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Investigation of Temperature and Influent Load on Nitrifying Wastewater Treatments Using CFD

Author(s): Baharak Sajjadi | Mostafa Keshavarz Moraveji | Reza Davarnejad
Regional uptake and release of crop carbon in the United States

Author(s): T. O. West | V. Bandaru | C. C. Brandt | A. E. Schuh | S. M. Ogle
Suplementasi Fitase, Seng dan Tembaga dalam Ransum Sebagai Stimulan Pertumbuhan Ayam Broiler

Author(s): H. Setiyatwan | W.G. Piliang | D.T.H. Sihombing | W. Manalu | A. Anang
Robust Energy Management Routing in WSN using Neural Networks

Author(s): Mohd. Uruj Jalil | Ashish Chaturvedi
The effect of feeding frequency on growth performance of rainbow trout fingerlings reared in recirculating system

Author(s): Lorena Dediu | Victor Cristea | Mirela Mocanu | Desimira Dicu | Angelica Docan | Iulia Grecu
Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Different Oils on Productive and Reproductive Performance of Quail

Author(s): Hazim J. Al-Daraji | H.A. Al-Mashadani | W.K. Al-Hayani | H.A. Mirza | A.S. Al-Hassani
Biological Effect of Naturally Occurring Mycotoxins Fed to Poults Reared to 21 Days of Age

Author(s): Jesse L. Grimes | Matthew D. Koci | Charles R. Stark | Doug P. Smith | Prashant K. Nighot | Teena Middleton
Utilization of Juice Wastes as Corn Replacement in the Broiler Diet

Author(s): Yose Rizal | Maria Endo Mahata | Mira Andriani | Guoyao Wu
Effect of Coriander Seed (Coriandrum sativum L.) as Diet Ingredient on Broilers Performance under High Ambient Temperature

Author(s): Sunbul J. Hamodi | Essa H. Al-Mashhadani | Farah K. Al-Jaff | Hanan E. Al-Mashhadani
Performance of Various Broiler Chicken Hybrids Fed with Commercially Produced Feed Mixtures

Author(s): Peter Hascik | Miroslava Kacaniova | Michal Mihok | Jaroslav Pochop | Emilia Benczova
Effect of Different Levels of Coriander Oil on Broiler Performance and Some Physiological Traits under Summer Condition

Author(s): Essa H. Al-Mashhadani | Farah K. Al-Jaff | Sunbul J. Hamodi | Hanan E. Al-Mashhadani
Modeling cadmium in the feed chain and cattle organs

Author(s): van der Fels-Klerx, I. | Römkens, P. | Franz, E. | van Raamsdonk, L.
A Virtual Sensor for Online Fault Detection of Multitooth-Tools

Author(s): Andres Bustillo | Maritza Correa | Anibal Reñones
Pemberian Antanan (Centella asiatica) dan Vitamin C Sebagai Upaya Mengatasi Efek Cekaman Panas pada Broiler

Author(s): E. Kusnadi | R. Widjajakusuma | T. Sutardi | P.S. Hardjosworo | A. Habibie
Effects of Soya Beans Supplements on Fertility in Male Wistar Rats

Author(s): Olusola Atilade Adeeyo | Emmanuel Oluwatobi Salawu | Ibidun Julian Ola | Waheed Adeoye Saka | Gbadebo Emmanuel Adeleke | Olasupo Stephen Adeniyi
FTL based 4Stage CLA Adder Design with Floating Gates

Author(s): P.H.S.T. Murthy | K. Chaitanya | M.Murali Krishna | Malleswara Rao.V
Constructing and Using a Light Trap Harvester: Rural Technology for Mass Collection of Agoro Termites (Macrotermes subhylanus)

Author(s): M.A. Ayieko | G.O. Obonyo, J.A. Odhiambo, P.L. Ogweno, J. Achacha and J. Anyango
Modeling, Optimization and simulation of Rotary Furnace using Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Dr. R, K. Jain, | Dr. D. K. Chaturvedi, | Dr B. D. Gupta
Feed Efficiency and Blood Hematology of Broiler Chicks Given a Diet Supplemented with Yeast Culture

