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Survivin – biology and potential as a therapeutic target in oncology

Author(s): Cheung CHA | Huang CC | Tsai FY | Lee JYC | Cheng SM | Chang YC | Huang YC | Chen SH | Chang JY
Health-related quality of life in dialysis patients with constipation: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Zhang JS | Huang CY | Li YL | Chen J | Shen FY | Yao Q | Qian JQ | Bao BY | Yao XP
RGD peptide-mediated chitosan-based polymeric micelles targeting delivery for integrin-overexpressing tumor cells

Author(s): Cai LL | Liu P | Li X | Huang X | Ye YQ | Chen FY | Yuan H | Hu FQ | Du YZ

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