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Identifying the effective concentration for spatial repellency of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Achee Nicole | Masuoka Penny | Smith Philip | Martin Nicholas | Chareonviryiphap Theeraphap | Polsomboon Suppaluck | Hendarto Joko | Grieco John
Species diversity and biting activity of Anopheles dirus and Anopheles baimaii (Diptera: Culicidae) in a malaria prone area of western Thailand

Author(s): Tananchai Chatchai | Tisgratog Rungarun | Juntarajumnong Waraporn | Grieco John P | Manguin Sylvie | Prabaripai Atchariya | Chareonviriyaphap Theeraphap
Emergence of Japanese encephalitis virus genotype V in the Republic of Korea

Author(s): Takhampunya Ratree | Kim Heung-Chul | Tippayachai Bousaraporn | Kengluecha Ampornpan | Klein Terry | Lee Won-Ja | Grieco John | Evans Brian
Training initiatives within the AFHSC-Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System: support for IHR (2005)

Author(s): Otto Jean | Baliga Priya | Sanchez Jose | Johns Matthew | Gray Gregory | Grieco John | Lescano Andres | Mothershead Jerry | Wagar Eric | Blazes David
The relationship between mosquito abundance and rice field density in the Republic of Korea

Author(s): Richards Erin | Masuoka Penny | Brett-Major David | Smith Matthew | Klein Terry | Kim Heung | Anyamba Assaf | Grieco John
CCR5 and CXCR4 antagonist and agonist binding sites

Author(s): Teintze Martin | Wilkinson Royce | Grieco Paul | Mills John | Dratz Edward
CCR5 Antagonist and Agonist Binding Site Structures

Author(s): Teintze Martin | Wilkinson Royce | Grieco Paul | Mills John | Dratz Edward
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