Author(s): S. Al- Mansour | A. Al- Khalf | I. Al- Homidan | M.M. Fathi

Author(s): A. Hamidah | C.I. Sutrisno | Sunarso | M. Christiyanto | L. K.Nuswantara | R.A. Muthalib
Variation in Nutritive Composition of Two Commercially Important Marine Fin Fishes

Author(s): S. Ravichandran | F.R. Sharmila Joseph | R. Kanagalakshmi | M.S. Ramya
Long-term effects of dietary supplementation with an essential oil mixture on the growth and laying performance of two layer strains

Author(s): Mehmet Bozkurt | Kamil Küçükyilmaz | Mehmet Pamukçu | Metin Çabuk | Ahmet Alçiçek | Abdullah U. Çatli
Feed consumption and utilisation in female western tarsier (Tarsius bancanus)in captivity

A Comparative Study on the Acute and Chronic Effect of Oral Administration of Yaji (A Complex Nigerian Meat Sauce) on Some Hematological Parameters

Author(s): U. Akpamu | A.O. Nwaopara | A.M. Izunya | G.A. Oaikhena | O. Okhiai | B.O. Idonije | U.C. Osifo
Waterer systems for semi heavy hens in the summer Bebedouros para poedeiras semipesadas no verão

Author(s): Elcio Silverio Klosowisk | Ricardo Vianna Nunes | Franciele Clenice Navarini | Paulo Cezar Pozza | Cristiane Vilela Nunes | Cristiane Orlando | Cinthia Eyng | Silvano Richart
Use of coconut meal in slaughter pig diets Uso de farelo de coco nas dietas de suínos para abate

Author(s): José Evânio da Costa Siebra | Maria do Carmo Mohaupt Marques Ludke | Jorge Vitor Ludke | Teresinha Marisa Bertol | Wilson Moreira Dutra Júnior
Performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens receiving diets with hydrolyzed feather meal Desempenho e características de carcaças de frangos de corte recebendo dietas com farinha de penas hidrolisada

Author(s): Marco Aurelio Carneiro Holanda | Maria do Carmo Mohaupt Marques Ludke | Jorge Vitor Ludke | Mônica Calixto Ribeiro Holanda | Carlos Bôa-Viagem Rabello | Wilson Moreira Dutra Júnior | Ricardo Brauer Vigoderis | Aleksander Adan Gonçalo Costa
Integral Sugar Cane in the feeding of growing swine (30-60 kg) Cana-de-açúcar integral na alimentação de suínos em crescimento (30-60 kg)

Author(s): Mariana Duran Cordeiro | Rita da Trindade Ribeiro Nobre Soares | Rony Antonio Ferreira | José Brandão Fonseca | Edenio Detmann | Maria Beatriz Mercadante
Utilizating various levels of metionine+cystine on rations of laying hens up 45 weeks of age Níveis de metionina+cistina no desempenho de poedeiras comerciais leves com

Author(s): Maria José Baptista Barbosa | Rejane Machado Cardozo | Vera Lúcia Ferreira de Souza | Max Emerson Rickli
Probiotic liquid for piglets in different ages Probiótico líquido para leitões lactentes em diferentes idades

Author(s): Valney Souza Correa | João Garcia Caramori Júnior | Flávio Medeiros Vieites | Joadil Gonçalves de Abreu | Danilo Salgado de Barros
Silagens de capim elefante com diferentes proporções de casca desidratada de maracujá em dietas de cordeiros Santa Inês Elephant grass silage with different proportion of dehydrated peel of passion fruit in diets Santa Inês lambs

Author(s): Braulio Crisanto Carvalho da Cruz | Cristiane Leal dos Santos-Cruz | Aureliano José Vieira Pires | Milena Patrícia Viana Bastos | Suely dos Santos | Jefferson Bomfim Rocha
Effect of Phytase on the Sodium Requirement of Starting Broilers 2. Sodium Chloride as Sodium Source

Author(s): S.D. Goodgame | F.J. Mussini | C. Lu | C.D. Bradley | N. Comert | P.W. Waldroup
Evaluation of Canola Meal from Biodiesel Production as a Feed Ingredient for Broilers

