of TB and TB/HIV co-infection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a qualitative study

Author(s): Gebremariam Mekdes | Bjune Gunnar | Frich Jan
Knowledge of cervical tuberculosis lymphadenitis and its treatment in pastoral communities of the Afar region, Ethiopia

Author(s): Legesse Mengistu | Ameni Gobena | Mamo Gezahegne | Medhin Girmay | Bjune Gunnar | Abebe Fekadu
Detection of Babesia divergens in southern Norway by using an immunofluorescence antibody test in cow sera

Author(s): Hasle Gunnar | Bjune Gunnar | Christensson Dan | Røed Knut | Whist Anne | Leinaas Hans
Knowledge and perception of pulmonary tuberculosis in pastoral communities in the middle and Lower Awash Valley of Afar region, Ethiopia

Author(s): Legesse Mengistu | Ameni Gobena | Mamo Gezahegne | Medhin Girmay | Shawel Dawit | Bjune Gunnar | Abebe Fekadu
Barriers to tuberculosis care: a qualitative study among Somali pastoralists in Ethiopia

Author(s): Gele Abdi | Sagbakken Mette | Abebe Fekadu | Bjune Gunnar
Evidence for waning of latency in a cohort study of tuberculosis

Author(s): Wiker Harald | Mustafa Tehmina | Bjune Gunnar | Harboe Morten
Health care seeking among pulmonary tuberculosis suspects and patients in rural Ethiopia: a community-based study

Author(s): Yimer Solomon | Holm-Hansen Carol | Yimaldu Tilahun | Bjune Gunnar
Use of interferon gamma-based assay to diagnose tuberculosis infection in health care workers after short term exposure

Author(s): Storla Dag | Kristiansen Ingun | Oftung Fredrik | Korsvold Gro | Gaupset Monica | Gran Gerd | Øverby Anne | Dyrhol-Riise Anne | Bjune Gunnar
Assessment of measles immunity among infants in Maputo City, Mozambique

Author(s): Jani Jagrati | Holm-Hansen Carol | Mussá Tufária | Zango Arlinda | Manhiça Ivan | Bjune Gunnar | Jani Ilesh
Pastoralism and delay in diagnosis of TB in Ethiopia

Author(s): Gele Abdi | Bjune Gunnar | Abebe Fekadu
Risk factors for incomplete vaccination and missed opportunity for immunization in rural Mozambique

Author(s): Jani Jagrati | De Schacht Caroline | Jani Ilesh | Bjune Gunnar
A systematic review of delay in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis

Author(s): Storla Dag Gundersen | Yimer Solomon | Bjune Gunnar
Patient and health care system delays in the start of tuberculosis treatment in Norway

Author(s): Farah Mohamed | Rygh Jens | Steen Tore | Selmer Randi | Heldal Einar | Bjune Gunnar
Assessment of routine surveillance data as a tool to investigate measles outbreaks in Mozambique

Author(s): Jani Jagrati | Jani Ilesh | Araújo Carolina | Sahay Sundeep | Barreto Jorge | Bjune Gunnar
Assessing immunization data quality from routine reports in Mozambique

Author(s): Mavimbe João | Braa Jørn | Bjune Gunnar
Treatment outcome of new culture positive pulmonary tuberculosis in Norway

Author(s): Farah Mohamed | Tverdal Aage | Steen Tore | Heldal Einar | Brantsaeter Arne | Bjune Gunnar
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