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Learning from “Knocks in Life”: Food Insecurity among Low-Income Lone Senior Women

Author(s): Rebecca J. Green-LaPierre | Patricia L. Williams | N. Theresa Glanville | Deborah Norris | Heather C. Hunter | Cynthia G. Watt
What is the value and impact of quality and safety teams? A scoping review

Author(s): White Deborah | Straus Sharon | Stelfox H | Holroyd-Leduc Jayna | Bell Chaim | Jackson Karen | Norris Jill | Flemons W | Moffatt Michael | Forster Alan
A simple technique for quantifying apoptosis in 96-well plates

Author(s): Ribble Deborah | Goldstein Nathaniel | Norris David | Shellman Yiqun
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