Author(s): Y.N. Min | Z. Wang | C. Coto | F. Yan | S. Cerrate | F.Z. Liu | P.W. Waldroup
Evaluation of Rovabio Max in Normal and Reduced-Nutrient Corn-Soybean Meal and Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles Diets for Broilers

Author(s): Y.N. Min | F.Z. Liu | A. Hancock | C. Coto | C. Lu | A. Karimi | F. Yan | P.W. Waldroup
Effect of Adding Flaxseed in the Diet of Laying Hens on Both Production of Omega-3 Enriched Eggs and on Production Performance

Author(s): Afaf Y. Al-Nasser | Abdulameer E. Al-Saffar | Faten K. Abdullah | Mariam E. Al-Bahouh | Gehan Ragheb | Magdy M. Mashaly

Author(s): Tapia, M.O. | A.F. Giordano | A.L. Soraci | C.A. Gonzalez | L.A. Denzoin | I.O. Ortega | W. Olson | M.J. Murphy
Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Norduz Male Kids

Author(s): Daskiran, M. Bingol | A. Kor | A.O. Demir | A. Yilmaz | S. Karaca
The Physiological Impact on the Consumption of Albizia saman Pods by Albino Rats

Author(s): Idowu, A.B. | O.D. Babalola | K.O. Ademolu
Use of Phytase in Canola-Based Diets and the Digestibility of Adult German Shepherder

Author(s): A. Hernandez Anaya | J.R. Orozco Hernandez | J.J. Uribe Gomez | J. Padilla Munoz | V.O. Fuentes | I.J. Ruiz Garcia
Effect of castration on feedlot performance and some serum metabolites of Nubian male kids

Author(s): Assia I. A. M. Nasr, | M. Atta, | M. I. Elmahi | A. O. Mohammed

Author(s): Sheikh ADIL | Tufail BANDAY | Gulam AHMAD BHAT | Mir SALAHUDDIN | Mashuq RAQUIB | Syed SHANAZ
Spiral Tuning Stub CPW-Fed UWB Slot Offset, Edge Cleft and Edge Slotted Antennas

Author(s): A. A Jamali | A Gaafar | A. A. Abd Elaziz
Improving the efficiency of feed utilization in poultry by selection. 2. Genetic parameters of excretion traits and correlations with anatomy of the gastro-intestinal tract and digestive efficiency

Author(s): de Verdal Hugues | Narcy Agnès | Bastianelli Denis | Chapuis Hervé | Même Nathalie | Urvoix Séverine | Le Bihan-Duval Elisabeth | Mignon-Grasteau Sandrine

Author(s): Yasar, S., D. Namik, G. Fatih, A. Gokcimen and K. Selcuk
Fusarium spp. and levels of fumonisins in maize produced by subsistence farmers in South Africa

Author(s): Edson Ncube | Bradley C. Flett | Cees Waalwijk | Altus Viljoen
Experimental Afla and Ochratoxin Induced Mixed Mycotoxicosis in Broilers and its Amelioration with Herbomineral Toxin Binder Toxiroak Gold

Author(s): A.R. Sawarkar | P.M. Sonkusale | N.V. Kurkure | C.R. Jangade | S. Maini | K. Ravikanth
Preliminary Results on the Effect of Chronic T-2 Toxin Exposure in Rabbit Bucks

Author(s): Gábor Tornyos | Sándor Cseh | Zsolt Matics | László Kametler | Veronika Rajli | Zsófia Bodnár | Miklós Rusvai | Míra Mándoki | Melinda Kovács
Sequential Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Oil from Layer Poultry Feeds and GC-MS Quantification of the Fatty Acids

Author(s): S. A. Mahesar | S. T. H. Sherazi | M. I. Bhanger | Kamran Abro | M. Younis Talpur | Aftab A. Kandhro | Aijaz A. Bhutto
Regional uptake and release of crop carbon in the United States

Author(s): T. O. West | V. Bandaru | C. C. Brandt | A. E. Schuh | S. M. Ogle
Feeding of reindeer calves for slaughtering in the autumn

