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Analysis of Conservative and Magnetically Induced Electric Fields in a Low-Frequency Birdcage Coil

Author(s): Bu S. Park | Sunder S. Rajan | Christopher M. Collins | Leonardo M. Angelone
Slice-Selective Transmit Array Pulses for Improvement in Excitation Uniformity and Reduction of SAR

Author(s): BuSik Park | Kyunghyun Sung | John McGarrity | Suk-hoon Oh | Zhipeng Cao | Zhangwei Wang | Christopher M. Collins
CyberKnife® enhanced conventionally fractionated chemoradiation for high grade glioma in close proximity to critical structures

Author(s): Oermann Eric | Collins Brian T | Erickson Kelly T | Yu Xia | Lei Sue | Suy Simeng | Hanscom Heather N | Kim Joy | Park Hyeon U | Eldabh Andrew | Kalhorn Christopher | McGrail Kevin | Subramaniam Deepa | Jean Walter C | Collins Sean P
Comparison of nutritional intake in US adolescent swimmers and non-athletes

Author(s): Andy C. Collins | Kenneth D. Ward | Bridget Mirza | Deborah L. Slawson | Barbara S. McClanahan | Christopher Vukadinovich
Assessment of Vascular Network Segmentation

Author(s): Jack Collins, Christopher Kurcz, Curtis Lisle, Yanling Liu, Enrique Zudaire
Hopelessness and Excessive Drinking among Aboriginal Adolescents: The Mediating Roles of Depressive Symptoms and Drinking to Cope

Author(s): Sherry H. Stewart | Simon B. Sherry | M. Nancy Comeau | Christopher J. Mushquash | Pamela Collins | Hendricus Van Wilgenburg
Perforated jejunal diverticula: a case report

Author(s): Butler Joseph | Collins Christopher | McEntee Gerard
Inhibitors of cAMP and cGMP phosphodiesterases enhance neurite outgrowth from cultured cortical neurons in a PKG dependent manner

Author(s): Kimmel Lida | Collins Mary | Schmidt Christopher | Menniti Frank | Kleiman Robin
Clinical characteristics of emergency department heart failure patients initially diagnosed as non-heart failure

Author(s): Collins Sean | Lindsell Christopher | Peacock W Frank | Eckert Daniel | Askew Jeff | Storrow Alan
MR thermometry characterization of a hyperthermia ultrasound array designed using the k-space computational method

Author(s): Al-Bataineh Osama | Collins Christopher | Park Eun-Joo | Lee Hotaik | Smith Nadine
Comparison of flow characteristics and vascular reactivity of radial artery and long saphenous vein grafts [NCT00139399]

Author(s): Chong William | Collins Peter | Webb Carolyn | De Souza Anthony | Pepper John | Hayward Christopher | Moat Neil
N-Cadherin cleavage during activated hepatic stellate cell apoptosis is inhibited by tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1

Author(s): Murphy Frank | Waung Julian | Collins Jane | Arthur Michael | Nagase Hideaki | Mann Derek | Benyon R Christopher | Iredale John
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