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Survival after inflammatory bowel disease-associated colorectal cancer in the Colon Cancer Family Registry

Author(s): Scott V Adams | Dennis J Ahnen | John A Baron | Peter T Campbell | Steven Gallinger | William M Grady | Loic LeMarchand | Noralane M Lindor | John D Potter | Polly A Newcomb
Bacterial Logic Devices Reveal Unexpected Behavior of Frameshift Suppressor tRNAs

Author(s): Eric M. Sawyer | Cody Barta | Romina Clemente | Michel Conn | Clif Davis | Catherine Doyle | Mary Gearing | Olivia Ho-Shing | Alyndria Mooney | Jerrad Morton | Shamita Punjabi | Ashley Schnoor | Siya Sun | Shashank Suresh | Bryce Szczepanik | D. Leland Taylor | Annie Temmink | William Vernon | A. Malcolm Campbell | Laurie J. Heyer | Jeffrey L. Poet | Todd Eckdahl
Rumination as a Mediator of Chronic Stress Effects on Hypertension: A Causal Model

Author(s): William Gerin | Matthew J. Zawadzki | Jos F. Brosschot | Julian F. Thayer | Nicholas J. S. Christenfeld | Tavis S. Campbell | Joshua M. Smyth
Antiplasmodial Properties and Bioassay-Guided Fractionation of Ethyl Acetate Extracts from Carica papaya Leaves

Author(s): Paula Melariri | William Campbell | Paschal Etusim | Peter Smith
Patient and provider determinants of nephrology referral in older adults with severe chronic kidney disease: a survey of provider decision making

Author(s): Campbell Kellie | Smith Sandy | Hemmerich Joshua | Stankus Nicole | Fox Chester | Mold James | O'Hare Ann | Chin Marshall | Dale William
Comparative genomics of small RNA regulatory pathway components in vector mosquitoes

Author(s): Campbell Corey | Black William | Hess Ann | Foy Brian
An extensive phenotypic characterization of the hTNFα transgenic mice

Author(s): Hayward Michael | Jones Beverly | Saparov Arman | Hain Heather | Trillat Anne-Cecile | Bunzel Michelle | Corona Aaron | Li-Wang Bifang | Strenkowski Bryan | Giordano Caroline | Shen Hai | Arcamone Emily | Weidlick Jeffrey | Vilensky Maria | Tugusheva Marina | Felkner Roland | Campbell William | Rao Yu | Grass David | Buiakova Olesia
Randomised trial of glutamine and selenium supplemented parenteral nutrition for critically ill patients. Protocol Version 9, 19 February 2007 known as SIGNET (Scottish Intensive care Glutamine or seleNium Evaluative Trial)

Author(s): Andrews Peter | Avenell Alison | Noble David | Campbell Marion | Battison Claire | Croal Bernard | Simpson William | Norrie John | Vale Luke | Cook Jonathon | de Verteuil Robyn | Milne Anne
Proteomic analysis of plasma membrane and secretory vesicles from human neutrophils

Author(s): Jethwaney Deepa | Islam Md Rafiqul | Leidal Kevin | de Bernabe Daniel | Campbell Kevin | Nauseef William | Gibson Bradford
Effect of Body Mass Index on pregnancy outcomes in nulliparous women delivering singleton babies

Author(s): Bhattacharya Sohinee | Campbell Doris | Liston William | Bhattacharya Siladitya
Body Mass Index, percent body fat, and regional body fat distribution in relation to leptin concentrations in healthy, non-smoking postmenopausal women in a feeding study

Author(s): Mahabir Somdat | Baer David | Johnson Laura | Roth Mark | Campbell William | Clevidence Beverly | Taylor Philip
Prevention of an additional surgery for regional lymphadenectomy in melanoma: rapid intraoperative immunostaining of sentinel lymph node imprint smears

Author(s): Shidham Vinod | Komorowski Richard | Neuberg Marcelle | Walker Alonzo | Campbell Bruce | Chang Chung-Che | Dzwierzynski William
Comparative effects of RRR-alpha- and RRR-gamma-tocopherol on proliferation and apoptosis in human colon cancer cell lines

Author(s): Campbell Sharon | Stone William | Lee Steven | Whaley Sarah | Yang Hongsong | Qui Min | Goforth Paige | Sherman Devin | McHaffie Derek | Krishnan Koyamangalath
The effects of moderate alcohol supplementation on estrone sulfate and DHEAS in postmenopausal women in a controlled feeding study

Author(s): Mahabir Somdat | Baer David | Johnson Laura | Dorgan Joanne | Campbell William | Brown Ellen | Hartman Terryl | Clevidence Beverly | Albanes Demetrius | Judd Joseph | Taylor Philip
Assessing the quality of reports of randomized trials in pediatric complementary and alternative medicine

Author(s): Moher David | Sampson Margaret | Campbell Kaitryn | Beckner William | Lepage Leah | Gaboury Isabelle | Berman Brian
Gene discovery in the hamster: a comparative genomics approach for gene annotation by sequencing of hamster testis cDNAs

Author(s): Oduru Sreedhar | Campbell Janee | Karri SriTulasi | Hendry William | Khan Shafiq | Williams Simon
Oxygen-induced intergranular fracture of the nickel-base alloy IN718 during mechanical loading at high temperatures

Author(s): Krupp Ulrich | Kane William | Pfaendtner Jeffrey A. | Liu Xinyu | Laird Campbell | McMahon Jr. Charles J.

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