Author(s): Endre Jacobsen | Sven Skjenneberg
Seasonal changes in reindeer physiology

Author(s): A. Reeta Pösö
Chemical Analysis of Tacca leontopetaloides Peels

Author(s): S.T. Ubwa | B.A. Anhwange | J.T. Chia
Formulation of Dog food using locally available ingredients

Author(s): Dilrukshi H.N.N. | Jayaweera B.P.A. | Gamika A. Prathapasinghe
Hypoglycaemic Effects of Dietary Intake of Ripe and Unripe Lycopersicon esculentum (Tomatoes) on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes Mellitus in Rats

Author(s): A. M. Akinnuga | O. Bamidele | O. A. B. Ebunlomo | O. S. Adeniyi | G. S. Adeleyea | L. C. Ebomuche
Mouldy feed, mycotoxins and Shiga toxin - producing Escherichia coli colonization associated with Jejunal Hemorrhage Syndrome in beef cattle

Author(s): Baines Danica | Erb Stephanie | Turkington Kelly | Kuldau Gretchen | Juba Jean | Masson Luke | Mazza Alberto | Roberts Ray
Evaluation of a Fermentation Source of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in Broiler Diets1

Author(s): S.D. Goodgame | F.J. Mussini | C. Lu | C.D. Bradley | S.E. Watkins | P.W. Waldroup
Effect of Phytase on the Sodium Requirement of Starting Broilers 1. Sodium Bicarbonate as Primary Sodium Source

Author(s): S.D. Goodgame | F.J. Mussini | C. Lu | C.D. Bradley | P.W. Waldroup
The Effect of Yaji-Meat-Sauce Consumption on Cerebellar Neurons of White Albino Rats

Author(s): A.O. Nwaopara | U. Akpamu | A.M. Izunya | G.A. Oaikhena | O. Okhiai | L.C. Anyanwu | B.O. Idonije | G.P. Oyadonghon
Behavioral and Technological Changes Regarding Lighting Consumptions: A MARKAL Case Study

Author(s): Emmanuel Fragnière | Roman Kanala | Denis Lavigne | Francesco Moresino | Gustave Nguene
Heavy Metal Risks in Integrated Chicken-fish Farming

Author(s): J.C. Nnaji | A. Uzairu | C. Gimba | J.A. Kagbu
Effect of Different Light Intensities on the Production Performance of Broiler Chickens

Author(s): Fawwad Ahmad*, Ahsan-ul-Haq, Muhammad Ashraf, Ghulam Abbas and Muhammad Zubair Siddiqui
Energy Use in Day Care Centers and Schools

Author(s): Miimu Airaksinen
Duckweed as a Feed Ingredient in Laying Hen Diets and its Effect on Egg Production and Composition

Author(s): K.E. Anderson | Z. Lowman | Anne-Marie Stomp | Jay Chang
Productive Performance of Four Commercial Broiler Genotypes Reared under High Ambient Temperatures

Author(s): Waleed M. Razuki | S.A. Mukhlis | F.H. Jasim | R.F. Hamad
Effect of Coriander Seed (Coriandrum sativum L.) as Diet Ingredient on Broilers Performance under High Ambient Temperature

Author(s): Sunbul J. Hamodi | Essa H. Al-Mashhadani | Farah K. Al-Jaff | Hanan E. Al-Mashhadani
Interaction between mycotoxins and causative agents of swine infective diseases

Author(s): Prodanov-Radulović Jasna Z. | Došen Radoslav Đ. | Stojanov Igor M. | Pušić Ivan M. | Živkov-Baloš Milica M. | Ratajac Radomir D.
Mycotoxins in horse feed: Incidence of deoxynivalenol in oat samples from stud farms

Author(s): Urošević Miroslav I. | Jajić Igor M. | Miličić Željka G.
Specific cutting energy consumption in a circular saw for Eucalyptus stands VM01 and MN463

Author(s): Erica Moraes de Souza | José Reinaldo Moreira da Silva | José Tarcísio Lima | Alfredo Napoli | Túlio Jardim Raad | Thiago Gomes Gontijo
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