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Personal Media Producer: A System for Creating 3D CG Animation from Mobile Phone E-mail

Author(s): Koichi Emura | Makoto Yasugi | Toshiyuki Tanaka | Seiya Miyazaki | Sachiko Motoike
Auto Coloring with Enhanced Character Registration

Author(s): Jie Qiu | Hock Soon Seah | Feng Tian | Quan Chen | Zhongke Wu | Konstantin Melikhov
Activity Classification for Interactive Game Interfaces

Author(s): John Darby | Baihua Li | Nick Costen
The Effects of Animation Technique on Teaching of Acids and Bases Topics

Author(s): İkramettin DAŞDEMİR | Kemal DOYMUŞ | Ümit ŞİMŞEK | Ataman KARAÇÖP
Program Visualization for Programming Education - Case of Jeliot 3

Author(s): Roman Bednarik | Andrés Moreno | Niko Myller
Digital Astronomy in Education

Author(s): S. Boutiche
Dynamic Texture Segmentation Using Fourier Transform

Author(s): Jianghong Li | Liang Chen | Yuanhu Cai
The Virtuality and Reality of Augmented Reality

Author(s): Jung Yeon Ma | Jong Soo Choi
Parametric Facial Expression Synthesis and Animation

Author(s): Narendra M Patel | Mukesh Zaveri
Real-time Hierarchical Movement Animation Control for Autonomous Virtual Humans

Author(s): Weibin Liu | Liang Zhou | Weiwei Xing | Baozong Yuan
A Device-independent Design Scheme on Interactive Animation and Game

Author(s): LI Xin-yu | SONG Ying | HUANG Xia | XIANG Li-sheng | SHEN Qing
Computer applications in clinical psychology

Author(s): Alina Oana Zamoşteanu
Computers in Physical Therapy Education: Interactive Multimedia Learning with MuStreT

Author(s): Luciana Vieira CASTILHO-WEINERT | Heitor Silvério LOPES
Using computer software to teach optics

Author(s): Azita Seyed Fadaei
Face Animation Parameter Extraction in Real Movie Capturing Environment

Author(s): Mohsen Ashourian | Shirin Mousavi | AmirHassan Monadjemi
3D Game Content Distributed Adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments

Author(s): Francisco Morán | Marius Preda | Gauthier Lafruit | Paulo Villegas | Robert-Paul Berretty
Real Time Animation of Trees Based on BBSC in Computer Games

Author(s): Xuefeng Ao | Zhongke Wu | Mingquan Zhou
Simulation of Missile Autopilot with Two-Rate Hybrid Neural Network System

Author(s): ASTROV, I. | TATARLY, S. | TATARLY, S.
InfoVis Interaction Techniques in Animation of Recursive Programs

Author(s): J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide | Antonio Pérez-Carrasco
Detection of a Virtual Passive Pointer

Author(s): Naren Vira | Shaleen Vira
Guest Editors’ Introduction: Advances in Interactive Digital Entertainment Technologies

Author(s): Frederick Li | Ioannis Ivrissimtzis | Rynson W.H. Lau | Benjamin Wah

Author(s): Singh Abhimanyu U. | Ray Proneet P. | Chauhan Geetesh P.
Geometry Compression for 3D Polygonal Models using a Neural Network

Author(s): Nadine Abu Rumman | Samir Abou El-Seoud | Khalaf F. Khatatneh | Christain Gütl
Creating Engaging 3-D Animation Digitization for Instructional Media and Health Communication

Author(s): S.A. Onasanya | R.A. Shehu | N.S. Iwokwagh | A.K. Soetan
An Expert System for Diagnosis of Diseases in Rice Plant

Author(s): Shikhar Kr. Sarma | Kh. Robindro Singh | Abhijeet Singh
Open 3D Projects

Author(s): Felician ALECU
Reviews on Physically Based Controllable Fluid Animation

Author(s): Saithip Limtrakul | Wisut Hantanong | Pizzanu Kanongchaiyos | Tomoyuki Nishita
Debugging, Advanced Debugging and Runtime Analysis

Author(s): Salim Istyaq | Aufaq Zargar
Effect of Computer Animations Upon Student's Achievement of Biology Education

Author(s): Mehmet YAKIŞAN | Mustafa YEL | Mehmet MUTLU
Developing understanding of programming principles using Flash Actionscript

Author(s): Graham Routledge | Amin Aminaei | Phillip Benachour
The Future of Cartography --- Budućnost kartografije

Author(s): Miljenko Lapaine | Nedjeljko Frančula | Stanislav Frangeš
The art to keep in touch: The 'good use' of Lagrange multipliers

Author(s): Antoine Jonquet | Olivier Nocent | Yannick Remion
A Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition System for Online Games

Author(s): Ce Zhan | Wanqing Li | Philip Ogunbona | Farzad Safaei
Parameterized Facial Expression Synthesis Based on MPEG-4

Author(s): Stefanos Kollias | Kostas Karpouzis | Nicolas Tsapatsoulis | Amaryllis Raouzaiou
Image Transference and Retrieval over SMS

Author(s): Muhammad Fahad Khan | Saira Beg | Fakhra Kashif
Joint RANS/LES Modeling of Flameless Combustion

Author(s): Vladimir L. Zimont | Valerio Battaglia
Parameterized Facial Expression Synthesis Based on MPEG-4

Author(s): Raouzaiou Amaryllis | Tsapatsoulis Nicolas | Karpouzis Kostas | Kollias Stefanos
3D Game Content Distributed Adaptation in Heterogeneous Environments

Author(s): Morán Francisco | Preda Marius | Lafruit Gauthier | Villegas Paulo | Berretty Robert-Paul
Mathematical and Programmatic Design in Matlab: A Rewarding Experience

Author(s): VANCEA Codruţa | MIHALCA Vlad Ovidiu | TOIA-CREŢ Titus-Ruben
Body and Face Animation Based on Motion Capture

Author(s): Xiaoting Wang | Lu Wang | Guosheng Wu
Research on Dynamic Water Surface and Ripple Animation

Author(s): Yufen Feng | Haiyan Fan
Easy and Deep Media

Author(s): Chun-Ko Hsieh | Quo-ping Lin | Yen-ju Lin | Chiung-yi Huang | Chung-yi Chang | Yi-ping Hung
Feature Aware Multiresolution Animation Models Generation

Author(s): Shixue Zhang | Jinyu Zhao
Dynamic User Interface Based on Cognitive Approach in Web Based Learning

Author(s): L Jayasimman | A Nisha Jebaseeli | E George Dharma Prakashraj | J Charles

Author(s): Suzan DUYGU ERIŞTI | Halil Ibrahim HASESKI | Betül ULUUYSAL | Ferit KARAKOYUN
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